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Attendance Management Software

Replace excel sheets with smart EmpMonitor timesheets to streamline attendance and give employees the freedom to check-in from anywhere.

  • Attendance Management
  • Edit Requests
  • Attendance Logs
  • Automated Timesheet
  • Screenshot Monitoring
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Easy Leave Application
  • Shift Management
  • Accurate Reports

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Our Valuable Clients & Resellers
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Our Valuable Clients & Resellers
Across The Globe

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Login to the EmpMonitor Dashboard
Go to Employee
Attendance Option
Track attendance & get all information in one place

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Utilize robust features to boost productivity for your agile workspace

Attendance Management
Automated Timesheets
Accurate Insights
Apply Leave With Ease
Edit Requests
Screenshot Monitoring
Flexible Configuration
Shift Management
Attendance Logs
Rewards guide
Attendance Management
Monitor attendance, access insights, and allow remote check-ins with our intelligent cloud-based attendance management software.
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Automated Timesheets
Get a detailed timesheet including clock-in/out times, total hours, office hours, active, productive, unproductive, idle, and offline hours.
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Accurate Insights
Examine timesheets to uncover the team’s work practices, improve estimates, optimize processes, and ensure timely project completion.
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Apply Leave With Ease
Employees can check leave balances and submit requests via a simple form, while supervisors can review and approve or deny them.
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Edit Requests
Employees can submit edit requests, for occasional errors in attendance recording, which are updated upon admin approval.
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Screenshot Monitoring
Maintain productivity by monitoring team members' activity with automated screenshots at random or regular intervals.
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Flexible Configuration
EmpMonitor offers customizable user-based settings for accurate work hours and department-specific attendance.
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Shift Management
Easily schedule employee shifts with EmpMonitor. It tracks working hours based on the administrator's specified start and end times.
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Attendance Logs
Track your entire team's precise login and logout times for the past 7 days and beyond, as needed, with our time and attendance tracking feature.
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Tailored Dashboard

Perfect Setup Crafted Just For You

Functionalities that give you seamless control and comprehensive oversight.


Manager Login

Empower managers with complete access to team data including detailed time and activity logs. Customize productivity labels effortlessly to optimize workflows.


Employee Login

Provide employees with comprehensive access to view their performance data and effortlessly apply for leave from the same dashboard.


API Integration

Seamlessly integrate with any software to bolster monitoring capabilities. Effortlessly track time spent on each application and categorize it as productive or neutral.


Raw Data

Gain precise and detailed data on employee computer activities, including active/idle time, for informed decision-making and performance optimization.


Custom Alerts

Stay informed with customizable instant alerts tailored to productivity levels and specific activities, ensuring timely intervention and optimized workflows.


Employer Benefits

Unlock cost reductions, streamline workflows, enhance engagement, and boost productivity with the best management software.

Advance & Adequate

Move Closer To An Efficient Workplace

Regularize Attendance

You may oversee every employee’s check-in, obtain analytical details about their performance, and regularize attendance with EmpMonitor’s real-time unique attendance tracking software

Helps Track

Smart timesheets from EmpMonitor make task management simpler by allowing you to view active hours, idle hours, and productive hours breakdown in a detailed sheet style.

Better Decision-Making

Utilizing the Productivity report, you can monitor employees productivity. It shows employee profiles, web and mobile app categorization, and configuration settings, including departments, timesheets, user input, etc.

Employee Analytics

Modern Cloud Based Employee Attendance

Get an organized analysis of employee activities,
information, attendance, and time sheets

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Davide Paul

Associate Vice President


Simplified the management of the entire workforce by 80% in terms of manpower, time, and effort. Also, the productivity at my workplace has never been this great. Now my team works more efficiently, and I can work more productively on other priorities.

James George


Great EmpMonitor!

EmpMonitor’s advanced analytics offer profound insights into employee performance, driving operational efficiency improvements that have truly transformed our business, highly recommended!

John Smith


fast & reliable

EmpMonitor’s flexible features seamlessly align with our unique workforce requirements, leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency. We’re impressed with the results!

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EmpMonitor Transcends Borders, Redefining Team Dynamics and Efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Attendance Tracking Software in EmpMonitor refers to a digital solution designed to monitor and manage employee attendance, providing accurate records of when employees start and end their workday.
EmpMonitor’s Attendance Tracking Software offers features such as real-time attendance tracking, customizable attendance policies, leave management, shift scheduling, and reporting functionalities for administrators.
EmpMonitor’s Attendance Tracking Software ensures data accuracy through automated timekeeping, real-time synchronization, and robust reporting features that enable administrators to verify and reconcile attendance records efficiently.
No, employees cannot directly edit their attendance and other data. However, they can raise a request for changes, which the respective admin must approve. Once approved, the requested modifications are automatically updated in the system.
Employees can visit the HRMS section of the attendance tracking software to check their leave balances, apply for new leaves, and track the status of previously approved leaves. Additionally, they can view the holiday list for the entire year.
Employees can access the HRMS section, where they can find a detailed report of their attendance. This report includes check-in and check-out times, as well as days where they utilized paid and unpaid leaves.

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