Month: July 2021

Productivity vs Efficiency : 05 Tactics To Boost & Balance It

Productivity vs efficiency is the most puzzling circumstance for any organization as there are a lot of dilemmas. Although, they are unitedly interrelated. Gaping how? Increasing productivity will tamper with efficiency while improving efficiency affects the time taken to do the tasks. Although the perplexing question is how to distinguish the terms from each other?  And we understand that the above-stated statement is unclear too, and we try to explain it in our best way. So productivity vs efficiency terms is somehow interlinked. Efficiency is the quality of work done, while productivity is the quantity of the work. Let...

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How to be Productive While Working Remotely ?

The world witnessed the complete shutdown when COVID -19 came into existence, deserted roads and shopping complexes, and unfortunate news started showcasing in newspapers and televisions. It causes the economy to crash completely.  That is why numerous companies are mandating or implementing remote working for employees until the virus lags. And one of the haunting questions everyone came across is how to be productive, despite these challenging circumstances? Employees dream of remote work to provide the benefits of being in the comfort zone of their home and being close to their loved ones. However, the remote work is a...

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