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Screenshot Monitoring

Get immediate assistance of real-time screenshot capturing with our best task tracking software. Here, the admins can attain the clear picture of their employees desktop activities by customizing the frequency of the screenshots as per the requirement.

Activity Based Alerts

Overcome the loophole in management by tracking employees as per their activities. Onboard EmpMonitor’s fully configurable User Activity Monitoring toolkit that sends alerts to managers pinpointing employees that stay idle or offline for more frequently.

Productivity Tracking

Gain exhaustive & precise insights into key employee productivity metrics by tracking time (Clock-in/clock-out timings, idle hours, productive hours, unproductive hours, neutral hours) and activities performed on user device during official working hours.

Chat Monitoring

Get started with seamless chat monitoring for real-time sales specialists & co-manage your staff’s own chat experience with other team members. Back your workforce with flexible options to handle conversations & ensure they are always available when needed.

Web & Application Usage

Ensure extensive productivity and uncover the apps that are used the most by your employees. Gain premium visibility into the productive & non-productive app usage and get a clear understanding of your employee’s online whereabouts during working hours.

File Transfer Tracking

Unwind the convenience of safeguarding sensitive files and prevent data loss with the assistance of enterprise-grade User Monitoring Software. Get insights of the employee activities when a file is being transferred from their system to an external storage.


Get started with the robust reporting system of EmpMonitor and enable yourself the convenience to delve deeper into the monitoring stats and in a few clicks. Ensure better management via seamless tracking of attendance, productivity, and working hours.

Insider Risk Analysis

Prevent malicious activities even before it happens. EmpMonitor lets you have complete visibility on employee user screens. It enables you to trace the approach taken by the user via going through their activities. Anything seeming off-guard is tracked down.
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Thousands of companies rely on EmpMonitor to delve deeply into their employees’ actions, and optimize ROI.

Enhanced Security
Get started with refined & best workforce management software that ensures high levels of security and protects your business from menaces.
Behaviour Analysis
Achieve organizational goals by identifying the optimal pattern of employee behavior and implementing it in other business operations.
Optimal Productivity
Take your employee’s focus to a more concentrated workflow by minimizing distractions and leading them to enhanced productivity.

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Get a crystal clear picture of your workforce with ease
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get a crystal clear picture of your workforce with ease

Does EmpMonitor interfere with employees' productivity?
No. EmpMonitor has no impact on the user experience. It easily monitors user activities without disturbing users, allowing them to do their work peacefully.
How does User Activity Monitoring work?
User Activity monitoring software captures the real-time activity of the employees. A log is kept for all the onscreen activities. This guarantees that the employees give their 100% and ensures that all the company data is kept secure.
Can we choose which activities to monitor?
Yes, you can definitely choose which actions you wish to monitor from the EmpMonitor dashboard itself.
Does EmpMonitor show the time spent on each app and website specifically?
Yes, EmpMonitor provides a detailed report on how much time each employee spends on various websites and for how long. It also allows employers to set the websites as productive and unproductive as per their preferences.

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