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Attendance Management

Attendance Management

With intelligent cloud-based employee attendance software, you can monitor attendance, acquire insights into analytical data, and provide local and remote employees the ability to check-in from anywhere.

Automated Timesheets

Automated Timesheets

Obtain a timesheet that breaks down the workday into clock-in and clock-out times, total hours, office hours, active hours, productive hours, unproductive hours, idle hours, and offline hours.

Accurate Insightful Reports

Accurate Insightful Reports

By examining timesheets, managers can discover more about the working practices of their team. You may improve estimations, optimize, and finish projects on schedule by using this data.

Apply Leaves

Apply Leaves

Employees may check their leave balance and send requests by completing a simple form, and supervisors can view incoming requests and decide whether to approve or deny them.

Edit Requests

Edit Requests

An occasional technical or human error may prevent the attendance recording. In such cases, employees can submit edit requests, which are updated in the attendance sheet on approval.



To check on the work status of team members who you suspect are not carrying out their responsibilities adequately, you can automate system screenshots at random or regular intervals.

Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration

Users may check-in from anywhere and receive accurate work hours and department-specific attendances that can be customized to meet your needs thanks to EmpMonitor’s customizable user-based settings, which are correct, versatile, and adaptable.

Shift Management

Shift Management

Simple scheduling of employee shifts. EmpMonitor keeps a track of the employees’ working hours in accordance with the start and end times the administrator specifies for the shifts.

Attendance Logs

Attendance Logs

You can keep a record of the exact login and logout time of your entire team for the last 7 and more days as per your requirement through this time and attendance tracking software.

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Davide Paul

Associate Vice President

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EmpMonitor’s advanced analytics offer profound insights into employee performance, driving operational efficiency improvements that have truly transformed our business, highly recommended!

James George


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EmpMonitor’s flexible features seamlessly align with our unique workforce requirements, leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency. We’re impressed with the results!

John Smith


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Frequently Asked Question

Automated timesheets capture all your work activity and keep track of your employee’s working time using a time-tracking feature. It provides a thorough breakdown of clock-in, clock-out, total hours, office hours, active hours, productive hours, unproductive hours, neutral hours, idle hours, offline hours, and productivity in the form of detailed sheets. The timesheet data can be used to calculate the billable hours by analyzing the total hours- the employee has worked.

EmpMonitor automatically captures the clock-in clock-out time to mark employees attendance. When employees start their system, EmpMonitor automatically fetches the data and finalizes the clock-in time. Likewise, when employees shut down their system or are away from the system for long, EmpMonitor takes the last active time and shows it as clock-out time. An invisible clock is always ticking in the background and logs the user’s movements.

No, EmpMonitor does not allow employees to edit their attendance. However, it can let you raise a request for the changes you want, which can be approved by the respective admin and then automatically gets updated in the dashboard.

Employees can directly apply for leaves through EmpMonitor’s HRMS dashboard. They can add new leaves, also view the status of their previously approved leaves and also check the balance leaves. Moreover, employees can also view the holiday list for the entire year, go to HRMS and then click on Holidays.

Employees can directly apply for leaves in HRMS. They can add new leaves and also view the status of their previously approved leaves. Moreover, employees can also view the holiday list for the entire year, go to HRMS and then click on Holidays.

Under the shift management tab under settings, select “Create Shift” according to the department’s time.

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