Month: August 2019

How to Prevent Insider Data Breaches In Your Organisation?

Have you been facing data breach issues in your organisation? There might be an insider whom you want to find and prevent data breaches in your company. In today’s world, it became necessary for an employer to monitor their employees’ computer. Nowadays, most of the companies are very cautious about this subject and trying their best to keep their eyes on such employees. Based on the study, 89% of employers had faced data breaching issue at least once in their organisation. And in most of the cases, companies have to bear the losses because of data leakages from their...

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Top 8 Tips To Accurately Measuring Employees Productivity

Thanks to modern-day technology and pervasiveness of web network, nowadays it became feasible for entrepreneurs to enhance productivity at their workplace. However, even with the growing potential of the Internet, the concerns of employers have never gone down. It has never been any easier for the employers to inspect the work productivity of each and every employee. There might be some distraction and constant concerns at your workplace, which can also be the reason for the fall of production. Because of social media, smartphones, messengers and personal emails, it becomes quite easy for the employees to be distracted from...

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How Employer Monitor Employees’ Computer?

Every business owner may have thought out about this question- how to monitor employees’ computer at their workplace. In most of the grown organisation, they have an employee monitoring system. There is not a problem if you also want to monitor your employees at your workplace. And nowadays, it is legal to track the activities of employees to enhance the productivity of your company. Here we are not talking about stalking on someone’s privacy. But still, you need to know about the work process happening in your company. You can also listen here:’-Computer.mp3   Importance of Employee Monitoring...

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