Time tracker with screenshot monitoring

EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring software, which also tracks the work-time to manage and get the task done on time. Boost the productivity of your workforce using the amazing monitoring solution having features like – Time tracker, Screenshots, Website & Application usage tracking, Reports, Keystrokes, User logs, Cloud storage, IP White-listing, and many more. Get your demo trial of 15 days for free.

Advanced Monitoring Features:

Time Tracker

Track the productive work hours of your employees

Deputize Your Peers

Distributed monitoring with centralized database

Firewall Security

Restrict access to miscellaneous domains


Automatically captures screenshots

User Logs

Detailed insight of users’ logs at all times

IP Whitelisting

Whitelist only the trusted IPs to access


Check the keys typed by users at any given time

Stealth Mode

Monitor activities while being invisible

Customer Support

24/7 working online support for all queries

Browser History Tracking

Record the online activities of users

Track Website & Apps

List of the websites and apps visited by users

Cloud Storage

Limitless cloud storage to save your data

Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring

Time Tracking

EmpMonitor has a cross-platform attribution to accurately track the working hours of employees based on their computer usage activities. At a single glance of the dashboard shows the productive and non-productive work hours of a fixed date. Let you track the best productive employees of the firm.

You can also adjust the date to check the total time working on the projects. And keep the trial of working time of employees using websites or applications on particular projects and also capture screenshots at regular intervals. All the data get stored in the cloud that can be accessible only to admin and assigned authorized managers. Which can help them to measure the productivity of the firm

Employee Monitoring

Real-time online monitoring feature of EmpMonitor keeps the trails of user web activities and records the information with users’ computer screenshots keystrokes and other details. With screenshot monitoring, management of the organization can keep a close eye on the computer activities of staffers. All the detailed information can be exported into the CSV file. Admin has an option to distribute the team based on departments and assign managers to analyze the productivity of their own team.

Who can use empmonitor ?

Business Workforce

To ensure productivity and data security in the business, companies should rely on the EmpMonitor workforce monitoring software. That can observe the online activities of staffers and ensure the safety of confidential data in the business.

Financial Industry

Financial data are highly vulnerable to cyber-threats that can result in the loss for business. In order to secure the Intellectual Property of the business, the industry could track employees’ activities using the EmpMonitor software.

Educational Institute

With centralized monitoring of EmpMonitor, teachers (managers) can monitor the computer activities of students and restrict their access to harmful websites. While HOD (admin) can also check the relevant activities of staff members and teachers.


Being a busy parent, it could be difficult for you to manually check the computer activities of your kids. Using the EmpMonitor, you can track the web usage history of your kids’ computer and also restrict the websites or applications that are harmful to them.


Using this powerful monitoring software, now I can easily monitor and manage my remote working team. It let me have a glance at the web activities of my staff and can easily track their productivity. I would love to tell others about this superior monitoring software for effective team management. Value for the money!

Damon – HR Dept

We have taken the free trial of EmpMonitor software and used it with our small team. And it really has done a great job for us. With its effective tracking, it becomes easier to check the productivity of the business. While it also stores the important data into the cloud memory, which can be easily accessible. Would say that we have an amazing experience with this software and will continue using it for sure.

Andrea – Managing director

Have been using EmpMonitor software and I’m very satisfied with the results. With its screenshot monitoring, I learned about the mistakes that were hurting the productivity of my business. And compared to other monitoring solutions it is very cost-effective as well. Would definitely recommend it!


Windows, Mac & Linux

Windows 2000 /XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Server 2003 / 2008 / 2010 / 2012, 32 bit and 64 bit, Mac 10.8 and newer versions, Linux.