Whether employees are working in an office or working remotely from their home, one of the most important things for an employer is to monitor employee Internet usage. Don’t you also think so? Companies ranging from small enterprises to huge industries rely on such online monitoring solutions to track the productivity of their employees.

As we know, it is too much of a hassle for management to keep track of each and every record of employees. And on the top of that there is always the possibility of some work distractions, negligence behavior, and also insider threats. These kinds of things not only hurt productivity but also cause decent  losses to the firms.

To deal with the modern problems, now we have the modern solution. EmpMonitor gets you the  best monitoring solution that keeps track of employee Internet usage.

But before that let’s find out reasons why you should be considering Internet monitoring solutions.

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Internet Usage At Workplace-

Thanks to online technology, it has been feasible for people to work from remote places. In one way, Internet technology has made the work process streamline. But on the other side, it is also one of the most potent reasons for work distractions. People not only use the Internet for their profession but also to fulfill their personal needs.


Based on an article by Forbes, which says- on average, an employee spends 10 hours in the working week using the Internet for their personal requirement. Because of this, a lot of paid hours go unproductive even before realization.

That is why employers around the world started considering employee computer tracking solutions to keep track of their online work activities. Besides work-time theft, it has been noted that a fair number of employees abuse their privileges at work. Whether online or offline, some employees may be negligent about their work or may even harass others. Such behavior may cause work distractions and may also lead to a toxic work environment.

How To Reduce Abuse Of Internet At Work?-

In the current scenario, when most of the industries are operating their business using online media. So there is also quite a  possibility of Internet misuse. Some employees also abuse their privilege to cause work disruption, as they may also harass other employees or colleagues. If the employer remains unaware of such acts, this may lead to a hostile work environment. However, using the online monitoring solution, such actions can be prevented before happening.


With EmpMonitor software, it is possible to inspect the online activities of each and every employee. Depending upon the requirements of a firm, web monitoring at the workplace may take several forms as well. Whether it is in the form of web-history tracking, screenshot monitoring, or keystrokes logger, you can rely on EmpMonitor to get immediate solutions.

Why Do Employers Monitor Employee Behavior?-

Nowadays, as you can see, employee internet monitoring has become necessary for every firm. This not only helps with the data safety concerns but also helps you prevent cyberbullying and harassment acts in your company. Even with strict workplace policies, in many organizations, there were reported cases where employees have to deal with some sort of harassment or bullying.

And that is also one of the reasons why an employer should monitor employee Internet usage behavior. There you would be able to know about the negligent behavior of your employees. And also prevent against the action, which contradicts with the company’s policy.

EmpMonitor has this behavior monitoring feature with an alert-based mechanism that provides immediate notification of any suspicious activity. It helps you to track the online behavioral characteristics of your employees. So you may take action to improve the quality of the work environment in your organization.

Employers Concern About Employee Internet Usage-

After the pandemic, since hybrid and remote working options have become a norm for IT businesses, it’s not unusual for employers to be concerned. We know that with remote work options, businesses have become more vulnerable to cyber threats. And there is also quite a chance that employees may not follow the proper protocols to access work-related documents. That may lead to data breaches as well.

Another reason is that many employees have already gotten used to their work environment. And they can’t feel satisfied and motivated while working remotely alone. Of course, without team bonding activities, it’s usual for employees to feel bored and unsatisfied with their work.

By any chance, you feel a lack of motivation in your firm, EmpMonitor is there for your aid. It has a performance-based mechanism, which shows the top performers and least performing employees. And you can recognize their efforts to motivate and encourage them to give out their best for the success of your business.


How Employers Can Deal With Unproductive Internet Usage?

With the monitoring solution, now it has become possible to check on employee Internet usage. Companies are utilizing it to keep track of work activities. It helps employers and team leaders get quick information about the ongoing tasks and the pending projects with deadlines, which need to be completed asap.

Here are some tips with Internet monitoring that you can employ in your workplace:

  • Track employee web history to learn about the sites that are informational and can be helpful for their professional growth.
  • Check the time spent on websites and applications, as it helps you learn about your employees’ efficiency.
  • Tracking the online activities also gets you information about their log details, using which you can measure their working hours.
  • You get to know whether your employees are using the Internet for work purposes or for their personal requirements.

Besides that, it would help you to check out the online vulnerabilities that may inflict your business in a negative way. Also, you can make sure to take enough security measurements to improve data safety standards in your firm.

Employee Internet Monitoring Solution: EmpMonitor-

I believe you have got the answer to your query- how to monitor employee Internet usage? What you need is the best employee Internet monitoring solution- EmpMonitor is a great example.

It has this feature that lets you get real-time insight into what’s happening in your firm. You can have access to check on the Internet usage data from each and every employee. Moreover, it also records the measurement of productivity.

With the behavior monitoring feature of EmpMonitor, you can literally know about any activities that go against the policy of your work culture. The integrated cloud computing system gets you access to store your business data and keep it safe.

Along with all these things, EmpMonitor brings you accurate employee performance data. Based on that, you may know about top-performing employees in your firm and reward them as well. The reward culture in an organization surely helps the employer to motivate other employees so that they can also give out their best for the progress of the business.

How Monitoring Internet Usage Helps Your Business?

Till now, we have been talking about what are the concerns of employers. And because of that, they would like to monitor the Internet activities of their employees. But there are so many other benefits of using Internet monitoring software. Here we have shown some of them.


  • It helps you to learn about the real time activities in your employees computer so you restrict the usage of non-work related websites that are not productive for work purposes.
  • With our own experience, we have seen that with Internet monitoring, employees’ productivity increases by 10 to 20%, at least. And that’s because they also feel motivated to showcase their efficiency and performance to their managers.
  • Thanks to Internet monitoring, production would go up, and it also saves data usage. So with less investment, you can gain better revenue.
  • It helps you measure the real-time work production of your business, as you can keep your keen eyes on the performance and productivity of your workforce.
  • By monitoring employees-online activities, you can be assured about employees following industrial compliance, rules, and regulation. If there is an interdisciplinary report, employers may take immediate measures to control the situation with the least burn.

Over To You-

So what’s your take on monitoring employee Internet usage? Based on our analysis, we think that every employer should take the best measurements to check on the online security of their firms. And with Internet monitoring solution not only keeps your work data secure, but you can also keep track of productivity in your firm.

If you are ready to boost your employees-performance and improve productivity in your business, then why don’t you try EmpMonitor’s 15 days free trial and experience it yourself?

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