The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come. And we are holding a rearview before switching gears for the unexplored adventures ahead.

EmpMonitor stood firm in its commitment to provide the best employee monitoring software during WFH 2021 and continued upgrading it for the best user experience.

We started the year by adding project management to ease up crucial tasks, facilitate effective work delegation, risk mitigation, remote team handling, and many more.

In the face of adversity, we continually reinvent ourselves to provide the best software services for our consumers.

And in our quest to do better than before, today, EmpMonitor is handling time management, employee management, and project management functionalities-related woes successfully all on its own for the management and technical teams.

The SaaS (software-as-a-solution) product enables MSMEs and large-scale enterprises to streamline their employee’s activities during WFH and beyond.

Let us check the 2021 journey of the best employee monitoring software features through some of its blogs-

Best Employee Monitoring Software- Year In Review 2021

Analyze, Measure Productivity and Increase the Efficiency


EmpMonitor is the best employee monitoring and productivity management software that lets you analyse, measure productivity and increase the efficiency of its workforce.

Empmonitor allows the management team to uncover hidden productivity killers and get an explicit understanding of individual work processes, thereby increasing efficiency and leveraging productivity.

Some of EmpMonitor’s Productivity  blogs to help you understand how it can solve your organisation’s work woes through its employee monitoring capabilities-

Data – Centric, Laser Focused


EmpMonitor-the best employee monitoring software empowers you to identify sensitive information with utmost precision, reduce your organisation’s exposure to risk, detect threats in time to avoid data breaches, and achieve compliance.

Our unified platform identifies and classifies your sensitive, regulated, or mission-critical information accurately — including data, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud.

EmpMonitor provides robust data security through its AI-powered UBA and monitoring. Its UEBA security solutions detect threats, even if it is not clear what kind of attack it is, including insider threats, after perimeter-focused security solutions fail.

Understand Data Security Through These Posts-

Prevent Breaches, Reduce Risk


Perimeter-facing enterprise security technologies like encryption or Firewalls cannot stop malicious insiders who have already gained access to internal data through phishing, credential theft, or malware. On top of it, the widespread adoption of cloud, SAAS, and mobile applications have made risk management difficult.

The global average cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million, indicating 34% of a data breach is from internal factors, making user behaviour analytics(UBA) very important to recognize insider threats before they can perform damaging activities or theft.

Reduce the exploration of sensitive content by implementing risk-appropriate security controls and detect abnormal activity before and respond before a threat turns into a breach via the best employee monitoring software.

Understand Cyber threat and preventive measures through our best blogs of 2021 on Cyber security-

Show Evidence, Achieve Compliance


Get the complete details and access the effectiveness of the security controls across your infrastructure so you can remediate any flaws.

Know more about best employee monitoring software through these blogs-

Best Management Fundas


No business can blossom without meaningful management practices to execute planning, control the work structure, measure performances, organize and delegate tasks for better profitability.

Learn organizational information to meet business goals and objectives through EmpMonitor best blogs on management practices with the best employee monitoring application.

Best Management Advisers 2021-

TeamEmp Giving Best Insights As Always


TeamEmp is focused on providing the best thorough analysis and insights on the latest trends in best employee monitoring software, project management, and human resource best practices.

Team Emp is the motivating force behind every EmpMonitor blog, and it is a much-awaited read for all of us here.

TeamEmp’s Insights-

Some Employer-Employee Insights & Workplace Benefits through Best Employee Monitoring Software


Finding a balance between your company’s demands and the concern of your employees is the need of the hour. 

Employers empower the employees by taking time out to view their needs and providing them a healthy atmosphere to grow professionally.

Employees act out of good faith for the employer when they understand their interests are well taken care of by the management and top leadership at the workplace.

By focusing on some key points, employers can ensure a mutually beneficial and respectful work environment.

Let’s Check the Employer-Employee Key Insights from Our Best Brains-

Business & Fun


All work and no play will make you sad & grey !

Have fun vibes while working by stealing these top tips from the EmpMonitor blog-

Some of 2021 Best Rated Blogs-


And the best rated ones-

Final Words

We are devoted to solving complex business issues by developing simple to use and efficient software products.

And EmpMonitor blog is an endeavour to educate, empower our readers through the power of knowledge and share the latest insights through blog posts, how-tos, latest trends, or some useful best practices on the best employee monitoring software.

As 2021 is near its end, EmpMonitor would like to thank all colleagues, partners, and especially readers for supporting our cause and being a constant motivation through 2021.

We will continue to deliver the best and, more significantly, are grateful to you all for trusting us with your work structure and pushing us to improve continuously. 

We hope the best of life experiences for New Year 2022 for all of you!

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