Have you been facing data breach issues in your organisation? There might be an insider whom you want to find and prevent data breaches in your company.

In today’s world, it became necessary for an employer to monitor their employees’ computer. Nowadays, most of the companies are very cautious about this subject and trying their best to keep their eyes on such employees.

Based on the study, 89% of employers had faced data breaching issue at least once in their organisation. And in most of the cases, companies have to bear the losses because of data leakages from their organisation.

Here we have tried our best to study about such cases. And how you can take action against such suspicious activities which may also happen in your organisation.

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Around the world, there is always a significant amount of non-responders who are not interested in awareness and training exercises. Such employees can bring risks to the organisation. Even if they are not negligent in their work, there is always a possibility of happening unintentional errors.


The first thing you want to make sure is to avoid any unintentional-errors which can cause data leakages. Because of the online media, there is a high vulnerability of accidental errors, which may result in the disclosure of some sensitive data.

These kinds of employees can be easy prey for phishers. Based on the study conducted by Verizon in 2017, we found that on average, 4.2% of people fall for phishing attacks, and they click on malicious links.

Figuring out the negligence of each employee is not an easy task for any organisation. But nowadays, it became possible because of the high-tech employee monitoring system.

Collusion Insiders:

Even though non-responders can be a threat to the organisation, their behaviour can change with proper training. While you need to protect your organisation from insiders who are collaborating with your rivals with malicious intent. These kinds of activities come under cybercrimes, and you need to take strict action against such insiders. Otherwise, your organisation may have to face heavy losses.

According to the study of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), the frequency of attack caused by such insiders are:

Insider-Insider collusion:- 48.32%

Insider-Outsider collusion:- 16.75%

Out of these stats, 37% of the cases are because of the fraud to the organisation, 24% of the cases are of intellectual data theft and 6% involved in fraud and theft both cases.


These types of data breaches are among one of the costliest problems for any organisations. However, you can act more carefully to avoid fraud and data theft by increasing the surveillance at your workplace.

Covetous Insiders:

There are also some insiders always want to fill their pocket using tic and tats. Based on a study, about 62% of insiders with malicious intent look for the supplement income other than their usual job. Such kinds of people are always ready to sneak on the valuable data from their workplace. However, in most of the cases, insiders don’t have access to the internal data of the organisation. Still, about 14% of insiders who work on the higher position can sneak on the data.


If you want to make your organisation protected from covetous employees, you should install an advanced monitoring system at your workplace. The monitoring system allows you to record every single activity of your employees. That way, you could be able to detect any data breaches happening in your organisation.

Unintentional Insider:

Sometimes even a small negligence can be an enormous insider threat for your organisation. On some level, you can train your employees to reduce the chances of errors in the work. But still, even a small gap of carelessness can cause data leakage in your organisation. Threat actors make use of mails or messages to send a malicious link. In most of the cases, employees can’t be able to judge the wicked intent of the sender, and they click on the malicious link. That may result in causing data breaching problem for the organisation.


However, you can instruct employees to avoid such accidental/unintentional data breaches at some level. While being safer, you should enhance the security measures for data accessing in your organisation. That way, it won’t be easy for any third party to sneak on your company’s data.

Social Engineers:

Although social engineers may not be part of your organisation, still they have various ways to manipulate your employees by interacting with them. They try to steal sensitive information of the organisation by exploiting the access of employees which they have targeted.


These are some of the potential internal threat which can cause leakage of valuable and confidential data of your organisation. To prevent your organisation from data breaching issues, you can make use of one of the most powerful and advanced employee monitoring software – i.e. EmpMonitor.

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How Employer Monitor Employees’ Computer?

How to Prevent Data Breaches Using EmpMonitor?

EmpMonitor is a software as a service (SaaS), which allows the employer to monitor the activities of employees’ computer. It is a hassle-free monitoring system which can be used by small to large business enterprises. 

Using the amazing features of EmpMonitor, the employer can efficiently inspect the suspicious activities of their employee while being in the stealth mode.

How to Prevent Insider Data Breaches In Your Organisation? 1

Here are highlighted some of the exceptional monitoring features of EmpMonitor that contribute to insider threat prevention within your company, particularly in preventing data leakage or theft.

  • It gives complete visibility of employees’ computer activities. That allows you the check the production that you are getting from each employee.
  • You can also go through the employees browsing history. That way, you can check the sites accessed by your employees.
  • EmpMonitor also has the option which let you check the top-visited websites of employees. In that case, instead of checking the browsing history of every employee, you can just check the top web pages visited by them.
  • The best thing about this software is that you can perform monitoring action while being in the stealth mode. Your employees won’t be having any clue that you are monitoring their system.
  • You can also determine the peculiar behaviour of some of your employees by checking users log details. That way, you can check the work presence and productive hours of each employee in your organisation.
  • One of the most amazing features of this software is that it allows real-time monitoring. It takes screenshots of employees’ computer in every 15 seconds. In case, if you detect anything wrong at your workplace, you can take immediate actions against whoever is at fault.


To briefly paraphrase, we have accumulated data about data breaches and found that it can be very troubling for companies to avoid such problems. Many companies invest a lot of money in their data security, but they still can’t be able to prevent insider data leakages in their organisation. To prevent your company from insider data breaches, we came up with a solution – The best employee monitoring software- i.e. EmpMonitor.

If you want to share your experience regarding violation, theft or breach of data, you are always welcome to write to us in the comment box shown below.


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