The secret behind every successful business is time management so they maintain Employee Timesheet. Most professionals consider it as a significant part of their success strategy. It is usually said that time is money but you can say time is more valuable than money. It’s because money that you have invested can be made again but spent time never comes back. So, managing time effectively is something that can surely help you to succeed well in your business. An employee in a workplace who manage timesheet are possibly quite conscious of his/her accuracy in work.

Timesheet keeps you updated about the ongoing tasks and pending tasks. And accordingly, you need to also specify leave claims and leave you have previously applied. That’s how you can keep the record of your working team. With the improvement of technology, the facility to track hours worked has develop easier for staffs as several timesheet methods are currently accessible online. There are several profits to being capable to complete timesheets on the system and causes why employees choose to practice them as opposed to taking to submit hard copies. 

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Defining timesheets 

A timesheet is a data table which an employer can use to track the time a particular employee has worked during a certain period. Businesses use timesheets to record time spent on tasks, projects, or clients. There are different methods that have been used to record timesheets, such as paper, spreadsheet software, and online time-tracking software. Paper-based timesheets have now given way to the digital formats. 

Why should a business prefer timesheets nowadays?  

A business can achieve its goals, arrange its budget, and meet success when it prefers time successfully. To fix this, you need to be capable to preserve exact registers. This creates timesheets crucial for any effective business. 

What is known as Employee Timesheet Software? 


Employee timesheet software is a technology-permitted solution that is planned to detect the employees’ everyday work in an automated mode. Apart from preserving a record of the employees’ log-in, log-out, and regular assignments, this application also preserves the time consumed by employees on single tasks, how long they were active and also records daily, weekly, monthly work reports. At the same time, managers also view to benefit immensely from the best timesheet software. It will reach them just a few clicks to navigate over the assignment records of their whole employees and a few minutes too. It is completely a useful technique of taking the complete work of their business and they can develop analytics and reports on the go. 

Benefits of timesheets 

Decrease time spent 

Timesheets support you to recognize where you are spending time. It can help you to streamline the work process so that the tasks won’t consume huge time than required. You can accordingly shift between the tasks and projects based on the urgency. 

Bill correctly 

Timesheets assist you in billing correctly. It has a technique of allowing your customers identify that you manage their tasks professionally and their money is not going to be misused. With timesheets, your customers don’t need to take tension about continuously testing the status of their task. They allow them to view how much time you give to them and work as proof of how correct your billing is. 

Measure productivity of your Employees 

Through employee timesheet you can find sites where employees may be consuming more time than expected. This could be an image of their requirement for further preparation to increase efficiency.  

 Develop Project management 

Timesheets are considering effective tools for project management in the following methods: 

  • By tracking time on a single project, it supports in succeeding an employee for a different project, responsibility, or work according to routine.  
  • It helps in finding sites in which an employee consumes more time than assigned and wants extra training.  
  • Timesheets are benefited in calculating the complete productivity of your project. It permits project managers to manage growth and anticipate delays. 

The Five Best Timesheet Software to use at least once at Work 

1. EmpMonitor 


EmpMonitor is the best choice for many businesses to enhance workforce Management Ability. 

EmpMonitor, the foremost team monitoring, efficiency measurement, and insider threat detection software, has now added a value-added timesheet management capability to make managers capable in managing the employees. 

The top-of-its-kind invention, EmpMonitor attends the ever-changing tendency of employees monitoring to preserve pace with business and employers’ requirements. The platform offers real-time visions in addition to producing complete reports about employees. 

Key points of EmpMonitor’s timesheet management features contain: 

  1. Fast glimpse about employees’ log-in and log-out time based on days/weeks/month. Details additional include idle time duration, productive/non-productive periods, and real active hours.
  2. Conformation of complete cost and cost per teams in a particular task. It ultimately eases up payroll management.
  3. Timesheet securing to stop unplanned or planned data-theft and malware cases in the whole firm.
  4. Offline times and leaves tracking feature to simplified the disturbance of manual evaluation/recording of leave-days.

2. ProofHub 


ProofHub is a group of several tools, time management tool being one of the most effective tools among all. It is web-built timesheet software shortening task and time management. The tool is made for groups to track time consumed on projects and track work progress. You can effortlessly investigate on which site your team associates are spending their time. 

Timesheets for Your requirements 

You can put several timesheets to track billable periods, record time information, and payroll and time management. The time evaluations support you clearly visualize the pace among your team members and identify if any of your tasks are consuming more time than the allotted time. 

Innovative Exploration Saves Time 

Significant phrases and keywords help you out to find what you need with innovative exploration. No need to overcome through tasks to track task movement, everything you can manage with ProofHub. Also, you can adjust timers of the particular tasks and begin according your convenient time & stop them as required. 



Timeneye is an easy time tracking tool with the features of project management and reporting. It supports companies to view where the time spends, control projects, and increases efficiency. With the help of Timeneya Employees can track their time by clicking a button and managers track reports and remove timesheets in a few clicks 

Key points to remember: 

  • Project resources and billable periods management; 
  • Unified addition with 19 other facilities; 
  • Visual calendar dashboard is available; 
  • Productivity evaluation with the Associate minimum Cost feature. 

4. Workpuls


Though it’s frequently cast-off as an employee monitoring software, Workpuls can be working as a brilliant tool for automating your timesheets. Your employees can prefer as a log-in& log-out device, and at a rate of your preferance, you can get an automated email report with all the timesheet information as per your requirements: total working hours, break times, payroll amounts, etc. Though, you can say Workpuls is more than just timesheet software. 

You can even: 

  • Track which applications and webpages your employees are preferring 
  • Track efficiency and measure applications and webpages as productive or unbiased 
  • Track time on assignments and projects

It is available online time clock for tiny and average-sized companies that support to track payroll accounts, work valuation and billing. identifies all the data and tracks the reports from the cloud. So, storage volume is not a subject. Additionally, it also assimilates automatic signs and manager authorizations. The good thing is that you are permitted to personalize employer settings at the time of evaluation of employee overtime and accumulations.  

What is extra in 

  • Supports to reduce the time misused with IP address 
  • Keeps a track of the modifications completed in timesheets 
  • Provides work flexibility with customizable employee approval settings 
  • Several possibilities to create time access into timesheets 


Whatever you do make sure you prefer your time in a productive way. Now that I have given you a brief idea about how software will help you out in time sheet management. It’s time for you to pick one. I think this must be useful for your business.  The secret behind every successful business is time management. Most professionals consider it as a significant part of their success strategy. It is usually said that time is money but you can say time is more valuable than money. It’s because money that you have invested can be made again but spent time never comes back. So, managing time effectively is something that can surely help you to succeed well in your business.

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