A business might struggle when deadlines slip away and projects pile up. That means you must manage projects effectively so your employees can deliver on time. That is why we are introducing you to the best time management software you can ever ask for.

Well! Keeping track of the projects that employees are involved in is a great challenge for small businesses. However! One can easily manage time if the company is smaller or if you are an individual. 

But, one should pay attention to the complexity of managing something. 

Managing scrum requires you to be present and active and implement updates as necessary. Difficult for a human being, right?

Can we come to an agreement that the process of project and employee management is time-consuming? After all, it is exhausting for a human to plan out the details that make everything run smoothly. 

Then, let’s discuss all such free online time management software that can ease your entire workforce administration.

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Let us begin!

Best Work Management Software To Have


Well! It would be accurate if we say — time management software is the backbone of any company. Let us break it down for you. 

Suppose you want to grow your business, then first and foremost, you need to manage your work in the given time. And how can you do that? By checking which tasks are productive for your company and what not.

The employees can select the right workforce management tool that meets the requirements of the company. 

Here arises a query: how do you know which time management tool fits best? 

Do not worry! Let us have a quick discussion!

How To Pick A Best-Fit Time Management Software


With so many available, finding the right program for your needs may be overwhelming. But you can get the best by following these steps!

  1. Consider your objectives for using a time track software.
  2. Get relevant work management software and compare them accordingly.
  3. Get a free trial and check its workability.
  4. Select a tool that meets your requirements and fits your budget.
  5. Slowly roll it out.
  6. Get feedback from your employees.
  7. Put the time management software into action across the entire firm.

Fortunately, we have the tools you require in your workforce management journey.

The apps on this list are pocket friendly, so you can choose the one that best fits companies’ needs. Out of all, they are easy to use and install on multiple devices. Most have user interfaces that make all features accessible regardless of your technological limitations.

Multiple time management tools are available today, but five match your needs.

EmpMonitor – Ignite Performance Excellence


EmpMonitor is a great time management software for employers who want to be updated on the progress of their employees’ activities. 

The software has employee-manager collaboration features coupled with reliable monitoring and observability programs. 

Now, that’s the topic of the day! 

Here, EmpMonitor assists with managing time and handles projects that typically have a start and end date. The Managers and HRs assign the projects and shifts to their employees. 

Workforce management software enables you to achieve short-term goals feasibly. It helps the managers supervise individual tasks, work status, team productivity, and implementing feedback.

Although EmpMonitor is a paid tool, you can use it for free for 14 days.

What is better than that?

The pricing of the software relies explicitly on the needs of your organization. But you can opt for a 15-day trial with five licenses onboard and access each feature EmpMonitor offers. 

Let’s quickly look at budget-friendly pricing plans for the time management software.

  • The Bronze package envelopes 1 to 10 users at $4.59 per user/month, paid yearly.
  • The Silver package comprises 11-50 users under $3.75/user /month (paid yearly).
  • The Gold package carries 51-100 users with $2.92/user /month (paid yearly).

EmpMonitor gives you a threefold advantage and cumulative support on employee administration, directly from employee monitoring to project management.

Too good to be true?

Check out EmpMonitor right now!



DeskTime is a time management tool that facilitates collaboration and enhances productivity. It is the most intuitive time management software out there. 

DeskTime uses AI automation and excellent integrations with other company essentials that more than organize your work. It also integrates with project management tools such as Asana, Basecamp, Jira, and Trello to make the system powerful.

You may want the tool for a small team or a large one. DeskTime always gets you the zing of free workforce management tools in a way that works for you.

Being part of one of the time management tools, DeskTime has made its mark! Now let us see which one shines out next.



Teamdeck.io is a product of Apptension, a software and product development firm that collaborates with Uber, Netflix, and Spotify. Software for managing resources and time is available at Teamdeck.io.

Here is why Teamdeck.io is so well-liked. 

  • Employee time scheduling
  • Project management
  • Employee time management
  • Easy-to-use resources
  • Workload control
  • Availability management

Cost: $3.99 per team member per month



Hubstaff is a time management tool that offers enough to run a small team. 

Well! It allows the team to monitor the time spent on each project or task. How? It is simple! All it requires is — employees can start the tracking with a single click while starting with the task. It helps to count the time spent on a particular work. 

This time management tool focuses more on completing work than tracking it. It also comes with a feature-rich dashboard for easy workforce management.

Comprehensive, right?

Now, let us move on to another online time management software.



Are you an individual working head-to-head with ample amounts of work on your shoulders? 

Well! Then you should take a break from being one-man-army and share some of your workloads with Zoho. 

Why? Because Zoho has the most comprehensive forever free suite that lets you embrace your independence without getting burnt out.

Here, you can get up to three users onboard and operate on a maximum of two projects from any device. You can get basic reports on the tasks and projects via a Gantt chart, calendar, forums, and custom status on projects. 

While the software is more than ideal for an individual, it may be inadequate when you are working with a team. However, the option is still open for individuals who repeatedly seek assistance from teammates. 

So, next, we have TSheets under our collection of free work management software. Let us explore this one!



Are you new to the field of time management? Then TSheets is the tool that can get you onboard! QuickBooks presents TSheets, which offers easy time tracking through the web and mobile. 

Let’s know what makes TSheet different from others.

Well! Employees can easily clock in and out with a single click. One can operate the tool on Android and iOS as well. And this is the reason why TSheets comes under one of the top-rated time management software.

Great, right?

Moreover, The premium plan comes with $8 per user/month and includes a $20 base fee monthly.

It might get heavy on the pocket of small-scale companies. So, it’s recommended to make sure your requirements are ticked positively. If not, then don’t worry! We have another well-equipped yet budget-friendly software in the basket. 

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That’s A Wrap!

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So, in a quest for management and  time tracking software for freelancer and other employee, did you find what suits you best? We hope that you did.

At last, we have included every software that qualifies to be one of a kind time & overall workforce management tool. However, as per our research, we could find only these high-quality open-source tools in our bucket.

By the way, if you know some of those tools that brought you the best experience during your strife with your work, do let us know!

Remember to check out EmpMonitor. We have listed the best workforce observability blogs to assist you with the dynamic features of EmpMonitor. Therefore, if you find our product useful, you can help us spread the word!