Corporate industries all over the world, usually face a tough time in finding ways for employee internet monitoring, considering employees are wasting much time on using office internet for personal interactions. 

According to a recent survey, most employees waste their productivity hours by using the office internet for personal use. Therefore, those employees fetch all the bandwidth that slows down the official work. It causes a quick increase in costs. Hence, it is preferred to fix this concern at the earliest. 

But, for those employers who are looking forward to some actionable tips to monitor employee internet usage, here they go: 

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Way #1. Restricting the Unwanted Sites


It is by far considered to be one of the best ways, used by most companies to restrict unwanted sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. However this is not the correct way as apart from these people, employees may also spend time on various unofficial sites. Checking them manually and restricting each site is going to help you.

There are also chances where people need social media sites. For example, you are an affiliate marketer, on Twitter, or Facebook, which plays an important part in your work.  

If you are managing employees working from home, they will use their laptops or desktops for personal and official use,  banning those sites would also be restricting them from using them for personal use. 

Therefore, it is advised to manually check the unwanted sites and block them. 

Way #2. Secretly Manage Employee Internet Monitoring

employee monitoring software

Few companies also prefer using productivity monitoring software, where employees aren’t aware that they are under surveillance. But, it can raise various issues in employees, for example, 

Legal Issues

The rules and regulations concerning employee monitoring may vary significantly from one country to another, but one universally essential principle to uphold is obtaining the explicit consent of employees. Monitoring employees’ internet usage can safeguard an organization’s interests. It can help prevent security breaches dissemination of sensitive company data, or the downloading of malicious content. Furthermore, it aids in maintaining productivity levels, ensuring employees are engaged in tasks relevant to their roles.

Trust Related Issues

Employee internet monitoring can lead to trust issues in employees. Employees may feel their privacy is violated. It leads to distrust in employees for their employers and the workplace. 

So, What Is The Best Suggested Way For Employee Internet Monitoring?

Theoretically, employee internet monitoring should avoid any confusion about it, be transparent to the employees, and above all, it should manage your employee’s activity and manage distractions. 

Thankfully, we have one such tool that can perform all the above-mentioned things…

An All-In-One Tool For Employee Internet Monitoring And Manage Productivity | EmpMonitor


EmpMonitor is an all-in-one productivity management for employee internet monitoring software, which is trending in the latest technological advancements. The software allows you to track productivity during working hours and monitor employees’ internet usage.  

With the best employee tracking ability, EmpMonitor helps you to stay productive all the time (either while working in the office or at home). 

However, both employers and employees love EmpMonitor.  Let’s check, Why?

  • This software works best for companies to keep an eye on their employees’ work and also track the time they spend on the job. 
  • It allows employers to track their employee productivity, and check who is showing idle hours as productive hours. 
  • And disallow employees from getting distracted.

EmpMonitor is a powerful employee’s internet activity tracker and site use of your workers automatically when they are operating. With a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features, EmpMonitor empowers employers to keep a close eye on their employees’ activities without invading their privacy.

Let’s see the key features of EmpMonitor:

employee monitoring software

Real-Time Employee Internet Monitoring: EmpMonitor lets you keep tabs on your team’s online activities in real time. Know which websites they visit, what applications they use, and the time spent online, ensuring productive work hours.

Screenshots and Screen Recording: Employers can capture screenshots or record screens at specified intervals to ensure employees are on task and comply with company policies.

Time Tracking: Employees time tracking spent on tasks and projects accurately, helping businesses manage work hours efficiently and improve project timelines.

Website and Application Monitoring: Monitor which websites and applications employees use during work hours, allowing employers to block distracting sites and promote focus.

Keystroke Logging: EmpMonitor records keystrokes to help employers track what employees type, ensuring data security and preventing potential breaches.

Remote Workforce Management: EmpMonitor is a cloud-based employee internet monitoring software for managing remote teams. Employers can access data from anywhere to ensure remote employees remain productive and secure.

Reports and Analytics: Generate detailed reports and analytics on employee activities, helping businesses make data-driven decisions to improve workflow efficiency.

Data Security: EmpMonitor ensures data security and employee privacy with secure encryption and customizable access controls.

Compliance and Legal Protection: EmpMonitor helps organizations adhere to compliance standards and provides legal protection by documenting employee activities.

Alerts and Notifications: Receive real-time alerts for suspicious activities or policy violations, enabling proactive action.


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Way #3. Manage A Track On The Network Traffic


Get your hands on your employees’ browsing behavior, and observe the traffic created within your office network. Also, use the firewall feature (updating shortly on EmpMonitor) that will provide details of shared data via the official server among your employees. 

The choice does not, however, include specific data that are linked with the time your employees were online. Wouldn’t know if your employee was actually reading a news story, or whether it was just left open in the background as an empty tab.

Way #4. Detach The Connectivity Of Wireless Router

Detach The Connectivity Of Wireless Router

You can connect your office WiFi network to other wireless routers that closely track all of the places your employees have browsed. 

Everything you need to do is set up the authentication by keying in your wireless router’s IP address on your default office browser’s search bar. After the completion of the basic setup process, the wireless router will shed light on all of your employees’ online activities once you click the’ Logs’ button.

Instead, you can try out some routers that will help you block certain websites, limiting your employees during working hours to search them online.

Wrapping Up

Monitoring Employee Internet Usage is now no more difficult. Thus, instead of taking severe measures like banning the sites,  or internet activity, why not invest in internet tracking software? EmpMonitor has all the features for tracking employee internet monitoring and also boosts your employee productivity. Why not sign up for a 15-day free trial? 

Give it a try, and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.