The world witnessed the complete shutdown when COVID -19 came into existence, deserted roads and shopping complexes, and unfortunate news started showcasing in newspapers and televisions. It causes the economy to crash completely. 

That is why numerous companies are mandating or implementing remote working for employees until the virus lags. And one of the haunting questions everyone came across is how to be productive, despite these challenging circumstances?

Employees dream of remote work to provide the benefits of being in the comfort zone of their home and being close to their loved ones. However, the remote work is a double-sided engraving knife. Working from home sounds attractive, but it’s a difficult task to focus on, so why does telework mean?

Certain circumstances can distract from the work focus, and sometimes isolation caused by remote working can be a downer for those who love socializing at work. 

If you want to know how to deal with time wasters and habits, tap the link here. With this blog, we will acquaint ourselves with topics related to productivity, how to be productive, tips on productivity improvement, and a few ways to improve work performance.

How To Be More Productive At Work: Efficient & Improvement

remote-work-tracking-softwareThere are thousands of positive points of being productive and efficient for both employees and employers. You can balance your personal and professional life by increasing your productivity during working hours, getting your work done quickly and efficiently, and getting your work life on track.

Here are 04 points to the checklist when computing how to be productive.

Keep Your Priorities At Peak

Planning your work at the office or workplace is the leading tactic to increase productivity and efficiency. Try a checklist of your most important task, and complete it in the most productive hours.

Take Regular Short Refreshing Breaks

It doesn’t matter if you work remotely or in the office. Regular and short breaks keep your mind healthy and fresh, which automatically keeps you productive all day long.

Meeting Time Management

The formal gatherings are a terrific time waster if the discussion matter of the meeting is not clear and specific to the team and employees. To put a hold on long useless meeting sessions, micro meetings of 10 -15 minutes pass the information quickly and make decisions. 

Keep Your Working Desk Clean and Spacious

One of the distracting things for the mind is cluster desks, piles of papers, and useless stuff on the working desk. Again these points can help you with both remote working and office. Keeping your working space clean and well managed will help you to focus and be positive.How to be Productive While Working Remotely ? 1One of the best and most modern age productivity management assistants we recommend and loved by thousands of organizations and individuals is EmpMonitor. A quick introduction to marvelous software; 

  • Cloud-based software to save all your data on the cloud without hassling over the spacing issue.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly dashboard 
  • Time management and user managing intelligence will track every activity that wastes your time.
  • Exact calculation of productive and idle hours
  • One of the reliable productivity apps worked on any internet-accessible device.

Here are a few glimpses of how EmpMonitor can be helpful for an individual to track productivity; 

So instead of taking a diary and pen to manage and enhance your productivity, try this sort of software which can track every slight detail of your working time to assist in managing time and efforts accordingly. But there are thousands of tracking software in the market, and you might be wondering why invest in EmpMontior?

But, in a few minutes after witnessing ways to improve work performance because it is the emphasized topic of this blog, right?

05 Ways To Improve Work Performance While On Remote Working Improve-work-performance-for-better-productivity-resultsLocation of Home Office 

It doesn’t matter if you work remotely or in the office. Regular and short breaks keep your mind healthy and fresh to keep you productive all day long.

So try to find the quietest, brightest, and most comfortable corners to set up your office. Keep distracting things away from this room, such as TVs, beds, and family crowds.

Plan, Plan, Plan

First, plan how you want to schedule your work, which tasks you want to prioritize, and then assemble them accordingly. Schedule rewarding tasks at the most productive times. Don’t forget to add a loop to the pause to refresh your mind and make it work.

Planning things first thing in the morning can help you create the blueprint of the tasks you need to complete on that particular day, and automatically your mind will operate accordingly.

Find Out the Most Productive Hours

Again, humans are the most capable type of machine. However, there are some restrictions. Therefore, few are productive at night, dizzy in the afternoon, or frustrated at night. 

 Find the most productive time and perform the most rewarding and fastest task at that time.

The tactics mentioned above are the top 3 ways to improve work performance while remote working. While just practicing these tips, you will notice a rise in your productivity graph. Now here are a few very basic but crucial to take care of tips;

Take Breaks For The Sake of Your Mind

The report states that continuously working can traumatize your mind and lead to early fatigue. Your mind also needs rests and breaks to operate prominently. Dedicate time for small naps and breaks to improve productivity levels and concentrate on tasks better. 

Plan Your Meals Too 

How to be Productive While Working Remotely ? 2When working from home, it is fascinating to get the opportunity to cook for yourselves and your family. Although, the chopping and the meal preparations include valuable time. Try to cook before night, or if you like fresh food, arrange the preparations before the night that cuts down the meal preparation time.

As descriptive, after discussing the ways to improve productivity, let’s drive through how EmpMonitor operates for individuals;

  • EmpMonitor is a friendly budget with easy pocket pricing plans and 24X7 support and customer services. Log in to EmpMonitor | SignIn and proceed with the signing process with your respective credentials. The above-mentioned diverts you towards the login page of the EmpMonitor.


  • Then welcome to the EmpMonitor dashboard on the left. Options include dashboards, alert notifications, time claims, and more. The blue box gives you options to improve your analysis of productivity, timesheets, screenshots, screenshots, web history, app history, keystrokes, and more.

How to be Productive While Working Remotely ? 3

  • Supposedly we have selected the timesheets option, which depicts the ClockIn, clock out time, total hours, office hours, active hours, productive hours, and unproductive hours. This section will assist with a fair insight into the hours used up till login.


  • On scrolling right, there are some sections dedicated to a further detailed overview. Like neutral hours, idle hours, offline hours, productivity, and breaks. This slide section will display a detailed analysis of how many minutes or hours are unproductive, which is helpful examine time
  • In this section, EmpMonitor lets you analyze and keep track of web history and the time an individual invested in the particular site. It makes the self-analysis way better and more accurate at the same time. productivity-graph-empmonitor
  • In the navigation bar, on the right-hand side, there is app history that lets you scrutinize whether the time invested on productive or unproductive particular platforms. Graphical pie charts will make things on a breezy side to understand and analyze times.

How to be Productive While Working Remotely ? 4

  • On the keystrokes section, EmpMonitor records every key punched and the application names, by the particular employees or individuals.EmpMonitor-Keystroke
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Being Productive Needs a Lit Bit Analysis & Self Improvement

A striking challenge during this pandemic is still how to be productive. Not just a pandemic, but when everything goes to the right place. Productivity is important for maintaining a  balance between work and life.

Self-analyzing productivity and improvement also add up to the attitude of the individuals towards the work.

One of the hyper confusion states for the employers is to decide which are productive and nonproductive and how to track them. Although employees with the most active hours do not always indicate, they are productive and handle the tasks well. EmpMonitor’s features examine the accurate time spent productively and the detailed history, keystrokes, and many more. Surely investing in this kind of software is all deed in need. How to be Productive While Working Remotely ? 1