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Yes. EmpMonitor is completely invisible. Neither it appears in the programs list nor in Control Panel and also not recognizable by the Task Manager .You need to download and install the Agent on the user’s Computer device, It will just ask for login Credentials for 1st time, after it will be running in stealth mode .

No. Up-to-date and virus-free computers have no issues running EmpMonitor. It will not slow down your system’s performance .

EmpMonitor is a productivity monitoring and team behaviour analytics software. You can get working hours, Screenshots, Keystrokes, Browser-history, and Application-history. Also you can have the flexibility to control your employees’ systems from one place.

EmpMonitor is a simple application that your virtual workforce installs on their machines to track the Working-time, activity levels, and to take screenshots as well as keystroke.

You can select an employee, and the EmpMonitor will then track time and activity of that specific employee, which becomes viewable in the web application.

When an employee is running EmpMonitor, randomized screenshots will be taken in every set time intervals.

EmpMonitor also calculates the activity percentages to show how active your team is. Here’s are some of ways, how activity levels are calculated:

1. Each second we label the user as active or inactive. A mouse movement or keyboard stroke = active. No keyboard and no mouse = inactive.
2. We can track if the user went idle. Fifteen minutes of inactivity triggers an inactive status. When the employee becomes active again the desktop client gives the option of removing that time from their log because they were idle.

Yes, you can capture, store and review all the keystrokes of employee’s system.

Yes, you can get the count of a particular application or website whenever it is opened. For better tracking we are providing dedicated graph for top 10 applications and the websites which are used the most.

To uninstall the Agent from a computer, just download and run the latest installer file from your Account Dashboard. If the Agent is already installed, it will ask if you want to remove the Agent.

prevent data breaches
If the Agent is uninstalled, old data will continue to be shown in the Employee Details, but no new data will be collected. You can use the Employee Details tab to delete the data for an Employee.
Yes, all you need to do is to install the EmpMonitor agent on the systems, Desktop client will begin reporting to your cloud-based admin panel where you can filter the Employee report based on their department or locations. You can also build reports depending on the department and location.
We are providing multiple cloud storing platform i.e google-drive, dropbox,to store your screenshots. Depending upon your flexibility you can choose any of them. Our desktop client triggers a screenshot which is to be taken and then that screenshot is either a) moved to cloud storage immediately or b) stored on the user’s local computer until an Internet connection can be established to upload the images to cloud.
No, EmpMonitor is fully capable of scaling to support the largest teams. You can add as many members as you’d like to. Check out our pricing for more information.