Have you ever come across a phase where you are just too overloaded at work to the point that you just can not focus on it?

Don’t worry! You are not the only one who feels this way. People in today’s corporate environment are struggling with the same problem in droves.

However, with the best timekeeping app, you can stay goal-oriented and more focused at work. Accomplishing a goal can be hard work, and that too with tons of distractions like social media, never-ending meetings, and the most important- your comfy bed. 

Since the coronavirus has dumped us into our homes, these distractions have held an absolute pitch and are not going back any sooner. That brings us to the stats that show 92 percent of people fail to achieve their long-term goals.

A lot of it has to do with not prioritizing work mannerly, procrastination, and general lack of motivation. With that stated, you do not do such kinds of stuff on purpose. As a result of unforeseen events, you find yourself in it.

So, what is the best way to deal with it? As I previously stated, it is necessary to have significant features to have in an employee timesheet. The best time tracker software may act as a spoonful of sweetness in your life. EmpMonitor is the tool you are looking for: It will assist you with everything and, in the end, with the best.

And as the famous saying goes: “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” With that note, let us get right into this blog and learn how you can achieve your goals with the help of time tracking tools. But before that, let us go basic:

What does it mean to be “goal-oriented”?


In the most simplistic terms, a goal-oriented person is someone that has a specific aim or target in mind. Be it anytime, when they are trying to create a productive performance or build a clear deliverable in their life, career, business, or for their client.

In the business or corporate world, we refer to this as the power of vision. Success depends on having a clear vision or objective (or set of goals).

It takes a vision, objectives, and the ability to attain them to live a life worth living.

A person may be inherently goal-oriented or develop skills to assist them to achieve their objectives. Luckily! We will walk you through how to sharpen those abilities and stay focused in the parts below.

5 Ways to Be More Goal-Oriented at Work

Know what your goals are:

First and foremost, what do you want to achieve? This is the question you must need to answer. If you are still unsure, consider what you want and where you want to go in the coming days, months, or years.

You must correctly set up your job goals and the path toward reaching them. Therein lies the power of SMART goal setting.

Furthermore, having a goal is not enough. You need to figure out what it will take to accomplish it. Or else, it will be like putting all the ingredients for a cake in the oven but forgetting to turn it on.

That is where planning comes into action.

Sit down and make a list of the things you will need to do to meet your goal. No matter if it is a short-term goal or a long-term goal. Include anything that has to do with work, whether it is about drafting an email, buying stuff, completing a course, or finding a new customer. 

Understand Where the Time Goes

understand where the time goes with the best timekeeping app

It’s just that some individuals make more prominent use of their 24 hours a day! Individuals who effectively manage their time have better control over their life and are more successful in their careers.

Consider how you spend your time on a daily basis. To reflect how you spend your time and energy, distribute marbles (or other things) throughout the containers. Before you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where does the time seem to be dragging?
  • How much of that time is spent getting where you want to go?
  • Just how much of that time is worth something?
  • See what outcomes you are receiving every three months or so by reviewing how you spend your time.

Change things up if what you are doing is not working.

Work delegation and creating your own task list may be quite helpful at times. Best free timekeeping app may be a cherry on top of a successful project. The best timekeeping software lets you divide work into smaller projects, which you may then delegate to staff. EmpMonitor, for example, monitors the time employees spend on activities and analyses their computer activity while doing those jobs. It is possible to determine which tasks are time-efficient and which are not by looking at the productivity levels of your staff. It is one of the best timekeeping app.

Prioritize Your Tasks:

Prioritization of activities during the workday is typically based on the demands of others or the urgency of deadlines. It is a topic that many of us can relate to because we do the same thing in our daily lives, with less time spent on vital tasks and more energy spent on appearing active.

So, is it possible to adjust your time by prioritizing activities properly at the workplace? 

Of course! Yes. It will not only guarantee that every task you do provides value, but it will also avoid your to-do list from becoming clogged with needless activities.

Integrating personal and working tasks into a single task list is a good idea to offer oneself a complete view. Your to-do list should make deadlines completely visible, allowing you to recognize which activities must be finished quickly and plan ahead of time.

Plan Ahead:

Plan ahead

As the famous saying goes: A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” This means that if you do not plan ahead, you might end up in a hot tub of water.

The more time you spend planning, the more likely you are to succeed. As opposed to reacting, it is preferable to be proactive. And as you already know, it is far easier to deal with a situation when foreseen, rather than one that creeps up on you.

When it comes to preparing ahead, the best timekeeping app is your greatest friend. Events, seasons, and holidays that might influence your workload can be anticipated using this tool. Keep an eye on your tasks to see whether the shifting seasons and holidays are affecting your productivity. As you work on your tasks, a time tracking tool will also assist you to fulfil deadlines and set benchmark targets.

Track your progress:

A goal-oriented person is aware of where they stand on their goals, just as you should be. So they take the time to analyze whether or not they are on track and determine whether or not to whirl or reallocate their time and resources to accomplish their goals.

No doubt, you might have created a top-notch plan, but how can you ensure if it is going well or not? 

Over time, you will need to monitor the progress of your strategy. But what good are objectives if you do not know if you achieved them? A best timekeeping app can also help you keep track of the team’s progress toward achieving its objectives. It is easy to produce performance reports with an activity time tracker.

Now that we are almost at the end of this blog, what do you think, what is the best time tracking app?

EmpMonitor- The Best Timekeeping App

EmpMonitor is a time tracking tool that comes up with a wide range of features. These are some of the key features to consider that EmpMonitor backs you up with:

Timesheet Management:

EmpMonitor- timesheet

A timesheet is a feature that maintains the track of all clock in and clock out timings of the employees. It comes up with a feature that automatically activates when employees turn on their computers, and the system records the time as a clock-in time. Furthermore, you can also categorize the timesheets record on the basis of locations and departments. 

Productivity Calculation:


EmpMonitor displays total office hours, active work hours, idle hours, productive and nonproductive hours, and neutral hours on the activity breakdown report. For those who wish to go further into the data and evaluate productivity statistics, EmpMonitor provides you with a thorough analysis. Reports on productivity can help you keep track of how your organization is performing day to day.

Comprehensive Reporting:


In terms of reporting, EmpMonitor allows you to keep checks on your team’s productivity. You will be able to see whether or not your employees are effectively managing their time to finish assignments on time. You can view the daily work reports of employees from different departments. 

Project Management:

Using EmpMonitor, you can keep track of whatever tasks your team is working on so that you can plan and manage new projects for your organization as required. It keeps track of employees’ activities in real-time. 

Furthermore, if the task is urgent, you may let them know as soon as possible and give them some advice on how to proceed.

All in all, EmpMonitor is one of the best software you will ever come across. One can easily manage the timesheet and examine the productivity information without having to perform any manual entries or computations. 


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Wrapping It Up:

Being a goal-oriented person comes with tons of benefits. And as they say, goal-oriented people are pushed to achieve more, which makes them appealing employees in any business. 

Furthermore, with the best Timekeeping app like EmpMonitor, it will be a cherry on the cake that will only lead you to reach your goal.

So that’s it for today. I hope this blog has exceeded your expectations. If you have any recommendations, keep them coming in the comment section below. I would love to hear them.