About EmpMonitor

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Specializing in security and monitoring solutions, EmpMonitor is one of the leading employee monitoring software, which helps to make monitoring a hassle free process for small to large businesses. We're dedicated in helping to create a reliable as well as feature rich solutions for your business to monitor the employee’s activities.

The main aim of EmpMonitor is to track the employee’s activities on PC remotely from any location in 100% invisible mode and to get the Screenshots, Keystrokes, User Logs, as well as to get the detailed reports of the employee’s computer system, which will help in increasing the productivity of employee and company’s growth.


In this fast and ever changing technological world, security and storage is considered to be the main issue hence, by choosing EmpMonitor user can save and secure data on the cloud without any fizzle.
Not only this, we have also focused on providing a complete visibility & full control over your employees’ computer activities, which includes list of top 10 websites and applications used on real time, history of browser, working & non-working hours and provide detailed reports in the form of charts and graphs, which is easy and simple to understand.


We have spent over many hours in testing EmpMonitor for making this budget friendly software for our customers as we know the value for money. In order to this, we make sure to meet the customer requirements, in terms of efficiency and accuracy.


  • To make an Employee Monitoring software that consistently increases the current standards in quality, installation, affordability, and functionality.
  • Helps in simplifying the users task with respect to their data security, protection and use.
  • Provides 24X7 customer support for both existing as well as potential customers.
  • To always be on the front line, and to reliably give best and complete monitoring solutions.
  • Serve various industries like, Educational, Finance, Business sectors, and many more.
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The strength of the team is each individual member. As, we’ve compiled the best talent and put them together under one roof to ensure that EmpMonitor reaches the expectations of customers efficiently.

We hope that you enjoy using our software as much as we enjoy in offering it to you.