Want to increase the engagement of employees in your organization? Nowadays, every organization is willing to create a healthy work environment so that they can have better employee engagement at their workplace.  An employer needs to make sure that their employees are passionate and eager to deliver the best for their organization. It can also help them to keep their customers satisfied and engaged with their brand activities.

Of course, there is always a possibility of missing some factors which can make your employees suffer. And it may also result in negating the productivity of the company.

To avoid such problems, you need to be more attentive to the reasons that cause the disengagement of employees at your workplace. By measuring employee engagement, you can find out about their problems while you can make a conscious effort to ensure their happiness and engagement at your workplace.



How To Measure Employee Engagement?

It’s a clear fact that engaged employees can bring growth to their organization. That is the reason why it becomes essential for employers to measure and improve engagement at their workplace. One of the most common ways to measure engagement is through surveys. It can help you to learn about the things that are causing work-hurdles at your workplace. However, no matter how effective will be the survey programs, it can’t help you to deal with the complex work issues in your organization.


However, there are other ways that you can deploy to measure the employees engagement in your organization:

Short Suggestions and Surveys:

Most of employers keep suggestion boxes at their workplace, as it helps them hear the problems of their employees. In research, employees have accepted that asking for feedback can help them to feel motivated and boost their morale.


Nowadays, some companies even conduct frequent surveys to check the pulse of the vibes in their office. In such surveys, employers ask a few questions to their employees. It helps them to learn – how their employees are feeling with their work environment? They can also ask for suggestions if employees are not satisfied.

Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS):

NPS was originally introduced to learn about the satisfaction of customers. However, later on, employers also adopted this process to learn about the internal satisfaction of employee engagement. By asking questions like – Do you want to recommend others to work in this company?


Usually, the net promoter score of employees is measured in the form of a scale (0 to 10). Here a scale 0 to 6 represents detractors, who are rarely willing to recommend their organisation as a good place to work. A scale of 7 to 8 represents the employees who are not sure. And 9 to 10 part of the scale represents the employees who are willing to promote their job as the best place to work.

Track Absenteeism, Turnover, and Productivity:

While measuring employee engagement, you can’t forget about the absentees at your workplace. Since absenteeism can be the real cause of the fall in productivity. The other factor which can affect the productivity of your organization is the turnover rate of your employees. 

employee turnover

However, it has never been easier to gauge the correct turnover rate for your organization. Usually, employers put their best efforts into reducing the turnover rate in their company so that their top-performing employees won’t leave their company. On the other hand, it’s better for the company when the least performing employees leave the company.

In such a case, you should invest in the best employee engagement tracker like EmpMonitor, which can help you track the work presence and productivity of employees.


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About EmpMonitor:


EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring software using which an employer can remotely track the activities of employees’ computer. It provides reliable monitoring features to the employer like productivity measurement, user log details, screenshots, keystrokes, etc. While the best thing about this software is that it performs all the activities in stealth mode.

EmpMonitor can be really helpful for the organization that wants to retain their best employees. It features a performance-based system that tracks the individual work productivity and efficiency of employees.

Want to check the productivity of your employees using EmpMonitor? You can check this video:-

Encourage Collaboration:

Teamwork is necessary for any organization. As an employer, you need to make sure that your employees are good at collaborating to develop creative ideas to complete their projects on time. A smart employee can be more productive than an average employee. While collective efforts of even some average and hard-working employees can double-fold the productivity of your company. Shot of a young businesswoman being applauded by her colleagues in a modern office

How To Measure Employee Engagement At Your Workplace? 1

Benefits of Employee Engagement:

  • Better engagement of employees shows that they are satisfied with their job. And they won’t be lacking the enthusiasm to perform their best to be more productive and beneficial for the company.
  • Hiring new employees is a time-consuming process that can be very expensive for employers. In such a case, employers need to have high engagement of employees at their workplace. That way, they could be able to retain their top-performing employees and decrease the turnover rates for their organization.


  • Engaged employees are more efficient in their work, and they could do much better for the interest of organizations. According to research, engaged employees are 17% more productive than disengaged employees.
  • Having employee engagement can also help you earn the employees’ loyalty. Loyal employees are always thoughtful toward the best interests of the company.
  • Highly engaged employees also mean that employees have a good work presence. According to a survey, there is a 41% decrease in absenteeism with the increase in engagement of employees.

These are some of the benefits of having engaged employees. If you also want to enhance employee engagement in your organization, then here you can learn about- how to engage your employees.

Ways to Engage Your Employees:

Onboarding Employees:

You can’t expect high employee engagement and productivity from newly joined employees who have recently started working in your company. In such a case, the organization needs to make sure that they are onboarding their employees properly and giving them opportunities to grow their skills.


Employee Engagement

Encourage Flexibility:

In the workplace, employees want to have suitable flexibility with timing and location. Usually, employers don’t trust their employees that they can complete their tasks without having watchful eyes, which is also true to some extent. However, based on research, employees with flexible timing hours are more efficient at their work.

Helping Hand:

A charity can bring smiles to many people. It can also help you to earn respect from employees. You can also encourage your employees to be a part of a charitable project and help for a great cause to bring happiness to more people.Help-your-employees

Break Between Work Hours:

You can’t expect good work engagement from an employee who is working for hours and hours without taking a single break. With a workaholic mind, your employees can’t be able to enhance their creativity and skill, which is a great loss to the company’s assets as well.

How To Measure Employee Engagement At Your Workplace? 2

Recognition to Employee Work:

To bring out the best in employees, an organization needs to have a culture of recognizing and praising the efforts of employees. A feeling of being valuable gives a boost of morale support to employees. And it can help the organization to bring out the best potential of their employees.


Final Thoughts:

On a final note, measuring employee engagement is essential for every business organization. However, to improve engagement, you need to take further steps to create a better work environment for your organization. Though manual surveys can be helpful, however, it can be a pretty laborious job to do. You can also rely on employee monitoring software using which you can get detailed reports of your engaged employees.

Hope you will find this article helpful to measure and enhance employee engagement at your workplace. If you have any suggestions, kindly share them with us in the comments.