Employee Monitoring & Productivity Management Software

Be aware of every aspect of your team’s activity, without having to micromanage.

GDPR Compliance

Making organisations more productive, compliant and secure

Data-driven decisions

Equip yourself with the right data and analytics in the form of visual reports and charts.

A comprehensive set of data-collection and reporting tools at your fingertips, stored securely in the cloud and available on all your devices.

Accurate recordings of your team’s activity will give you the insight required for making the best decisions.

3x Productivity

Optimize periods of peak performance and eliminate wasted time.

Observe your team’s workflow to identify and eliminate sticking points on various platforms.

Help your team work smarter and be more productive, with less effort.

Block Insider Threats

Track employee usage of company assets including attempted activity on compromised or restricted platforms.

Identify threatening activity from employees with negligent or malicious intent that your KYE procedures might have missed.

Work with peace of mind about the loyalty of your employees.

Protect yourself from

Inefficient work practices | Outside threats through negligence | Inside threats from malicious intent

Analyze. Measure productivity. Increase efficiency.

Empmonitor allows management to uncover hidden productivity killers. Understand individual processes and increase efficiency for effortless productivity.

Data - Centric. Laser Focused.

Identify sensitive information, reduce your organization’s exposure to risk and detect threats in time to avoid data breaches. A secure system will improve your company’s reputation and credibility.

Consistency In Approach. Confidence In Results.

Our unified platform identifies and classifies your sensitive, regulated, or mission-critical information consistently and accurately, including both on-premises and cloud-based data.

Prevent Data Theft. Minimize Threats.

Reduce the risk of sensitive content leaks by implementing risk-appropriate security controls. Detect threatening activity (both from negligence and malicious intent) and take decisive action before it’s too late.

Comprehensive systems reporting for compliance certification

Detailed systems reporting helps you assess the security across your infrastructure, and fix weak points to improve your chances of compliance certification.

Reliable time, activity and task tracking at the push of a button

Screenshots are backed up securely in the cloud.
Faster, better & smarter.
Easy access.

Detailed activity reports.
Sort and filter by department/ location.
Easy to understand charts & graphs.

Monitor multiple networks from one place.
Record everything your employees do.
Generate screenshots at set or random intervals (minimum 15 secs).
Monitor keystrokes, internet activity and software usage.

Monitor overall activity on one central dashboard.
Simple and intuitive UI for a seamless user-experience.

Robust Data Security Made Easy !

Employee Monitoring

Insider Threat Detection

Employee Enquiries

EmpMonitor’s Feature-Rich Comprehensive Toolkit

Time Tracking

Track employee day-to-day presence and activity, including idle or unproductive time.


Automate screenshots at regular intervals or randomized intervals.

Chat Monitoring

Track the total time spent on chat and social apps during working hours.

Clients Feature

Monitor and record the number of hours spent on client interaction and projects.

Clear, Detailed and Insightful Reports

A detailed analysis of your staff’s performance with easy-to-interpret, visual graphs and timesheets.

Web & Apps Usage

Analytics and tracking of employee activity on websites, software and apps.


Automate the process of payroll and billing with your clients.

All Devices

EmpMonitor puts all of your data at your fingertips regardless of which device you’re using — PC, Laptop, Mac, Windows, Linux etc.


Sync up your data with all leading accounting and project management tools.


Regular alerts keep you updated about employee idleness, inefficient work practices and downtime.

GPS Tracking

Track the exact location of your employees via their company-issued devices.

Off Track Reminders

System reminders will keep employees on track when they drift to non-job-related websites while at work.

Attendance Logs

Keep a record of the exact login and logout times of your staff for the last 7 days.


Real-time keystroke tracking and recording.

Stealth Mode

Monitor user screens discreetly. EmpMonitor will not show up on the TaskBar or Task Manager.

Cloud Storage

Your information is stored securely in the cloud. No need to worry about storage size or security.

Browser History

Maintain records of your staff’s browsing history even if they delete it from their device.

How EmpMonitor Works?

Simply log in with your account credentials, add your employees and set up their roles. You’re now ready to track and access every element of your team’s workflow and activity, with detailed reporting at your fingertips across all of your devices.

Sign Up

Enter your email address to create an account.

Add User

Team size is irrelevant. Add as many users as you require.

Add Details

Fill in the details of your employees according to location and department.

Are you ready to take control of your team and your business?