Do you wonder why your employees cannot attain the target even after finishing their regular workdays? Is it because the team is improperly using the resources rather than working effectively?

Well! How about we stop the blame game and try to find the roots of the problem? If you want your workforce to engage more in the assigned work and be productive, then an employee monitor software can assist you the best!

Although it’s a widespread practice, employee monitoring has evolved in both approaches and behaviors. And to be the horse of the long run, you must analyze how to make your workforce enthusiastic and more productive towards their work.

Well, for that, it becomes crucial to know the benefits of employing monitoring, how it can empower your workforce, and what activities you can keep track of. This blog will give you exposure to all such queries and help you understand better about employee monitoring software.

So let’s begin!

Employee Monitoring— Is it Effective?


There’s a borderline difference between micromanaging and micromanaging. And believe me, there’s nothing wrong to keep a track of employees if done ethically. 

And if you are the leader of your team, then it should be your utmost responsibility to make them more productive and ultimately help your business grow.

Moreover, there are numerous reasons a company should use employee monitor software to monitor employee productivity. So, we have handpicked a few pointers for you to have a clear concept of tracking employees.

Reasons Why Company Should Install an Employee Monitoring Software 


To uncover the high-performing employees

What if you know what aspects help your team to be stronger and work effectively? Half of your burden will be off your shoulders, isn’t it? 

But how can you access every team member and plan accordingly? Well, this is where employee monitor software comes to the rescue!

With the help of monitoring software, a manager can assess their operations and identify strength areas of an employee. For example, patterns of an individual, organizational structures, tools, talents, and business resources could all be covered. Moreover, you can also use the data extracted with employee monitor software to advance the company’s operations.

To enhance your employee productivity.

Employees are the heart and soul of every company. The company couldn’t operate without its staff. In light of this, businesses are concerned about the productivity of their staff. Employers who carefully watch their workers’ actions may be able to provide advice to help them improve their work processes.

Prevent employees from company’s distraction

According to the study, three out of four employees experience workplace distractions. Unfortunately, there are lots of distractions at work that can keep you from finishing your work.

Among them are talking, texting, emailing, using social media, playing video games, and watching videos. Though that’s not a big deal! You can determine what distractions affect particular employees by employing employee monitor software.

Safeguard your business data

In any situation, data is the most valuable asset a company has. It includes client data, email contacts, and private documents and records. So then, why take the risk for your actual revenue?

Today, businesses need a data protection strategy, including deploying email monitoring software. Monitoring corporate device activity can assist in identifying any threat to your data. You cannot simply rely on any random software to monitor employee computer activity

Thus we strongly suggest you approach an employee monitor software that proffers a free trial, like EmpMonitor. Wondering why so?

Well, a free trial will let you uncover more about the features of the software and how it suits you best for your team.

Keeps track of remote workers

Many companies don’t believe in such statements as— to have good results, workers must report to an actual office. So instead, many people work from home remotely. 

Additionally, certain professions (like sales) mandate that workers travel for business. The drawback is that you won’t always be able to see and locate your staff. However, a hybrid employee monitor software will let you verify that they are carrying out their duties and following corporate rules.

And what if we come across any adverse situation like covid pandemic? This time we need to be ready to overpower the case with a foolproof plan.

Furthermore, do you know that employee monitoring software is helpful for employers and equally valuable for employees? Are you pondering how?

Then let’s see how it can benefit employers as well as employees.

Benefits of employee activity monitor software


Effective Project Management

Using employee productivity tracking software, you can manage the project by planning, scheduling, organizing, and prioritizing work. It facilitates efficient project management by giving you a clear image of the resources needed to complete the project. 

Here, you can analyze how much time the team needs to finish the given activity to plan and schedule the task. Then, you can prioritize or organize the tasks by the schedule. In addition, you can efficiently manage the project by keeping track of the productive time spent on the assignment using employee productivity monitoring software.

Streamlined and constructive communication channel

You must work fluidly with your team to resolve any difficulties encountered during project development or other task progress. These days, communication tools are streamlined into a single platform thanks to enhanced technology, and software as a service is being offered.

You may share files, manage text and email communications, have video conferences, and more from a single platform with employee productivity tracking software. The efficient lines of communication integrated with the employee productivity monitoring apps support employees at all times.

The Need For Software To Monitor Employee Internet Usage


By now, you must agree that employee internet usage monitoring is required. But to implement the same at your end, look at how other companies deal with it.

Some businesses forbid their staff from using particular unproductive websites and apps. Some people may opt to prohibit the internet outright with the help of an employee monitor software.

These approaches, though, have problems.

  • Banning The Internet Usage At The Company
  • Banning Some Websites
  • Utilizing Tools To Secretly Monitor Employees

However, these restrictions hurt employee confidence in the business. This is pretty evident because you would experience the same thing if you were one of your employees. Don’t you?

Then what’s the solution?

In a nutshell, your monitoring process should 

  • not censor websites or shut down the entire web.
  • be simple to avoid confusion.
  • be open-minded.
  • effectively manage distractions and keep an eye on your employees’ behavior.

Fortunately, one tool can handle all of this.

EmpMonitor: A Software To Monitor Employee Computer Activities


EmpMonitor is a robust time-tracking software that is used by organizations of all sectors. The tool lets you monitor your employee’s activities and gauge their output during working hours. With powerful desktop software, EmpMonitor can help your team stay productive at all times. Furthermore, companies can easily keep tabs on their team members and track their time engaged in work-related activities.

It enables companies to 

  • Track the computer usage of their staff.
  • Analyze productive & unproductive employees
  • Mark irrelated websites as unproductive.

While we are in this conversation, are you pondering what makes EmpMonitor different from other tracking tools? Then here is the answer! 

As we have already discussed, choosing employee activity monitor software is equally vital to benefit both employees and companies. This tool is known for the same. 

Moreover, the tool is simple to use, making the employees more comfortable with the processes. They can also check their productive, unproductive, active, and idle time without interruption. And all these records help the employees to work actively in the urge to enhance their productivity.

Then what else could be the best if both the employees and employers have transparency within the workspace? 

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Final Verdict

You may improve low employee engagement by determining your requirements and weak areas, then selecting the best employee monitor software based on them.

It’s time to identify the needs of your business and acquire the ideal tool.