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Automatic Timesheet
Avoid the hassle of manual work with the best time-tracking software. Automatically start tracking time as soon as employees turn on their computers and get accurate and reliable employee activity insights
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workforce solutions
Employee Access
Enable your employees to be more accountable for their work while creating a transparent work environment. Empower them with all the detailed insights into their activities throughout the day.
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workforce solutions
Employee Productivity Tracking
Uncover real-time productivity insights & gain absolute visibility into the total productivity hours of employees. Identify patterns and eliminate distractions to enhance focus and work efficiency.
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Non-Productive Hours Tracking
Identify performance issues right away with precise data for non-productive hours. Track the total hours during the office when an employee was being inefficient & focusing on irrelevant activities.
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Advanced Admin Controls
Get granular control over the functionality of all the features and focus on overall improvement. Set rules for various tracking capabilities for different types of work and get all the data in one place.
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workforce solutions
Intelligent Alert Feature
Prevent any unproductive or malicious activities during work hours. Set alerts for specific employee behavior during the working hour and get real-time alerts on defined unproductive employee activities.
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workforce solutions
Employee Active Hours Tracking
Enjoy transparency with more detailed information about employees. Define the minimum hours an employee should be active during work hours and get real-time insights into their working hours.
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workforce solutions
Automated Reports
Expand the possibility of growth with data-backed confidence. Get detailed actionable time reports, & avoid errors with an accurate timesheet with the best time tracking software.
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Automatic Timesheet Tracking
Get an overview of all employee’s activities on one screen & eliminate possibility of error.   Get a better view of the time tracked in a graphical representation. EmpMonitor provides you with the data you need to analyze the team’s performances seamlessly.
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Advanced Project Time Tracking
Assign tasks effortlessly with the best project time tracking software and keep track of the hours spent on individual tasks and on the project as a whole. Get complete visibility and transparency to assess the accuracy of your team’s work effectively.
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Billable Hours Tracking
Get started with the ultimate billable hours tracking tool & allow yourself to track time with the least effort and interruption. Track tasks across numerous projects & get to-the-minute accurate timesheets to measure time spent for the same.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does The EmpMonitor Time Tracking Software Work?
First, you need to install the EmpMonitor tool in all the systems you want to track. Once the installation process is completed, it starts tracking the applications and websites your team spends time on while the app is running. You can also specify the time you want the app to start tracking time.
Q2. Can We Use It For Remote or Hybrid Workplaces?
Yes, EmpMonitor is designed to solve the employee monitoring challenges in all types of workplaces. It is the best time tracking software for remote, hybrid, or on-premise work models.
Q3. Does It Track Time When There’s No Internet?
Yes, EmpMonitor is a cloud-based software and will track all the activities on the employee’s system even if there's no internet connectivity. But, the data will be uploaded to the cloud only after it gets connected to the internet.
Q4. Is There Any Concern About Privacy?
No, privacy concerns. The safety of the employer and employee privacy is the utmost priority of EmpMonitor. To install the EmpMonitor Software into an employee's system, you first need to create a new user on their system. They must use it only for official work, and not personal work. Additionally, the admin can define the working hours and when should the EmpMonitor start tracking time.
Q5.What Are The System Requirements To Install EmpMonitor?
EmpMonitor time tracking software supports Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. To employ EmpMonitor on macOS, or Linux devices, please contact our team. And following are the system requirements for Windows: Minimum System Configuration For Windows OS: Windows® 7 SP1 (64/32 -bit versions) and above CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 | AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better RAM: 2 GB and above Free Disk space: 5 GB and above Minimum Server Configuration RAM: 6 GB CPU: 4 Cores EmpMonitor App Server (VM): 1 Users: 100
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