User Activity Monitoring (UAM)

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Understanding User Activity Monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software or User Activity Monitoring software specializes in monitoring
and security solutions. They are reliable, and their feature-rich solutions help to monitor employee activity.

Monitor User Activity with EmpMonitor

The main objective is to : 

Working of User Activity Monitoring

The main benefit of EmpMonitor is its ability to generate
complex messages. Reports are generated to optimize employee productivity levels.


Features of User Activity Monitoring

Productivity Evaluation

The greatest asset of any organization is its workforce, and no one would wish to compromise on its efficiency. The employees can be productive if their activities are gauged consistently and can be given necessary feedback to make room for improvement.


Time Tracking

Empmonitor’s all-around monitoring system helps track your employee work activities and represents the productive and non-productive activities using graphics and charts.

Powerful Reports

The details are readily available date-wise and according to the required time slots. You can report a productive day of any employee location-wise and department-wise.



High-quality screenshots can be captured and generated at definite intervals as per the user requirements. This provides a smarter way of checking employee activities keeping company data safe and secure. The reports generated are available on the cloud for about 90 days which can be customized and accessed according to the user’s needs.

Constructive Time Management

The monitoring tool is such that you can track the precise URL used by the employee and the amount of time spent on each website. This concludes the amount of productive time spent on useful websites and non-productive time spent on unnecessary sites.


Stealth Mode

Empmonitor is invisible and does not appear in the programs list, nor is it detected by the task manager. The browser history will keep the activities running if you download and install the agent on your system. Employees won’t be able to stop the monitoring process as Empmonitor goes undetected on a user device.


Record the exact keys pressed by the user in real-time. Every keystroke can be monitored and recorded. The recorded keystrokes are stored in the database for approximately 180 days if required for future reference.


Track Breaks

The usual tendency of employees spending more time for leisures and breaks can be tracked effectively and monitored exact time spent working away from devices.

User Activity Monitoring Tools and their Benefits

Find More Benefits of User Activity Monitoring Tools

Merits of User Activity Monitoring Platform

Technology is the weapon today to build any business and make it stand, with the potential to operate smoothly and efficiently. User Activity Monitoring tools are criteria to track, record, and analyze employee behavior and their actions made on company devices.

Top reasons to employ the User Activity Monitoring tool can be illustrated as,


Detain Security Threats

Intentional or unintentional web mishaps can cost a company to a huge extent. Striking a rigid line against data misuse and cyberattacks averts numerous data breaches ahead of time. User Activity Monitors prevent such setbacks helping detect potential threats.

Direct Employee Inspection

In any case of any malicious report, complaint, or dispute, having concrete evidence fastens the resolution process. With the system’s robust nature of generating solid proof in the form of detailed reports and charts, the problems can be taken care of efficiently and fairly.

Optimize Productivity Labels

The UAM assists in identifying areas of saving resources and time that can lead to a dramatic business improvement. The simplified business process gives valuable insight into office operations, employee morale and helps manage the maximum utilization of company time in a day. The software helps businesses to operate smoothly and grow simultaneously beneficial to the staff and assisting them to have flexible schedules with prioritizing work.

Protection and Prevention

Regardless of the type of company, the network can be vulnerable to damage of personal or sensitive information. User Activity Monitoring tools help in preventing potential infiltration, and data threats thereby safeguarding a company's intellectual property. Integrating UAM into your company’s digital tools streamlines day-to-day processes and builds brand success.

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Demerits of Activity Monitoring Platform

Time Consuming Data Apprehending

Tracking every employee and examining performance can be quite time-consuming and cumbersome. Analyzing data and coming up with proper feedback is helpful, but isn’t a fast process. This issue can be easily resolved if employees are informed beforehand about the monitoring software that is being used as a standard company policy and a universal workplace protocol.

Damaging Sentiments

Keeping surveillance on employees in some cases might hurt employee morale and sentiments. There can be a sense of insecurity and employees may feel they aren’t trusted.

Jeopardizing Data

There may be numerous digital activities and access to employee data that there may be instances of employers stumbling upon employees’ data like personal emails, bank details, and health records. This may result in hampering the employee's privacy policy

Transparency and Legal Considerations

It is legal for any organization to monitor their employees on their activities and devices provided by them during regular business hours. They are authorized to keep track of your behavior and activities during office timings.

They can lawfully monitor the emails, IMs, websites, and applications used and may also be physically monitored with GPS tracking, audio and video surveillance within the office premises.

But, such a process may have a smooth flow if employees are informed well beforehand regarding the monitoring software and maintain proper mutual consent. Another best method is following the law of states and the central system to understand and apply the user monitoring software for the employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does work-time be tracked with UAM?

The simple user activity monitoring software can be installed virtually on user devices to track work time, keystrokes, and screenshots.

Is it possible to track keystrokes and passwords.

Yes, keystrokes can be captured and stored that can be reviewed later.

Can UAM track websites and applications access?

Yes, there are screenshots captured at regular intervals and for the websites and applications opened, there is a graph that provides information on the top websites or applications opened.

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The Finale

Today, when the whole world suffers the crisis of data breach, the system protects the cloud-based monitoring system from severe security crises. The tool helps you spot every suspicious activity happening in the work environment which prevents the cyber disaster entirely.

By monitoring active users, there can be a track of the location they are logging in or from a different country or location than usual which reduces the chances of the user ID being hacked or not. The timely analysis of the software illustrates the areas of up-gradation and tightening of security protocols.