I’m sure you would have heard this thing many times ago that qualities of good employees are meant to be obligatory to run a successful business.

Well, it’s absolutely correct, there’s nothing to deny about this statement. 

However, not every person consists of the qualities of good employees and doesn’t have the same amount of talent, skills, and level of dedication. That somewhat makes them different from each other in many ways.

I know, it’s quite straightforward, but it is what it is. 

Some employees have a few unique qualities and aptitudes that segregate them from the crowd of the mediocre human workforce. They are better known as unicorn employees. 

Unicorn employees are the ones who don’t limit their zest for learning. Instead, they love to explore new things beyond their job pamphlet.

That’s why it is not wrong to say that the more your company has these kinds of employees, the chances of your business to grow will be higher.   

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Despite this, most of the time, you aren’t able to notice unicorn employees in your organization, and unfortunately, lost the chance to boost your business productivity to another level altogether. 

So, what you can do regarding making the most of your unicorn employees?

Are there some prominent tactics you can use to notice unicorn employees in your company? 

You may be pondering all these questions from yourself. Right!

Well, my answer to this is yes. There are some quick strategies that you can implement for not only detecting unicorn employees of your company. But, also can use them to increase employee productivity to another dimension.

In this blog, we will talk about the qualities of unicorn employees that you have to observe and about the tactics that can boost their productive power even more. 

So, without further delay, let’s get started!


What Are The Qualities A Unicorn Employee Should Have? 

As, I discussed above how unicorn employees are different from others. And they comprise some extra set of skills that are generally not present in other employees. 

So, to notice unicorn employees in your company, you have to look after the following qualities of good employees amongst your personnel-


1. Unicorn Employees Believe In Teamwork- 


No wonder, a collaborative working approach plays a crucial role when it comes to getting success in business projects. Because teamwork adds more strength to things as compared to individual tasks, it is one of the best qualities that unicorn employees keep under their sleeves. 

In case some of your employees are all into teamwork and give their hundred percent regarding making a whole team standout. Then, those people can be unicorn aspirants of your company. According to experts, collaboration is one of the most prominent qualities of good employees.


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2. Multitasking Comes Naturally To Unicorn Employees- 


Here’s another quality that unicorn employees usually have. As you know, multitasking is a great virtue and does not come easily to everybody. 

Well, unicorn employees know how to handle multiple things simultaneously. They try to do different tasks at the same time to make their company grow. And the most quintessential point to get noticed that they do duties concurrently, but with majestic efficiency. 

Because most of the employees try to do multitasking, but don’t able to achieve it without making blunders. That’s, of course, not acceptable when it comes to the qualities of good employees. 


3. Unicorn Employees Always Remain Humble- 


A know-it-all attitude usually makes us arrogant without apprehending it. That’s why staying humble even after realizing that yes, you know better than others is a quality, which a unicorn employee always has.  

A unicorn employee always respects others’ opinions, perspectives, and thoughts. It gives equal importance to each and every colleague, without making them feel inferior. 

So, who’s the most humble and intelligent employee of yours? Look after it!


4. Greater Picture Matters The Most To Unicorn Employees-


By saying this, I don’t mean that details don’t matter to unicorn employees. Of course, do, but they try to see things as a whole and endeavor to find out the best possible outcomes. 

The thinking approach of unicorn employees revolves around the bigger picture. They focus on long-term solutions in the first place. Additionally, these employees also pay attention to minute details if it can affect the more prominent things. 

In a better way of saying it, a unicorn employee knows how to balance the ratio of principal and smaller details.


5. Flexibility Comes Easily In Unicorn Employees


In today’s demanding workplace environments, flexibility is something that can help you to stand tall against other employees. Well, unicorn employees don’t hesitate to go out of their comfort zone. They always get ready to perform every task, even the jobs that are not in their job description. 

These were some of the best qualities that unicorn employees do have. 

So, now, you know how to observe unicorn employees in your workplace. 

Next, you’re going to read some of the best practices to increase the productivity of unicorn employees. Or you can say, the tactics that can help you to advance the qualities of good employees. So that, they can turn into unicorn employees.


How To Keep Up The Good Work Of Your Unicorn Employees?

These are some of the best things that you can do to keep unicorn employees forever in your company. So, let’s see them!

a. Motivation is a must-


There’s nothing better than motivating your unicorn employees to make the feel valued in your company. Rewards and work recognition motivates each and every employee if I can say so. But, if someone is an asset for your company, which all unicorn employees are, then rewarding them with prizes is necessary, so that you can win them forever. 


b. Look after productivity metrics-


At the end of the day, unicorn employees are also humans. They can also get diverted from their work once in a while due to any reason. So, as a progressive business mindset, your company should have new monitoring technologies that can look after the productivity metrics of unicorn employees. So, you can guide them regarding downfalls in their work. 

Well, employee monitoring tools like Empmonitor is the best approach you can take for doing all this. It is an all-in-one employee monitoring software that tracks every move of your employees, especially without making them feel trapped. 


c. Healthy and light work environment is also vital-


It’s a fact that 8-9 hours of our day we spend in our workplaces. That’s why your work environment must support your employees to grow, not only unicorn ones but to all.  

A supportive and light work ecosystem motivates unicorn employees to do more exploration work, which is the core of their success. So, if they will get confined in overloaded work culture, then they would not get enough opportunities to do their best. 

These were some of the best practices that you can imbibe in the work ecosystem to keep your unicorn employees happy and motivated forever. 


Once Jack Ma said, “Success and profitability are outcomes of focusing on customers and employees, not objectives’. Taking this into consideration, employees are the most influential character for your business play other than customers. 

That’s why looking after their problems and conflicts can help your company to take a giant leap forward in the path of success. And as far as unicorn employees are concerned, they exist, they are not mythical, as some people believe.

You need a clear vision to notice unicorn employees in your business circle. Some of your potential employees can also turn into unicorns if you know the right tactics to do so. All the above tips can help you immensely with this. So, make sure to adapt them to your company as soon as possible. 

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