The Time-Tracking Tool That Actually Helps Your Team Be More Productive

You already know how much time your office-based employees are spending at work.

And maybe you’re using a time-tracking app to handle work time for remote employees.

But do you know how much of that time is actually productive?

Time at work ≠ Time actually working

Time Tracking

Why measuring “time at work” can’t protect you from lazy employees

The measurement of time that your employees spend “at work” is a misleading metric. What really matters is how productively that time is being used.

Distractions are everywhere, and even the most well-intentioned employee can fall victim to them. 

In the nineties, there was Solitaire—an addictive game that could suck people in and make them lose all track of time. Nowadays, with the internet and mobile phones in the picture, the distractions have multiplied and nobody is immune, regardless of whether they are working from the office or remotely.

But the situation is not hopeless. That’s where EmpMonitor’s Time-Tracking Tool comes in.

How EmpMonitor’s Time-Tracking Tool works

The right measurements for making the right decisions

EmpMonitor’s Time-Tracking tool doesn’t just measure the time your employees spend on duty. It also measures actual productive time.

Detailed and visual reports will show you which activities your individual employees, teams and whole organization are spending time on.

At a glance, you’ll be able to assess:

Additionally, EmpMonitor’s Time-Tracking App features:

EmpMonitor helps you understand which team members:

The right decisions for the right team

Once you have the right intel, you’ll be empowered to make the right decisions for the health of your team and your business.

A lean team of productive people beats a large group of slackers anytime

Good people are hard to come by these days.

With EmpMonitor’s help, you can make informed decisions on which of your employees should be cut loose and which ones deserve to stay.

More importantly, once you’ve eliminated the “dead weight”, you can re-invest the leftover HR budget into rewarding your dedicated employees by:


Good people are the best investment you can make for your business

EmpMonitor’s Time-Tracking Tool helps you make the right decisions for the health of your team, so you can take good care of them, and in turn they can take good care of your business.

10,000+ businesses around the world trust EmpMonitor with helping them keep their team lean and productive


EmpMonitor is an entire suite of team-management apps

EmpMonitor doesn’t just monitor your team and track productive time. Here are some other features that help businesses like yours stay ahead.

Geofencing Capabilities

Make sure employees don’t log in outside the predefined location and also log out from the same place.

Geo-location tracking

Don’t just track your employees’ working hours but also the location from where they are working.

Easy Online Timesheets

Track time on your system, quickly approve employee hours and dive into dashboards to generate reports. Keep track of how many hours your employees spend on client work and tasks. Timesheets are updated automatically and regularly.

Alert on Suspicious Activity

EmpMonitor protects you from dangerous activity by negligent or malicious employees. Set up alerts that will trigger warnings in real-time when someone from your team performs actions that might compromise your company’s security, such as downloading malware or visiting unsafe websites.

Detailed reporting

Reports that are as detailed or high-level as you need them to be. Assess the performance of a single employee, a team or even your entire workforce. Compare time periods, performance benchmarks between teams or individuals, and productivity. Receive automated reports via email at your desired frequency, or jump into the dashboard for an instant view of whatever you want to track. Export detailed reports in any format CSV or PDF with a single click and email them instantly to whoever you want.

Dedicated apps on all your favorite platforms

EmpMonitor works on all your favorite platforms, both desktop and mobile-based. Native apps allow you to access your dashboard from anywhere, anytime you want and on any device. Keep your finger on your company’s pulse at all times.

Automated screen capture app

Automatically capture screenshots of your employees’ company-issued devices at regular or randomized intervals.

Cloud-based and secure

Cloud-based backup on secure services ensure you can access your data at any time while having the peace of mind that it is fully secure and protected.

EmpMonitor is being used across a wide range of industries and verticals

Contact us today to find out how EmpMonitor can make your business more successful, regardless of your industry.


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