EmpMonitor vs Veriato [Spectorsoft]

EmpMonitor and Veriato may look similar when viewed through the main objectives that they serve. Take a closer look, and you will find out many reasons to choose EmpMonitor over Veriato. We have created a comparison chart for you to assist you in doing so. You can refer to the detailed descriptions of their features mentioned below, and compare between both the software.

Awesome features of:


– Easy to use dashboard

– Extensive data points based graphical reports

– Measure and manage team productivity

Features Comparison


Productive and Non-productive Hours

Stealth Mode

Auto Email Reports

Time and Attendance

Cease Network Threats

Project Management

Off Track Reminders

Appoints Designations to Peers

Location Wise Details

Linux Version

Language Localization

Productivity Measurement

App & Website Tracking

Cloud Storage

CSV Format Reports


Automated Alerts

Records Keystrokes

Detect Insider Threats

Behavior Analysis

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Productivity Measurement

While there are numerous tools out there to analyze the productivity of your employees, there is none compared to EmpMonitor which is as easy and comprehensive for you to analyze the data in the most insightful manner. You can measure the productivity of your employees by knowing their login time, their productive hours and it doesn’t stop there.

Keystrokes and User logs

When it comes down to the level of tracking your employees’ activities through their keystrokes on their systems, EmpMonitor, which is the best employee monitoring software of 2020, can be used to track that. A comprehensive report will not only give you the details of every keystroke but will also give you the details of the user’s login and logout timestamps.

Easily Manageable Credentials

The technical team would help you set up the software as soon as you purchase it. We do it on the basis of managers and their teams in different locations. The admin credentials would only be one. But each location-wise managers can have their own credentials to monitor their teams in a specific location.

Behavioral Analysis

It will give you detailed reports of their working style through which you can gain the behavioral analysis of your employees and adjust your policies/practices accordingly for extracting high productivity from your team.

While there are many more benefits of EmpMonitor which you will come to see as you begin to use it for your enterprise, few of those have been covered here for you to have a quick glance at this free computer monitoring software. It has been specifically designed to meet the monitoring needs of companies in this digital era.

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What our customers say

Using EmpMonitor has not only helped to improve the productivity of all my employees but has also helped me to run my business smoothly. Top-notch employee monitoring software with amazing features!
Being a manager of a Startup company, I must say that this is one of the best tools for team management. Now, I can better optimize the time spent by my employees on specific tasks to deliver the best service without sacrificing resources for other projects.
Project Manager
EmpMonitor has been a great help for our emerging IT solutions company. It provides an innovative way to understand the productivity of work, calculate idle time, and time spent on each task. Happy using this software!