The workload is increasing day-by-day in the industries irrespective of their niche. Serving hours of employees are also getting pushed, so they cater more work in their specific fields. Well, is increasing working hours – the ultimate solution to enhance the productivity of employees? I vehemently believe, no! 


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There are some tactics which not only save the time of employees but also foster their work efficiency by double. What are they? Let’s find out!


1. Entrust Your Employees With Important Duties:

As we all understand how essential role employees depict for each and every organization. However, many times, employees don’t get enough chances to prove themselves and make their mark in the hall of fame of the institution.

The primary thing that evokes this condition, even more, is your lack of trust towards your employees. As a result, you always try to manage and take every responsibility on your shoulders. Also, never delegate your employees with something highly accountable.

If you want to boost-up the work efficiency of your employees, then the time has come that you should entrust your employees some qualitative tasks that can help them to grow, so that, they won’t get confined only to some stereotypes work.


2. Analyze The Skills Of Your Employees:

How Can You Improve Productivity Of Your Employees? 1

It’s a fact that not everyone has all the talents. Some people are skilled in one thing and some in other. Likewise, some of your employees might be good at communication and others in something else. As an owner (CEO, member of the BOD, Director) or founder of the organization, it’s your task to scrutinize every skill of your employees. So, you could successfully assign the best job to your employees according to their capability and behavior.

Behavioral patterns of the employees also play a large part while assigning tasks to them. Let’s understand this precisely with an example.

If you have a vacancy in your office for the designation of client management department, then would you prefer to hire someone extroverted for this or an introvert.

Client management is all about dealing with business clients on a regular base. Talking to them 24×7 for sure requires excellent communication as well as confidence level. That’s somewhat lacking in case of introverted people.

Thus, the behavior of employees is also something you should look after before assigning them duties.


3. Powerful Communication Channel For Employees:

According to a famous quote by Paul J. Meyer, “Communication is the human connection- the key for personal and career success”.

So, effective communication is the central pillar to make a foundation for building a powerful organization. If there is a lack of communication between you and your employees or amidst employees or vice-versa, then this is something you should look after in a particular manner. Otherwise, this can disrupt the smooth workflow of your company in a substantial modus.

No doubt, in this era of technological advancement, we all have become pretty dependent on Emails, Social media, Chatbot, and many other technology-friendly elements for communication. But, sometimes these mediums also eat a lot of time that directly reduce the productivity of employees. 

According to a study, it has found that about 27% of employee’s time get invested in emails. Hence, you should motivate your employees to sometimes go for one-on-one conversation, short meetings, direct mobile conversation, and all to save their time. These errands can assuredly conserve employee’s time, which often gets wasted in case of back and forth emails. 


4. Clarity In Goal Of Employees:

How Can You Improve Productivity Of Your Employees? 2

Transparency in the tasks of employees is one of the most important things that you cannot ignore. If your employees don’t have a clear vision regarding the jobs assigned to them, then your expectation from them to reach the specific business goal in less time is all loosened. That’s why make sure your employees know each and every aspect about the tasks including why they are doing so, what impact it’s going to make, how much time it should take, and more. 

Furthermore, these are some of the following tactics that can make this errand even milder for your employees. Have a glance! 

Your business goal should be “SMART” that stands for- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. If these five aspects are lacking in your corporate objectives, then tweak them according to these given factors.

5. Make Use Of Employee Monitoring Tools: 

It might first sound shady to some of you. But, believe me, Employee monitoring is not a bit about spying on employees or threatening them. It’s only about following-up their workplace activities, to enhance their productivity. 

Nowadays, there is a lot of employee monitoring software available on the web. However, not all of them necessarily fits for your organizational culture or workplace environment. Therefore, analyze every aspect of them before finally installing them into your institution. 

To be very frank, my favorite employee monitoring tool is Empmonitor. It’s excellent! Its features are remarkably magnificent. Some of them are as follows- 


EmpMonitor Features

See The Screenshots-

With the help of EmpMonitor, you can see screenshots of the employee’s system screen within the interval of alternate 15 seconds or fix the time intervals according to your requirement. Also, the screenshots provided to you by Empmonitor will be accessible for a maximum of 90 days. 

Top Websites Used-

Here’s one more solid feature of this brilliant tool. By using it, you can peek into the data regarding the top websites used by your employees. Additionally, you can also know about the time they spend on those websites. 

Completely Invisible- 

Here is one of the best characteristics of this monitoring tool. This tool does not appear in program files as well as in the task manager of the computer systems. Unless when you download and install the agent in the user’s device. 


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6. Praise And Incentivize Your Employees: 

How Can You Improve Productivity Of Your Employees? 3

It is one of the most crucial things to do for really making your employees feel enthusiastic about their work. Acclaiming their work, especially hard work is very significant. 

Well, praising alone is not always sufficient to push employees. Providing a hike in their salaries is also critical. All this motivates them in many ways. Well, following-up to the vibe of gratitude is my attitude, these are some tips you can follow to paying back employees in small or big ways- 

Paid Time Off –

Under this category, you can provide additional unpaid leaves to your employees. Mainly the leaves they have to take during vacation or due to health. 

Arrange Something Special- 

You can also arrange indoor events in your office to make a hectic day of your employees a little relaxed and fun. 

Introduce Bonuses-

Introduction of monthly bonuses and coupons besides the monthly salaries of employees is an excellent idea to encourage the productivity of employees. 


7. Provide Proper Training To Your Employees: 

Companies often try to save their time by giving less duration for employee training programs. But, they seldom realized that it’s their biggest mistake. As these development programs are very vital to hone employee according to the work culture, efficiency in accomplishing goals, exploring different methods to shine in their tasks, and lots more. 

Therefore, it’s better to initially invest extra time in the employee’s training events rather than pushing them to work on the fly. It’s a delusion that most of the organization often possess that they can get away with skipping of these fundamental duties and they will be able to achieve their goals in no time.

8. Honest Reviews Should Be There: 

seek assistance

“If we had no faults, we should not take so much pleasure in noting those of others.” 

Here’s a famous quote by François de La Rochefoucauld- A celebrated French author maxims and memoirs. 

I believe this very strongly that criticism makes you a grown-up person not only professionally, but also personally. That’s why you should never get offended when someone makes you count the genuine professional faults. The same should apply to your organization. You and your employees should have an impeccable relationship in terms of giving honest feedback and work reviews. 

After reviewing the work of your employees, if in case, they don’t match up to the set expectations, then you should not get mad at them. Instead, you should offer help to them, so that they can improve their weak points from scratch. 


9. Try To See The Larger Picture: 

It has become very vital to concentrate on the importance of the tasks employees are getting. As sometimes they perform tasks only for the sake of doing them, and which does not precisely worth their whole energy and time. Engage them in some high-priority duties, so that they can discover more about the potential work errands. 

For example, if some employees of your organizations are asked to prepare a daily detailed report sheet on some project. But, the reports don’t get checked by the head persons thoroughly except the main points mentioned in them. So, why to waste more time of employees on doing such tasks. Instead, tell them only to create a brief report. So their time gets saved. Hence, they can invest it on other crucial projects.


10. Implement Telecommuting In Your Organization: 


As we all know, Telecommuting is nothing but a process according to which the employees are allowed to work from their place. Still, many companies don’t implement telecommuting in their work culture. And there are many reasons for that. Organizations think how can they guarantee the productivity of employees if they work from their remote places. However, you may get surprised to know, according to a study, it has found that employees attain 13% more efficiency in their tasks when working from their places. 

For example, if some of your employees are not feeling well enough to come to the office, want to take a rest, and stay back at home. However, he or she is ready to sever their duties via telecommuting. But, again, your company doesn’t endorse this approachable tactic. As a result, employees get forced to take a whole day leave as well as don’t able to cater to their work at all. 

Telecommuting is a brilliant move to make sure that your employees are apt to fulfill their services even when they are not able to visit the office. 

These were the top 10 best workable tips that you should start practicing right now if you want to make your organization the best when it comes to having the most productive employees.

Do you have some more suggestions regarding this very subject? Yes! Send your ideas and views to me by commenting in the section below. I am looking forward to your reply. 


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