Every year there comes a big boom in the retail business with the holiday season. From now, only a few days are there till the thanksgiving day. Have you been ready with your team to use this opportunity for your business growth? If not, then it won’t be any easier for you to manage your retail business for the upcoming Black Friday 2019

Working hours are going to be hectic, and you might need to hire extra staff as well. But all things are worthy if you could achieve the peak of your sales in this year’s holiday season. It also makes sense, since most of the brands do make a good sale between Black Friday and Christmas (around 40% of their annual revenue).

Whether you are managing a team for big retailers like Walmart or Amazon, or you might be an owner of a small/medium-sized enterprise(SME) who wants to get a big piece of turkey ?.

Here are a few ways which you can follow to prepare your retail staff for Black Friday 2019.


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Hire More Employees?‍?

Saying seriously, I would suggest you to start filling vacant spaces in your organization. The holiday season is going to bring tons of workload. And to handle that load, you need efficient employees who can complete their tasks on time. With plenty of staff, you can make better efforts to gain more sales conversions for your business without putting any extra pressure on your employees. 

Top 6 Ways To Prepare Your Retail Team For Black Friday 2019 1

Most of the major brands like Kohl’s have become very competitive about their hiring before the holiday season. In fact, most of them try to fill their casual talent requirement before November. In case, if you have any vacancy left, try to fill them up. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to shift into recruiting mode when you are preparing for Black Friday.


Train Your Employees ? : 

Do you want to get high productivity from each of your employees? If yes, then you should consider training your team so they can proficiently handle their work during the holiday season. Since it is the most rush hours for retail business. You need to make sure that they can anticipate their job really well before debuting for Black Friday. 

Top 6 Ways To Prepare Your Retail Team For Black Friday 2019 2

Nowadays, many of the retail brands do rehearse with their employees. So they can be more efficient, professional, and productive in their working hours.


Play By Employees’ Strengths ? :

Every retail company has different teams that handle different departments of work based on their strengths and capability. While training employees, you can learn about their qualities and strengths and assigned them their roles according to that only. 

Top 6 Ways To Prepare Your Retail Team For Black Friday 2019 3

Usually, people like to do the work in which they are better and it also applies in the case of retail business. According to a study conducted by economic researchers at the University of Warwick, discovered that happiness results in a 12% increase in productivity.


Prepare For Cyber Monday ? :

Don’t forget to make your preparations for Cyber Monday (2nd December). It’s a time when savvy shoppers are looking to find great offers and deals on Cyber Monday. Using online shopping, it has become easier for the shopper to learn about attractive deals remotely. That’s the reason why most of the offline retailers are also trying to enhance their digital reach.


In order to make your preparation for Cyber Monday, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. And check whether your marketing and customer support team are capable of handling your customers.


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Black Friday Schedule ? :

It’s going to be quite a busy day for employees, while you need to schedule their work way before the real day. Last-minute surprise scheduling can be an overburden for your employees, which can also affect their productivity. Instead of giving a sudden shock, it is better to inform your employees about the overtime working hours during the holiday season. 

And also, don’t forget to encourage them with incentives for their high productivity. Give them opportunities to earn a bit more for those willing to do overtime.


Appreciate Your Team ?? :

Even though employees have to work for you, but don’t forget that they might have canceled their own plan of Thanksgiving day. Keep that in mind, that your employees will bring more productivity for your business when they are comfortable. By demonstrating your appreciation for their work, you would be able to bring more production for your business.

Top 6 Ways To Prepare Your Retail Team For Black Friday 2019 4

These are the top 6 ways that you can apply in your retail business to gain more productivity from your staff on Black Friday 2019. Other than that, you need to make sure that your staff is not engaged in the activities which can harm your business productivity.

According to a survey,  54% of employees plan to shop for Cyber Monday and Black Friday from their workplace. It often happens in the case of the retail business as well. Since employees have hectic schedules on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they try to sneak between the work hours for shopping. And this may also result in bringing security risks and productivity loss for your retail business. To protect your business from such risks, you should invest in one of the best staff monitoring solutions for your business, i.e. EmpMonitor.


Improve Employee Productivity Using EmpMonitor On Black Friday 2019

The best thing about EmpMonitor is that it allows the employer to get full control over the employee’s computers. Using this tool, employers can remotely check and restrict employees’ activities, which can harm the data security of their business. While it also provides cloud storage to save and secure the data without any fizzles.


EmpMonitor contains amazing monitoring features that can let you check the productivity of each and every employee. Using it, you can remotely check the log details, sites, and applications used, keystrokes, screenshots, and other details of your employees’ computer while being in stealth mode.

All-in-all, it provides complete monitoring solutions to keep your retail business safe and secure in this year thanksgiving.



So, are you ready for the Black Friday 2019 to earn more revenue for your business? If not, then you can start your preparation now. Fill your vacancies with enough skillful and casual talent, be prepared for Cyber Monday, and don’t forget to appreciate your committed employees for their good job.

As a retailer, what are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you. Please mention them in the comments below.


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