Do you know? Companies in today’s fast-paced world meet many challenges with workforce management & time-tracking varying from managing employees to tracking project progress. 

And doing all these workups manually would cost the companies a fortune. But, we can all switch to employee time tracking software, right? 

Still! The question is, who should be using this tool? Is it MSMEs or big enterprises? Well! It depends on the size of the team they have and the amount of workload.

While some may believe that solely big organizations require project management and time-tracking software. However, we can see that small businesses also leverage themBecause they too, face challenges related to employee attendance and productivity.

That is why we need an effective time tracker employee scheduling software that surpasses all industry challenges. 

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By the way, we have a tool for you. Meet EmpMonitor. 

It is one of the leading workforce monitoring and employee engagement software that allows employers to manage remote teams efficiently. The tool comes with key features that resonate with all the company sizes. It includes Employee Monitoring, Time-Tracking, User Activity Monitoring, Workforce Productivity & Engagement, Attendance Monitoring, and Insider Threat Prevention.

Let us know more about EmpMonitor



EmpMonitor strikes a balance between employee privacy and productivity. It leverages intelligence and technology to enhance business operations, productivity, and work culture.

It is the one-stop solution for all employee management needs.

Here are the features that make it a robust and reliable time tracking software

  1. Employee access: Empower employees with detailed insights into daily activities, promoting accountability and transparency in the workplace.
  2. Automatic timesheet: Empmonitor helps you to automatically track time as soon as an employee turns on their computer and gets reliable insights.
  3. Advanced admin controls: Get control over the features and focus on overall improvement.
  4. Intelligent alert feature: Control unproductive or hostile activities by selecting alerts for defined employee behavior during working hours for real-time notification.
  5. Employee productivity tracking: This time tracking software for employees helps you gain real-time productivity insights and visibility into total productivity hours, identifying patterns and reducing distractions to enhance work efficiency.
  6. Employee active hours tracking: Determine minimum active hours, gain real-time insights into working hours, and increase transparency with more precise information about employees. 
  7. Non-productive time tracking: Track non-productive hours and identify performance issues promptly to observe inefficiency and irrelevant activities during work hours.
  8. Automated reports: Maximize growth potential with data-backed confidence through proper timesheets and elaborate actionable time reports that avoid errors.

How can employee time tracking software resolve your workplace challenges?


The employee time tracking software is not solely introduced to spy on employees but to identify and resolve challenges that slow down business processes in a productive manner.

  • Ensure transparency: 

Employee time tracking software is extremely useful for managing teams. It enables managers to keep tabs on their employees and the time spent on working. By analyzing data, management can easily make informed decisions to reduce procrastination and take on more projects.

Additionally, time tracking benefits employees in understanding their contribution to the company with much more transparency. From the employee’s point of view, team leaders can use this information to gain insight into the workload and optimize the schedule accordingly. Having such transparency in the work process promotes productivity within the organization’s deadlines and can lead to an improved work environment.

  • Improves employee productivity: 

One of the major benefits of employee time tracking software is the ability to assess your employees’ performance. For instance, if you implement EmpMonitor time management software, it will enable you to monitor the working hours of every employee while also providing insights into their productivity levels and the amount of time they spend idle or active during work hours.

By analyzing this information, you can identify which employees are performing well and provide them with the necessary support and encouragement to continue excelling. Conversely, you can also identify employees who may not be as productive as desired and take appropriate measures to help them improve their skills for future success.

  • Improves projects deliverability:

Integrated task management tools have made project delivery more efficient, specifically when coupled with time-tracking tools. These tools deliver comprehensive insights into project dynamics, allowing team members to prioritize their tasks and prevent delays and gaps in the process. When used virtually, teams can work seamlessly together, completing tasks in sync with each other like a well-oiled machine.

Employee time tracking software offers additional benefits by providing precise predictions of the time required for future projects. They also highlight potentially problematic areas that need to be resolved before the project begins, thus ensuring its success. In essence, the integration of project management scheduling software and time tracking tools has revolutionized the way teams approach project delivery. The result is increased efficiency, better communication, and a more streamlined process. By adopting these tools, teams can deliver projects on time and with minimal disruption, making it easier to meet client expectations and achieve success. Overall, these employee real time tracking software are a game-changer for project management and can help teams achieve their goals more effectively.

  •  Recognize employee’s strengths and weaknesses:employee-time-tracking-software

Many individuals are hesitant to use employee time tracking software because it can come across as intrusive and akin to spying on someone’s computer. However, the primary objective of tracking employee hours is to understand their work hours and assess their productivity levels.

If an employee is engaging in personal activities during work hours, it may result in financial losses for the employer. As such, employers or managers have the right to monitor their employees during this period. Additionally, tracking employee work hours can also help employers or managers identify the challenges employees face while working.

  • Avoids time-theft scenarios 

Time theft is a significant problem faced by many organizations worldwide. According to a recent report, employees, on average, steal up to 4.5 hours of work time each day, resulting in billions of dollars in losses annually. Consequently, it has become imperative for organizations to strengthen their time and attendance policies.

In today’s digital age, employee time tracking software programs like EmpMonitor enables organizations to monitor their employees’ work hours. EmpMonitor offers additional features such as Internet monitoring and behavior alert capabilities that allow employers to respond to any violations of time and attendance policies promptly.

  • Saves time and energy:

One of the key benefits of using remote employee time tracking software is that it can help businesses save time and energy. Instead of counting on manual methods for following employee work hours, such as paper timesheets or spreadsheets, time tracking software automates the process. So that employees can easily clock in and out of work, and managers can track their time and attendance data in real-time. 

By automating this process, businesses can reduce the time and effort required to address employee work hours, freeing up valuable resources for other critical tasks. Additionally, the best employee time tracking software can prevent errors and reduce the risk of fraud, which can save even more time and energy in the long run.

  • Reduce employee negligence

Employee time tracking software is vital to make employees more accountable for their tasks. This increased accountability can lead to improved performance and progress tracking.

While some may argue that employee privacy is at risk with monitoring, many countries have federal laws allowing for it during work hours due to the prevalence of negligence and idling in particular industries. Monitoring can also help employers identify burnouts and idlers, allowing for the fair distribution of tasks and rewarding hard-working employees.

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In essence, employee time tracking software has become a necessity for today’s industries. With each passing day, companies are seeking new ways to monitor their employees’ work reports and productivity levels. 

While several time tracking tools are available, EmpMonitor offers the best monitoring features to help enhance productivity standards. If interested, click the banner below to sign up for a trial.

We hope you found this blog informative. If you have any additional insights or experiences related to employee monitoring that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section.