User Activity Monitoring (UAM)

Smart, context-rich metrics and intel
Manage your team efficiently without having to micromanage them

Managing a team can be overwhelming. There are so many elements to take into consideration—time spent at work, time spent actually working, quality of work, productivity, relationships… the list goes on.

Moreover, you can’t be everywhere at the same time (especially if you have remote-working employees) . And if you try to micromanage, you risk alienating those employees who are genuinely dedicated and hardworking.

Additionally, while you’re busy micromanaging, who’s taking care of your workload? Who’s making the crucial, high-level decisions that will determine the success or failure of your business (and with it, your livelihood and that of your employees)?


You’re busy putting out fires on the deck, while the engine is overheating and on the brink of blowing up.

Thankfully, EmpMonitor’s suite of user-activity-monitoring tools and context-rich reporting can take care of all the micromanagement you will ever need.

And it’s all done in a discreet and completely invisible way.


How EmpMonitor’s User Activity Monitoring (UAM) tools help you to manage your team and make the right choices

Measurement is worthless without intel. EmpMonitor gives you BOTH so you can manage your team efficiently, and consistently make informed, guilt-free decisions.

The numbers

EmpMonitor brings you all of the metrics and measurements you’ve ever wanted to know about your team (and some you never even thought you could have).

The intel

With EmpMonitor’s comprehensive suite of tools, you’ll be able to make sense of every data point, and finally be able to make the right decisions without ever second-guessing yourself.


How EmpMonitor’s User Activity Monitoring (UAM) works

EmpMonitor allows you to monitor the performance and activity of your remote team and work-from-home employees with a complete suite of tools and detailed analytics that you can access from any device.

You’ll be able to:

Accomplish all this at the click of a button, from any device or platform of your choice

Time and Productivity Tracking

Track employee day-to-day presence and activity, including idle or unproductive time. Complete visibility and full control over your employees’ computer activities allows you to identify and fix weak points in processes, and eliminate dead-time.


Employee screen

Screenshots, Chat, Webcam and Keystroke Monitoring

Ensure that employees are at their workstations and doing their job at their company-issued devices.

Track every element of your team’s work-related activities, from automated screenshots (at regular intervals or randomized intervals), total time spent on chat and social apps during working hours, number of hours spent on client interaction and projects, and real-time keystroke tracking and recording.

Clear, Detailed and Insightful Reports

A detailed analysis of your staff’s performance with easy-to-interpret, visual graphs and timesheets, including analytics and tracking of employee activity on websites, software and apps.

Keep a record of the exact login and logout times of your staff, as well as total time spent away from company-issued devices. Automate the process of payroll and billing with your clients.


Instant Alerts for Security Threats

Set up alerts to protect your company’s data from careless or ill-intentioned employees.

EmpMonitor will detect and flag any activity involving compromised websites, data misuse and security breaches. Neutralize these threats before they have time to cause irreparable damage.

Rapid Incident Resolution

In cases of malicious activity, complaint, or dispute, having concrete evidence is crucial in reaching a swift resolution. EmpMonitor’s User Activity Monitoring tools will equip you with solid proof in the form of detailed reports and charts, so that the situation can be handled in the most impartial and efficient way possible.


Optimize Productivity

EmpMonitor’s UAM tools can do more than just flag inefficiency. They can also help you identify your most productive employees/teams/departments.

Use this knowledge to spread best practices across the entire organization and make your entire team more efficient.


Simple 3-step setup

EmpMonitor is here to save you time, so we’ve kept the setup process as simple and intuitive as possible

Sign Up

Enter your email address to create an account.

Add your team member

Team size is irrelevant. Add as many users as you require.

Add Details

Fill in the details of your employees according to location and department.
Once you’re done adding your employees and setting up their roles, you can start tracking every element of your team’s workflow and activity, with detailed reporting at your fingertips across all of your devices.

Do you really need User Activity Monitoring?

Some business owners feel uncomfortable with the idea of User Activity Monitoring software. They’re worried about damaging the good will that exists with their team. They feel bad about “spying” on their employees.

Maybe you feel the same way. But let’s put things into perspective.

It’s about the protection and wellbeing of your business

It is your responsibility, your obligation, and your right to know how your employees are utilizing company resources. That includes business-issued equipment and time at work.

Is it being used responsibly?

This isn’t about the occasional game of Sudoku or a quick chat on social media. Those are harmless enough. But what if a careless employee is using their work-issued laptop to visit a compromised website? What if an ill-intentioned team member is leaking confidential information to a competitor?

With EmpMonitor’s User Activity Monitoring tools you will be alerted of such activity immediately, so you can remedy the situation before it can cause irreparable damage.

You owe it to your business to protect it from such threats.

It’s about the protection and wellbeing of your employees

As the popular saying goes, “It only takes one rotten apple to spoil an entire barrel”. Even with the best KYE (know-your-employee) protocols and recruiting procedures, there’s always the risk of a “bad hire”. And that’s why the most successful companies in the world are so protective of their company culture. They know how hard it is to build a great team, and how little it takes to send it spiraling out of control.

If that happens, it could bring down your business before you even have time to react. And if your business is in trouble, so is the livelihood of the employees you care about.

You owe it to your loyal and hardworking employees to protect them from such threats.

It’s about the protection and wellbeing of your livelihood

You’ve invested so much time, money and energy into your business. You’ve sacrificed so much to build it up to where it is today. And yet, you know how fragile its existence is. One wrong turn, one mistake and it could all come tumbling down.

Can you really afford to leave anything to chance?

This is your livelihood. You owe it to yourself to protect this thing you’ve built.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might be thinking about.

1. How do I track my employees?

Sign up to EmpMonitor, add employees and users to your dashboard, and start tracking your employees using the various tracking features.

2. How does EmpMonitor track clock-in and clock-out times?

EmpMonitor automatically records the exact time when an employee logs into their company-issued device and when they shut it down. The app is invisible and cannot be tampered with.

3. Is it legal to use an employee time tracking software?

EmpMonitor only tracks the usage of company-related systems. It does not collect any data about a user’s personal drive or apps.

4. Is it ethical to use an employee time tracking software?

Not only is it ethical, it is also your right as a business owner and your obligation towards your business to know exactly how your employees are utilizing company time and devices. Tracking your employees’ performance and attendance is not a sign of distrust. It is an important metric that will help keep the business lean, efficient and profitable, which in turn provides your valued employees with a secure and stable job.

5. What are the hardware and software requirements?

EmpMonitor is compatible with MAC OS, most Linux OS versions, and all Windows computers. Additionally, dedicated apps make it possible for you and your administrators to access the dashboard from your favorite devices, including mobile.

6. What are the pricing plans?

You can explore our pricing plans on the pricing page.