Month: February 2020

Best 05 Ways To Prevent Employee Fraud In Your Organization

Running a business these days is no less than a job, especially when you have the responsibility of thousands of employees on your shoulders. There are so many aspects that always remain complex and daunting to handle. And, the primary of them is employee fraud tactics. Yes, you heard it right. The probability of personnel deception has increased more within the last few years because of the enhancement of the web in the first place. Also, the chances of these trickeries getting ignored get fostered.    You can also listen this podcast:   Most often, business authorities find...

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Top 5 Secret Weapons To Boost Your Employee Productivity

Are you searching for a secret weapon or a user-friendly system to increase employee productivity and provide you with a detailed history of your employee productivity and daily activities? In today’s generation, fast-growing businesses need technological resources if they are willing to keep up. When the business becomes increasingly globalized, it is important that the Corporate suite has secure, easy-to-use and, above all, powerful online tools that allow us both to manage our internal teams and to connect with customers worldwide. Having been in the virtual working environment for several years now, I had the opportunity to test most...

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05 Best Time Tracking and Productivity Monitoring Software In 2020

With the increasing workload and decreasing, time monitoring software is taking on the corporates by storm. Every employer wants to keep an eye on their employees and their productivity. But with the growing number of employees, it is harder to keep track of everything. To overcome this, employers are now using productivity monitoring software. The sole purpose of this software is to track an employee’s productivity by working in the background entirely anonymously. Don’t have time to read the blog? Here’s the podcast –   What makes monitoring software great? All the monitoring software have the same functionality,...

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The Internet has come a long way from the last three decades. The first World Wide Web was built in the year 1990. From then to now, we have seen a drastic evolutionary graph as far as the Internet is concerned. No doubt, the online world has given a lot to us- true wisdom to access any kind of information at any point in time. A lot of things have changed because of the web. Like, in today’s age, we get aware of various severe issues within a couple of few seconds. All due to the online power. However,...

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Simple Tips To Use 1-3-5 Rule To Increase Your Productivity At Workplace

Most of us are hard-working and work-driven but usually face few problems to increase your productivity at workplace. We have difficulty staying productive, as we need to manage different projects, manage daily tasks, learn new things to stay updated in this industry, etc. Not only this, but there are also never-ending distractions, which include meetings, team lunches, which is compulsory to attend. And not to mention the endless texts and demands an employee has to send out for job updates, new assignments from his supervisors, and daily office fires. How can you stay away from all this and stay...

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