In the hustle-bustle culture of being independent, freelancing has become one of the major talent hunting sought-after these days. Every business wants to hire freelancers. Freelancing has no defined boundaries, just like your company that has no fixed growth boundary.

As a manager, you keep track of your employee’s time. But how do you keep track of your freelancer’s time? In that case you need to make use of time tracking software for freelancer?

As you are already aware of the fact that freelancing is the art of being your boss, and it often comes with many responsibilities, such as sticking to deadlines, measuring time distribution on tasks, or how much work you completed today. The key to freelancing is the skill of managing your time efficiently.

In this blog, we will explore how you can manage your freelancer employees’ time. How much time does the freelancer spend on a project? Or how do freelancers track their time?

But let’s begin with understanding the need to hire freelancers.

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Why Should You Hire Freelancers?

As a manager, you are familiar with the hard work it requires to manage the level of proficiency a client expects of you during services along with generous labor charges. This is where freelancers come into play to offer the flexibility you might be hunting from your employees to have your back during the immediate project submission deadlines.

Following are some top reasons why employers can’t resist hiring freelancers.

Access to the specialized talent pool

In the revolutionized digital world, specialized skills and talent have taken the forefront arena. The market has started welcoming expertise with open arms, but that location hardly creates an impact. Because of immense inflation in the market, organizations have gained the advantage of choosing from a wider specialized talent pool.

Specialist Expertise

85% of the managers prefer to work with freelancers since they are specialized in their field. It provides the leverage of including expertise in the work, professional outlook to the work, and getting the target completed on time.

Cost Reduction

There may be some times when you need an expert opinion on some projects, but you do not have enough work to hire someone full-time, that is where freelancers click your thought process.

Hiring a freelancer will reduce the cost of appointing a person for the full time and will justify your work satisfaction at the same time.

Some organizations hire freelancers for remote work and use time tracking software for freelancer to overcome the hurdle of efficiently managing freelancer’s work time and payroll.

The Value of Time Tracking with Freelancers


If a freelancer is working for you, that does not mean you can not track their productivity and time spent. Companies have started using insightful softwares like EmpMonitor solely for this motive. They started utilizing such software for monitoring freelancer’s productivity but ended up streamlining all their processes.

The following are the essential values of a freelancer’s time tracking:

Sticking to the deadlines

The most vital thing with time-sensitive projects is to finish the task in the allotted time frame. Employers use time tracking software for freelancer to track their freelancer’s time, helps freelancers stick to their deadlines and complete the assigned work in the given time frame.

Increases Profitability

Remote employee time tracking aids you in understanding the distribution of your resources and provides a cutting-edge to employers for monitoring freelancers and enhancing the firm’s profitability. It grants comprehensive insights into freelancer’s productivity and helps the firm make better decisions.

Say no to procrastination

As employers, you understand freelancer’s drill better than anyone else.

They sit at their desk each day to make progress on their current project. But they take a minute to check their social media before actually getting to work.

And there grows the seed of procrastination. They open their social media and get distracted. This distraction triggers their ability to procrastinate.

So, when a freelancer is aware that their progress is being tracked, they start saying no to procrastination and work with more dedication.

Hence, by keeping these prime aspects in mind, organizations have indulged in freelancer and employee time tracking software.

EmpMonitor- Time tracking software for freelancer


EmpMonitor is a digital software or application designed to assist individuals and companies in tracking and observing the time spent by freelancers on diverse projects, tasks, or assigned activities. It provides the leverage of managing and monitoring work hours along with breaking down the allocation of time throughout the day.

Following are some of the vital features of EmpMonitor:

Time Tracking

The software helps managers avoid the inconvenience of manual time tracking. It provides answer to the most hunted query, ‘why use work from home time tracker‘. As it automatically starts tracking freelancers’ time as soon as they log in to their system and extracts accurate and reliable data about the employee.

EmpMonitor tracks the unproductive time of freelancers along with the idle time, active time, and office time. Tracking your freelancer’s time based on such parameters can provide many day-to-day advantages and help in improving the efficiency of your workforce.

Attendance Monitoring

EmpMonitor- time tracking software for freelancer, assists companies in replacing the need to maintain Excel sheets for attendance.

The software maintains accurate data on freelancer’s attendance and leaves. It helps in streamlining the work and provides the flexibility to pay attention to other tasks.

Productivity and Engagement

It is essential to keep an eye on freelancer’s productivity and engagement as it is a vital factor in analyzing a firm’s productivity. Many organizations look upto employee productivity tracking software to streamline workforce productivity.

EmpMonitor helps you empower the utmost productivity rates as you unfold your hands-on comprehensive reports on productivity, unproductivity, and more to optimize your organization’s ROI rates.

Data Security

The software ensures data security and considers it the utmost priority for any company.

EmpMonitor cares for every freelancer activity and makes sure there is no double-dealing of your organization’s data.

Additionally, EmpMonitor also exhibits assistance in the following terms:

Real-time Insights

EmpMonitor’s co-existent real-time insight offers data so that managers can:

  • Identify high and low-performing freelancers
  • Strategize for feats of strength.
  • Provides reports in Kanban Boards and Gantt Charts for better understanding and visibility.

User tracking

Time tracking software for freelancer also provides the employers leverage of:

  • Freelancer behavior
  • Web History access
  • Retrieve browsing history.

Project and Team Management

EmpMonitor provides extensive clarity of the projects and tasks, which assists you in:

  • Track freelancer’s work progress
  • Keep track of project deadline
  • Track the time spent on tasks
  • Assign and manage tasks with ease.

Hence, EmpMonitor has lent a helping hand for employers to track freelancers’ time dedication and work progress.

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Freelancer’s Issues To Address


Managers are a vital aspect of any business. It is their responsibility to keep an eye on everyone and hire appropriate freelancers at times. However, addressing a few freelancer’s issues before hiring them builds their trust and accountability.

Here are the top 3 freelancer’s issues that you should address:

Dwell on security measures

Primarily, you need to soothe your freelancers so that their data will be safe when you track their time. When you consider using time tracking software for freelancer like EmpMonitor, you can pinpoint many data protection measures that are safe to ensure.

Talk about transparency

A time tracker for freelancer is the assurance that there is a transparent work environment, and the only reason it is validated with freelancers is to ensure that the results are met. As such, you can be in touch that it won’t have an impact on the way freelancers work with you at all.

Soothe Trust Concerns

You can easily demonstrate to them that time tracking software for freelancer is a standard course of action for your workforce and not a specific measure that has been implemented for freelancers. This helps your freelancers calm down and get habituated to your work culture.

Wrapping Up

Freelancers have upgraded the arena of talent hunting. It has become essential to make your skills better inorder to be chosen by firms and become independent. But it is also necessary to keep track of your time.

Additionally, time tracking software for freelancer has become a turn-up thing in the dynamic business landscape. In the digitalization of the world, where everything has started transforming, remote and flexible work cultures are becoming the ordinary thing, and brands and companies have begun focusing on efficient time management software and opting for specialized skills.

Managers and employers can unfold their hands and begin by valuing the time of freelancers to boost the firm’s ROI rates and plan their strategies accordingly. You can also use EmpMonitor as a game changer to streamline your freelance employee work and keep track of their time. It will optimize the organization’s overall productivity rate and provide efficient time to plan your devotion to other tasks.