Month: May 2020

12 Top Most Enquired Questions About Employee Monitoring Laws

Is Employee Monitoring Legal? Is it Legal to Monitor Company’s Computers? Is it Legal to Monitor Screen Contents and Keystrokes? Is it Legal to Monitor Employee Internet and Social Media activities? Is it Legal to Use Video monitoring systems in the Workplace? Is it Legal to Monitor or Record Phone Conversations? Is it Legal to Monitor Email Content? Is it Legal to Monitor Private Messages? Is it Legal to Monitor Employees Personal Computers? Is it Legal to Monitor Employees Personal Devices? Is it Required to Inform Employees of the Monitoring? Employee Monitoring Policy – Mandatory or Not? Some bonus...

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How Can You Make Sure Your Remote Teams Meet Deadlines? Here Are 7 Tips

Many small, as well as large businesses, are relying on remote workers for good reasons. On one hand, it seems to be budget-friendly, and on the other hand, there is a large pool of talent out there available from which you can select for your business. However, managing remote teams is also a challenging task. Hit the PLAY button to listen to this Podcast –   While working remotely, your workers might feel isolated and not feel like they are a part of your team, which might result in your workers not taking up their job seriously. They...

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How To Lead Your Company Through This Time Of Crisis?

In this pandemic situation, most of the companies all across the globe have shifted their employees to a remote workforce. As the situation has forced employers to try this intricate remote work experiment. Huge thanks to the latest advanced technology, due to which remote work has become easily possible.  Click Below To Listen To The Podcast – For the high scale industries, the policies and infrastructure needed for remote workers might have been drafted as a part of their curriculum, but for other mid-scale businesses, it’s a highly challenging task. So, here in this blog we will discuss...

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Importance Of Time Tracking For Software Developers

Time management is a very important factor in almost every profession. But in the life of developers, it has always been a controversial subject.  Some people think that time tracking helps them to enhance their productivity. Whereas some contend that there is no need for it as programmers are often resistant to the notion of measuring time because it provides an impression of being observed. But in reality, time tracking can be a very helpful method for developers when used properly. So let’s figure out why it is exactly useful and which is the best time tracking software you...

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Remote Work – Team Communication Cheat Sheet For All Team Members

To work together and to ensure success, your team should communicate well. Communication is the key to business success. Rightly said – To survive and thrive, it is very important to have an effective remote team communication strategy. Doing remote communication with your team is easier when you will approach it in the right way. When the communication is good, it works amazing, each of your team members comes together, and you all see them around each other. Hit the PLAY button to Listen to this Podcast –   But how do teams communicate the right way? Here...

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