Innovation Built-in

A Well Integrated Productivity & Engagement Solution

Link efforts to success & move closer to a better world of work by fostering employee productivity and engagement with accuracy.

Innovation Built-in

A Well Integrated Productivity & Engagement Solution

Link efforts to success & move closer to a better world of work by fostering employee productivity and engagement with accuracy.

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Strategic Workforce Management Process

Analyze Quality Parameters
Channelize Productivity & Engagement
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Resilient Features For Productive Teams

Our best-in-class employee productivity tracker wows clients with impressive results and a phenomenal productivity peak.

Productivity Tracking

EmpMonitor delivers visibility into the work hours of the team, helping you get a clear view of whether employees are proactively engaged while being productive. The in-depth categorized data of employee working hours, productivity, ideal hours, and offline hours will help you create a well-functioning team to meet your business goals.

Predefined & Custom Alerts

Brace yourself with a cutting-edge alert system that notifies you in real-time about problematic employees and possibly dangerous circumstances. Users can view alerts, configure predefined alerts, and set custom alerts while keeping business quality parameters in mind.

Auto Email Report

Reinforce your workplace with the auto email reports feature and get comprehensive reports of all the employees or selected one on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Set the email report delivery frequency and easily view the reports with no hassle.

Project Management

Assign tasks, manage projects, and monitor your team’s work from start to end. With this feature, users can engage their employees by assigning them tasks and getting a full picture of the work, helping the team to stay driven and productive.

Flexible Settings

Alter productivity guidelines as per your hierarchical needs. You can customize your reports, set access control, grant employee timesheet requests, and set alerts with this best employee engagement productivity software.

IP Blacklisting

Strengthen your defenses with an advanced IP blacklisting feature, and make your domain safe and secure. Easily add entire IP ranges or blocks to be blacklist monitored, all in one go. Filter out and block any malicious IP addresses from accessing your networks.

Employee Productivity Reports

Get your hands on comprehensive reports to keep track of a team’s engagement, productivity, and employee efficiency. Rate websites and apps as Productive, Unproductive, or Neutral and get tailor-made reports in no time.

Website And App Usage

Keep your eyes on what websites your employees visit and identify any possible online time stealers. Pinpoint blind spots and maintain enterprise-level management with a solid framework to shield the employee’s productivity from potential app distraction.
Productivity Focused

Bridging The Gap Between Employee Productivity & Engagement

Infuse Analytics Into Your Workforce!

Scalable And Flexible

Configured to the needs of a growing business, monitor an unlimited number of employees, manage more productive and unproductive data, and have access to a range of customizable tools that add a white label to your organization.

Build High-performing Teams

EmpMonitor creates a foundation of high-performing teams by combining innovative development-focused approaches and effective values that lead to consistent and better outcomes.

More Engaged Remote Team

EmpMonitor promotes empowering the entire team with centralized task management. From recognizing their efforts with detailed reports to keeping them engaged with customized alerts, this remote employee engagement software does it with ease.
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65% of Highly Engaged Employees are more likely to Work Efficiently & Stay Productive above average

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Improved Work Culture
Increased Revenue
Increased Efficiency and Productivity
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions, learn about our software, its working and other related information instantly

What is employee engagement software?
Employee engagement software supports and tracks employee performance, recognizes employee efforts, and encourages positive results. It helps companies identify engaged and disengaged employees, improve employee performance within departments, and deepen the company's employee feedback culture.
What’s the difference between “engaging” employees and productive employees?
Engaged employees actively participate in their work and enjoy their day-to-day work, while productive employees are able to efficiently deliver task results within a given period of time.
How will EmpMonitor benefit my organization?
EmpMonitor is an intelligent cloud-based monitoring software with time management features, work management features, and other specialties to optimize your team's productivity. It comes with a plethora of benefits for measuring employee engagement and productivity that can be adopted in your work environment. From visual reporting to stealth operation, EmpMonitor has it all.
How to manage your time with EmpMonitor ?
EmpMonitor's excellent timesheet features allow you to calculate clock in, clock out, total time, idle time, productive time, active time, neutral time, and offline time. It's 100% automated, so you can spend less time setting it up and more time proactively improving what matters.

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