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Boost employee productivity at work. Manage your daily work tasks, eliminate distractions, and try time-blocking to get more things done, with fully integrated employee monitoring software

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Track Apps, URLs & Offline Time with real-time employee monitoring software​

Eliminate Ideal Hours At Work
Improve Working Habits & Keep Your Projects On Track

Why EmpMonitor ?

Automated Screenshots

Record and observe your employees activities via automated screenshots.


Know your company’s golden hour and eliminate idle time.


Know what your remote and in-house employees are doing in real-time.

Social Network

Put a full stop on Cyber-loafing and increase productivity.

Track Apps and Websites used

Keep tabs on Apps and Websites used during employee hours.

Keystrokes in

View keystrokes typed by users in real-time.

EmpMonitor In Numbers

We like to keep track of things just like our users do.

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Our Word Of Mouth Case Studies

Customer satisfaction has always been our priority, and we make sure we meet your expectations.
Here is what our clients have accomplished with us.

  • “Great tool! EmpMonitor has everything we have hoped for in an employee monitoring software. It had made it easy for us to track employees’ productivity by providing detailed analyses of their daily activity and login – logout time. That being said, the anti-virus and firewall settings were extremely time-consuming to set up, but the stealth monitoring feature completely made up for that.”

    Rita J. Frink

  • “Works perfectly. EmpMonitor does what they say it does. The stealth monitoring feature really helps us get accurate information about the productivity of our employees. I was somewhat taken back by the hours it took to install and deploy, but apart from that everything was great. Good Employee Monitoring Software.”

    Jarvis Claxton

    Development Manager
  • “Pros: For us, the best part of this software was the ease of use, you simply have to install it on the employee’s system and that’s it. This tool helped us to measure the exact time spent by each employee on a designated project and improve their productivity. It also helped us secure the data by eliminating insider threats with its amazing threat detection feature.”

    Debbie D. Taylor

    Team Lead
  • “Loved the functionality to track multiple employees at a given time. I and my fellow team leaders were able to gather the accurate productivity hours of an employee using EmpMonitor. It is really helpful in improving the productivity of the employees and managing them virtually.”

    John C. Lyle

    Product Manager


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What People Are Saying About Us​

“This tool is an essential part of our performance evaluation program as it helps us get a detailed analysis of the productivity hours of our employees. Would love to recommend this employee monitoring software to my friends.”

Gaurav Jain

“Easy to use interface, didn’t get confused even for one while using EmpMonitor. The best employee monitoring software I have used for my workforce until now. Gotta recommend it to all.”

Chirag Aggarwal

“As a small business owner, this employee monitoring software allows me to stay up to date with what’s happening in my office. I can easily see what my employees are doing and if they are on track to complete the project on time. EmpMonitor has also made managing remote employees an easy and stress-free task. Kudos to this well-built software!!”

Samir Kothari

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