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Customized Access Level
Tailored permissions for each member, ensuring they have precisely the right level of access they need.
Role Assignment
Define distinct roles for members, outlining their responsibilities and capabilities with precision.
Member Groups
Organize members into groups, streamlining communication and collaboration for seamless teamwork.
Project Management
Take full control with our Project Module – create, edit, search, filter, and generate downloadable reports (CSV/PDF) effortlessly.
Task Handling
Manage tasks easily with CRUD operations, including fetching, editing, searching, filtering, and generating reports (CSV/PDF).
Subtask Creation
Break down tasks into subtasks for unparalleled project control and tracking, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
Timeline Monitoring
Keep a watchful eye on your project’s entire timeline, capturing task creation, updates, and completions for ultimate project control.
Profile Updation
Administrators can update their profile information seamlessly, maintaining accuracy and efficiency.
Kanban Boards and Gantt Charts
Its versatility spans productivity tracking, project insights, remote management, ensuring unmatched workforce efficacy
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Is there a limit to the number of projects or team members I can manage in EmpMonitor?
EmpMonitor offers flexible plans to accommodate different project sizes and team structures. You can choose a plan that suits your specific needs, and easily upgrade or downgrade as your requirements change.
Can I track time for different project phases or stages within EmpMonitor?
Yes, EmpMonitor allows you to break down projects into phases or stages, and track time separately for each. This provides a detailed view of how time is allocated across different aspects of the project.
Does EmpMonitor offer time zone support for teams working in different locations?
Yes, EmpMonitor supports multiple time zones, making it easy for teams spread across different geographic locations to coordinate and collaborate effectively.
Can I create custom reports and dashboards in EmpMonitor to visualize project data in a way that suits my team's needs?
Yes, EmpMonitor provides the option to create custom reports and dashboards, allowing you to visualize project data in a manner that is most relevant and useful for your team.
Does EmpMonitor offer a feature for tracking project-related expenses against an approved budget?
Yes, EmpMonitor allows you to track project-related expenses against an approved budget, helping you manage costs and stay within budgetary constraints.
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