Month: July 2020

Everything you Need to Know about the Best Timesheet Software 

Today technology has changed the way to work in companies, and there is a need to be more productive being ahead of the competition. Therefore, companies need a tool to cut the production cost of the project and churn more profit.  Using the best timesheet software is one such solution at the hands of the companies to deal with challenging situations as the companies figured out the biggest problem in any project execution or production is time. We can say time is money. From ancient times, time tracking is the simplest way to measure work and calculate payments.  There...

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How To Measure A Remote Employee Productivity

Today COVID19 pandemic has changed the way of our living and working. Although working from remote places was in work culture even before the spread of pandemic COVID19. With the widespread of coronavirus around the globe, it has changed the entire scenario of remote employee productivity. Companies prefer more and more employees to work from home or the comfort of their place. Another reason which pushed the industries to promote remote work culture is the research studies, which show that remote employees work 1.5 days more in a month than office counterparts. 69% of surveys in enormous companies have...

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How To Work Efficiently As Remote Manager

The current transition of the industries is pushing people to work remotely in a more healthy environment. The keyword coined to work effectively from anywhere and anytime is remote work. The COVID19 Pandemic has made this transition to apply in full scale, which was already in trend within top companies. This change in working culture has compelled remote managers to be more productive and keep track of employees. The trend of remote working helped companies to cut the size of the workforce by one-third of the expenses on employees. Today many top companies are offering full, half, or part-time...

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Top 5 Agile Project Management Tools In 2020

There was a time in the 1990s when Software developers and managers used to follow the SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle methodology. With many innovations happening in the middle, it was not until 2001, when a small group of software industry leaders met in Snowbird, UT to discuss the new methodologies of Software Development. This was when they coined the term agile software development to represent the kind of development methodology where developers can take a flexible approach towards software development to create only what the customer needs at a given point in time. And since then, within...

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How Timeboxing Works And Why It Makes You More Productive?

Today, in the business world, people are more competent to be productive in their profession. And many industries are exploring new methods to improve productivity in their business. Timeboxing is also one of those methods which you can utilize to manage your work-time efficiently. As we know that time management is one of the most important factors that can affect business productivity. People who are working remotely and freelancers can also use a timeboxing method to manage their work-time efficiently. In this blog, we are going to overview the timeboxing methods and will further explore it to tell you...

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