Are you searching for a secret weapon or a user-friendly system to increase employee productivity and provide you with a detailed history of your employee productivity and daily activities?

In today’s generation, fast-growing businesses need technological resources if they are willing to keep up. When the business becomes increasingly globalized, it is important that the Corporate suite has secure, easy-to-use and, above all, powerful online tools that allow us both to manage our internal teams and to connect with customers worldwide.

Having been in the virtual working environment for several years now, I had the opportunity to test most of the services and tools that face companies like mine out there.

I have decided on adding the following five online tools after a considerable amount of trial and error to help my team do their best work in the most efficient way possible. These tools have been incredibly helpful for my people, and I am sure that these tools will also be helpful for traditional business, increase productivity, etc.

Todo –


Todo is an all-in-one project tracking, CRM integrated, billing, and time management software. That can help us monitor our project reviews, day-to-day activities and all other things which help in increasing productivity and revenue of the company. It serves best for freelancers, enterprises, business teams, and possibly for all working professionals to manage their work in one place.

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Managing Sales is all about closing deals as quickly as possible. To do this, you need to concentrate on the most lucrative deals which are likely to be converted. It is the time when Pipedrive comes in, as it helps you to easily simplify the frustrating and time-consuming tasks. Which helps save time, money, and helps in making the right business decisions.

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Optinmonster is an innovative tool that helps you quickly turn your existing traffic into high-leads. Not only this, but it also allows you to create Slide-in bars, Full-screen welcome mats, Sidebar forms, Floating bars, and several other campaigns. Check out the detailed OptinMonster Review to discover the core features of this lead conversion program for building visually impressive deals and catching more leads.

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SpyFone is an app for mobile phone monitoring that operates on any Android or iOs device such as tablets, smartphones, etc. Users can install this program on the computer they want to track to get real-time notifications of all of the activities done by the user – which includes, text messages, emails, calls, contact lists, etc.

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Moving ahead, while searching for employee productivity monitoring software, one of the biggest challenges is to find the right tool to control your employee’s activities, enhance the overall productivity ratio, which will generate vast amounts of revenue for the company. Thus, EmpMonitor is one such tool that helps you the best.



EmpMonitor is an all-in-one cloud-based workplace management software that is used by organizations and companies, which helps in tracking and increasing the productivity of their workers, and fostering a safe work environment. Described as being easy to install and detailed, EmpMonitor is also a tool for parents wanting to monitor their children’s computer and online activities. In addition, this system provides benefits for educational institutions and schools by encouraging positive study habits and a healthy environment.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s look at the complete overview of the Empmonitor and find out how it can help you in the best possible way.

Today, in this post, I will share the complete and detailed overview of the EmpMonitor. It will also help you know how to use it best for your organization to understand how to track and increase the productivity of their employees quickly.



Blocking websites, activity monitoring, filtering content is among the functionalities that EmpMonitor offers. Furthermore, the software also helps to generate reports for use with applications and sites. Using these reports, employers can quickly know about the specific usage of online activities and other things that are wasting time, reducing employee and student productivity. EmpMonitor lets users customize the program settings to monitor their employees ‘ computers and online activities efficiently.

Key Benefits of Using The Secret Weapon

EmpMonitor’s ability to generate exhaustive reports is a notable attribute. Reports get created so that administrators can determine their employees’ level of productivity. This function can help them define what behaviors are deemed successful and unproductive. EmpMonitor produces two forms of reports: Application usage and website usage.


It helps in making it easier for users to know the applications and websites that are used by their employees or children or students most often as it ranks websites and applications depending upon the time spent browsing those applications and sites.

EmpMonitor produces reports that can indicate if most of the ostensibly adequate time got spent on a particular online activity for an employee. The reports also show how much time employees are spending on those apps and websites. Such reports provide a monitoring form for an organization by displaying the actual percentage of time spent on an online activity compared to the overall company time.

The feature of EmpMonitor is that it gives users the ability to set up the app, as it helps them to know whether the desired application is productive or not. Therefore, they can configure the software by setting how it will collect data and where the data seems to appear.

EmpMonitor has an easy-to-read dashboard. Its dashboard arranges data summaries at a single location, enabling users to have a complete overview of all the computers they monitor. The panel shows the current day’s productivity report, quick statistics on how much time spent on productive and non-productive, the most recent activity log, and the top applications and websites used.

How Does EmpMonitor Work?


Here is the complete working of how to use EmpMonitor Dashboard –

To start, open the EmpMonitor Dashboard by typing

It will take us to the login page, enter your login details (email id and password). You can click on the remember option available so that your computer can remember your password when you return. If you forget the password, then click on the forgot password to retrieve your account details.

When you are ready, click on the Login Button to enter the EmpMonitor’s main dashboard.

In the dashboard, you may see the number of registered employees, the number of employees online, offline, and how many are absent.

To get the detailed list of the employees working, online or offline, click on the respective buttons, and get the complete list of people along with their full name, mail id, location, department, etc.

You are also provided with a dropdown option to show how many records are to be shown on a particular page. Along with that, a search box is available, where you can search for the employee along with their name.

Now ahead, in the dashboard, you can see the total productive and nonproductive hours of your organization on a daily and weekly basis.

Below that, these are the four available options

  • Production
  • Location
  • Active Days
  • Presence

Production – Get detailed insights into employee productivity, along with the accurate working hours, location, and department.

Location – Get in here to know the average work in hours of during the particular week or month based on the location using a donut chart.

Active Days – Here, you can see which days the employees are most active. You can choose the time duration (for a week or month), location, and department.

Presence – This feature helps you know how often your employees are present based on the filters mentioned above.

Not only this, in EmpMonitor Dashboard, you may also check the mails along with the sender mail id, error code, and action burn.

And in the end, if you want to log out, click on the logout option, and you get successfully logged out of the dashboard.


So this an overview of the best productivity boosting software. If you wish to have a more detailed test of these tools, go ahead and try using them now.

Please share with me your thoughts on this post. If you have any other tools, which I have missed which helps in your business growth. Then give your feedback or share the tool details in the comments below.