Imagine if the employees of your organization who are working from home are all busy with their household work, even after logging in to their system. Due to remote work culture becoming the norm, it often happens that people can’t be able to manage their work life balance and mix-up their personal and professional work.

In such a case, what are the options an employer has? Suppose what if you know that your employees are productive enough. How would you know whether your employees are really giving their best?

But is there an excellent way to straightforwardly answer those employees with the full-fledged proofs to let them know about your wise and intelligent monitoring ability via screenshot monitoring? 

What is Screenshot Monitoring?

The screenshot monitoring allows the user to access screenshots of someone else’s computer. It can also be used to track time for the ongoing projects and monitor the real time activities by viewing their devices’ screenshot. It allows the managers to keep an eye on the employees’ work even when they are working from home.


Though monitoring someone’s computer screen is like sneaking in their privacy and it may seem like illegal. But it’s really not, especially when the work is concerned. Companies are allowed to monitor  the screen of employees’ computers during the work hours and in most of the countries it’s a legal deal.

The good thing is it can help you monitor all the internal glitches from the employee’s end. While you may also learn about monitoring glitches that escape from the sight of  the managing department of the organization. So on and  on screenshot monitoring is quite a capable system to keep track of employee’s productivity.

Why choose automated screenshot monitoring

Consider a situation where you capture the screenshots from each desktop system of the employees in manual form. Imagine how hectic the task could be. Wouldn’t it lead to frustration amongst the managers; of course, yes! So managers will try to find the escape route to avoid the hard work.

  •  But, in the case of automated monitoring, screenshots of computers allow easy targeting to the various departments at one go without hustling much at the hard work and make it effective.
  • Manual screenshots monitoring can be effective if an employee is suspected of harming the organization’s assets through their activities. Then, one can do the manual inspection.
  • In this way, the managers would save their precious time and not need more team members to manage the tasks. So, it is essential and plays an integral part in managing the workforce tracking effectively more efficiently to yield the excellent result by the end of the day.
  • In addition to this, the automated screenshot monitoring eliminated the chances of befooling the managing authority of the organization. This is important, which effectively helps in the elimination.
  • The automated systems allow the manager to automatically capture the screenshots on a computer monitoring, which saves labor and a lot of time for the managers, which can be utilized for strategizing the organization’s other resources.

How does monitoring screenshots on a computer work?

These features of screenshot monitoring are designed in a certain way so that it automatically captures the screen of employees’ computers in every fixed interval of time. Operating this system is not very difficult. There is a lot of software that allows the user to make it simple to do the monitoring screenshots on the computer. Here are the steps to follow to quickly analyze the system, which helps to do the screenshot monitoring of the employee-


Inviting the employee for screenshot monitoring-  

Once it is decided the software on which the monitoring screenshots on the computer will be done, this will lead to the first step, inviting the employee to get access for monitoring screenshots on the computer because the tracking can only be done after the acceptance of the invitation.

Ask the employee to run the desktop application- 

The employee needs to install the desktop application of the software to allow the user to monitor screenshots of the computer. After the installation, they need to give permission to allow monitoring screenshots on their computer. The application will automatically start taking the screenshots at a regular interval of time.

The application is not only helpful while the employee is working from their home. This is very helpful when full-time tracking is required at the office spheres also. 

Managers can watch it on the web- 

The application does the screenshot monitoring. It consistently sends the screenshot to the managers on the web to regularly track the data in real-time tracking to know what is happening on the desktop of the employee’s computer about the project. So, the internet is leisure, so the managers need not install the application. Instead, they can directly see the work on the web.

Managers can access the complete information –

All information about the monitoring screenshots of computers is saved on the cloud storage. So that the managers can access the information about the time and the money consumed at every organization’s project.

Easy access to the reports – 

Once the things can be saved at the web server, the manager can have access to the information saved at the reposts while the formulation of the reports is done from the managers’ end. This allows the easy evaluation of the reports to formulate a better strategy for the organization’s welfare based on the monitoring screenshots on the computer. Moreover, one has ease at accessing the information available on the screenshot monitoring to assess the employee’s productivity while sitting for long hours at their desktop to work on the assigned project and the strategy of working on those projects.

Screenshot monitoring is an intelligent system that allows analyzing the factors responsible for lowering productivity in an organization while doing micro-level research, and analysis becomes more accurate at the report making. Another excellent benefit of monitoring screenshots on computer allows the formulation of productive strategies for the future purpose of the welfare of the organization, which will efficiently integrate the efforts with higher quality products without compromising the ultimate aims and objectives of the organization, including the welfare of its assets such as strategy formulation and the other department employees which are actively involved in the fulfilling of all the aims and objectives of the organization in the long run.

Many tools will help you in taking screenshots of computer monitoring. And this tool will help you with so many other features also. EmpMonitor is one of the best tools to increase the effectiveness and productivity of employees. You can easily access this from any location, and it works in all systems.

Let’s discuss some unique features of this tool.

Efficient time administration 

It permits the tracking of the operators and their activities which will eventually help spot the right places where the time is being wasted and reduce the voids. and the team gets easily optimized.

Better user management features 

This has a highly efficient user administration system enabling the users to manage the different systems and centralize the monitoring using the better user management features provided by the Empmonitor.

Effective real-time tracking 

The live tracking features allow the tracking of the activity of a person. It efficiently optimizes the level of administration by renewing it each time and finding out the activity.

Sometimes for better administration of attendance

Sometimes it is not difficult to track attendance efficiency even with the digital model, but timeboxing also gets fixed. Thus, reports are also getting ready on time.

Automated screenshot capturing 

These features help capture screenshots to have more precise parameters to do the monitoring in a more customized manner with the generation of random screenshots. The employees used to stay on track with the help of this feature.


In EmpMonitor, you will get the chance to check what your employees are typing and on which site they are typing. And it is wholly transparent, and you can even check their keystrokes around 180 days back.

This tool will make your work very easy, and you can have a lot of information in one place. In addition, you will have your company’s current graphically designed analytics, which may help you get to know who needs to be promoted and non-productive employees. With this, you can easily manage the real-time computer celebration of your employees.

EmpMonitor will improve your employee’s productivity, business, and overall operation.

This tool is an entirely cloud-based employee monitoring software. All information will be saved on the cloud—no more fussing over storage problems.

Most importantly, using this software may make your work simple, and your company will also get the best employees and hardworking people. It will also help you recognize the best employees for development by looking at their performance records. This will help you also to find out the more prolific employees.

So what’s your take on screenshot monitoring? If you have something more to add to this blog, make your comments below.