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Our Valuable Clients & Resellers
Across The Globe

Our Valuable Clients & Resellers
Across The Globe

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Quick & Instant

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The Heart Of Our Journey

The Heart Of Our Journey

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Get the edge you need by harnessing the power of customized time tracking and data-driven
behavior analytics for your workplace.

Automatic Timesheet
Active Hours Tracking
Employee Access
Intelligent Alert Feature
Productivity Tracking
Advanced Admin Controls
Non-Productive Hours Tracking
Automated Reports
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Automatic Timesheet
Eliminate manual work & automatically generate accurate timesheets to gain accurate & reliable employee activity insights.
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Active Hours Tracking
Track employee productivity by monitoring active work hours, enabling efficient resource allocation and performance evaluation.
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Employee Access
Boost employee accountability and create transparency by providing detailed insights into their daily activities.
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Intelligent Alert Feature
Tailor alerts to specific employee behaviors or patterns and stay informed about their activities for timely intervention.
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Productivity Tracking
Gain real-time productivity insights and absolute visibility into employee productivity hours. Identify patterns, and eliminate distractions.
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Advanced Admin Controls
Get administrative control over features & set rules for tracking different tasks and consolidate all data in one place.
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Non-Productive Hours Tracking
Track total office hours spent on inefficient and irrelevant activities & pinpoint performance issues with precise data on non-productive hours.
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Automated Reports
Generate custom reports based on your requirements for data-driven decision-making.
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Tailored Dashboard

Perfect Setup Crafted Just For You

Functionalities that give you seamless control and comprehensive oversight.


Manager Login

Empower managers with complete access to team data including detailed time and activity logs. Customize productivity labels effortlessly to optimize workflows.


Employee Login

Provide employees with comprehensive access to view their performance data and effortlessly apply for leave from the same dashboard.


API Integration

Seamlessly integrate with any software to bolster monitoring capabilities. Effortlessly track time spent on each application and categorize it as productive or neutral.


Raw Data

Gain precise and detailed data on employee computer activities, including active/idle time, for informed decision-making and performance optimization.


Custom Alerts

Stay informed with customizable instant alerts tailored to productivity levels and specific activities, ensuring timely intervention and optimized workflows.


Employer Benefits

Unlock cost reductions, streamline workflows, enhance engagement, and boost productivity with the best management software.

Build-In Transparency Mode

EmpMonitor’s Features Firsthand

Dive into a world of organized information, where data comes alive in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Extraordinarily Advances

The Best Time Tracking Software You Need

Built to solve all your time tracking related challenges and improve profitability

Automatic Timesheet Tracking

Get an overview of all employee’s activities on one screen & eliminate possibility of error. Get a better view of the time tracked in a graphical representation. EmpMonitor provides you with the data you need to analyze the team’s performances seamlessly.

Advanced Project Time Tracking

Assign tasks effortlessly with the best project time tracking software and keep track of the hours spent on individual tasks and on the project as a whole. Get complete visibility and transparency to assess the accuracy of your team’s work effectively.

Billable Hours Tracking

Get started with the ultimate billable hours tracking tool & allow yourself to track time with the least effort and interruption. Track tasks across numerous projects & get to-the-minute accurate timesheets to measure time spent for the same.

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Simplified the management of the entire workforce by 80% in terms of manpower, time, and effort. Also, the productivity at my workplace has never been this great. Now my team works more efficiently, and I can work more productively on other priorities.

Davide Paul

Associate Vice President

Great EmpMonitor!

EmpMonitor’s advanced analytics offer profound insights into employee performance, driving operational efficiency improvements that have truly transformed our business, highly recommended!

James George


fast & reliable

EmpMonitor’s flexible features seamlessly align with our unique workforce requirements, leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency. We’re impressed with the results!

John Smith


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Get a crystal clear picture of your workforce with ease
Yes, employees can view their own activity history with EmpMonitor. This feature of the time tracking software allows employees to review their work patterns, analyze their productivity, and make adjustments as needed to improve their efficiency.
Yes, EmpMonitor provides detailed reports on the time spent on each app and website. It tracks and logs the usage, giving you specific insights into how long employees spend on various applications and websites during their work hours.
Freelancers, contractors, project managers, team leaders, business organizations, and individuals can all benefit from time-tracking software. It helps freelancers track billable hours, aids project managers in monitoring progress, empowers team leaders to optimize productivity, provides insights for businesses to streamline operations, and assists individuals in managing time effectively.
Yes, EmpMonitor allows assigning tasks to projects and tracking time spent on each one. This helps with project budgeting and resource allocation.
Yes, EmpMonitor time tracking software allows filtering and customizing reports to focus on specific data points relevant to your needs.

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