EMP monitor workforce analytics
Leading With Brilliance

Enterprise-Wide Monitoring Suite

Get an end-to-end fully integrated solution for all your employee monitoring needs and smartly steer a modern workplace!

Leading With Brilliance

Enterprise-Wide Monitoring Suite

Get an end-to-end fully integrated solution for all your employee monitoring needs and smartly steer a modern workplace!

EMP monitor workforce analytics
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Features That Power EmpMonitor

Unleash a suite of monitoring solutions to manage your workforce more effectively and in a more informed manner

Stealth Mode

Fortify your workplace with the advanced employee monitoring software and track employees’ actions in a concealed manner. EmpMonitor runs in the background in auto mode, so users don’t notice any icons or notifications while getting monitored.

Chat Monitoring

Oversee live chat-based conversations across numerous platforms and monitor all of them in one place efficiently. You can gain access to a ton of data and perform real-time analysis on information about how your employees interact during working hours.

Detailed and insightful reports

Get comprehensive, real-time reports on complete employee activity in one dashboard. Our robust employee screen monitoring software solution enables you to execute in-depth research and generate detailed reports in just a few clicks.

Data Security(USB detection)

Keep a track of external storage device activity throughout your network to maintain data security and prevent unauthorized access to data. With the best remote employee monitoring software, you can easily detect which files are being shared and if it can lead to a data breach.

Web App Usage

Get thorough insights on which websites are being used and for how long to make data-driven decisions. Our employee computer monitoring software allows you to analyze the total number of apps visited, giving you a clear picture of who is productive and who needs to be monitored.

Browser History

Empower your team by getting access to the employees’ browsing history regardless of the unavailability of data on the device. Understand each employee’s browsing patterns and whether or not they correlate with your high-quality productivity standards.

Intelligent Alert Mechanism

Identify potential suspicious activity on the user screen and get real-time notifications. Create a rule name, nominate an employee and select the inbuilt trigger condition upon which EmpMonitor will react.

Project Management

Analyze, observe and track how long it takes an employee to complete a project. EmpMonitor streamlines the process of status, progress, and SLA Tracking along with delivering detailed insights which can reflect well in future projects.

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We make sure that you and your employees make the most of EmpMonitor and have a significant impact with specially designed solutions to better organize your work.
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360° Solution

A complete user tracking software with a wide range of modules to meet all needs for effective team management and operations.

Skill-Gap Analysis

Bridges the skill-gap with the accurate productivity insights by uncovering the actively disengaged employees that creates friction for your high performers.

Agile Task Management

Standard practices are baked-in so you can work on meeting your goals and stop worrying about things being skipped.

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EMP monitor workforce analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions, learn about our software, its working and other related information instantly

What information will be gathered as a result of employee monitoring?
When a person login onto their desktop or laptop, EmpMonitor will start tracking their activity and gather information in four main categories: Websites that the user visits and for how long. Total working hours (Active hours, breaks hours, and idle hours). Screenshots of the user's screen at regular intervals. Comprehensive reports
Does EmpMonitor keep track of the employees' site visits and their URLs?
Yes, EmpMonitor provides the employer with up-to-the-minute details on the employee's working hours. The user's comprehensive raw report is available for download in Excel and PDF formats as well. Additionally, the employer may utilize the activity tracking tool to categorize productive or non-productive websites and block unnecessary websites as per company protocols.
Does the user have to click the "Start" button each time they want to start tracking?
EmpMonitor is an automatic employee activity tracking software that monitors the user's actions anytime the device is turned on.
Can EmpMonitor record the offline time of the user?
Yes, EmpMonitor can offline record and save user activity data. When the Internet connection is established again, the data will be uploaded to the Internet and stored securely.

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