Employee Monitoring Software

EmpMonitor is a top-level all-in-one centralized employee computer monitoring software designed for Enterprises, Educational and Governmental Organization.

Cloud Control

Cloud-based productivity monitoring service. You can track Employee Productivity at anytime and from anywhere.

Investigate employees

Employees' activities are logged for owner to review their behaviors during office hours or when an investigation on employees' is initiated.

Real-time monitoring

EmpMonitor is an easy-to-install, user friendly cloud-based monitoring software. It’s an impeccable way to keep employees from straying away from work and hence acts as an efficient guardian.

Increase productivity

EmpMonitor is capable of filtering or limiting websites, application access to effectively reduce employees' non-work related activities so as to improve employee work efficiency in the workplace.


Revenue lost due to employee fraud


Worktime taken up for personal affairs


Confidential data stolen by insiders


Expenses on labour disputes

Remotely manage your Employee from anywhere

Access your cloud account from any Internet-enabled device-view user activities and change their settings in real-time no matter where you are


  • Cloud-based account
  • Login to your secure online account from any web-enabled device to remotely view activity logs and change settings of any user

  • ScreenShots
  • EmpMonitor can take snapshots of your desktop at set intervals of time, allowing you to visually see what is happening.
    The screenshot viewer also has a built in slideshow and controls for easy viewing

  • Real-time operation
  • View user activities in real-time, as they happen, right in front of your eyes — apply user settings instantly to the remote computer.

  • Stealth operation
  • EmpMonitor operates in complete stealth unknowingly to users of the computer — optional warning messages can be shown if you wish

  • Central management
  • Manage any number of computers and users from one central location — even if they are spread over different locations and networks

  • Top usage reports
  • View in-depth usage reports detailing what activities are occurring the most and by what users — instantly see which users are most active

  • Activity Records
  • All blocked activities are recorded in full detail for your viewing — easily see when users attempted an activity which you have filtered / blocked from use

  • Easy to use
  • After EmpMonitor is installed you never need to access the PC again — activity logs and users settings are handled in your web-based account

  • Free updates
  • Updates are free for the lifetime of your subscription and can be downloaded at any time — there are no upgrade fees or hidden costs”

  • Alerts
  • It gives alert messages on finding any adult/dating/job search/social networking sites. Basically all NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) elements/sites can be detected.
    This can greatly increase throughput of employees and students

    Content Filtering

  • Applications
  • Block any application from use entirely or only during specific hours and days you choose.

  • Keystrokes / phrases
  • Prevent specific keywords and / or phrases from being typed — phone, address, name, etc

  • Websites
  • For quick and easy website filtering EmpMonitor allow to block any website / url from use entirely.

  • Windows Application Usage
  • Display time and app name for how many times and when it is opened

    Activity Monitoring


    Chats / social