Month: October 2019

Qualities Of Good Employees: How Can You Notice Unicorn Employees Of Your Organization?

I’m sure you would have heard this thing many times ago that qualities of good employees are meant to be obligatory to run a successful business. Well, it’s absolutely correct, there’s nothing to deny about this statement.  However, not every person consists of the qualities of good employees and doesn’t have the same amount of talent, skills, and level of dedication. That somewhat makes them different from each other in many ways. I know, it’s quite straightforward, but it is what it is.  Some employees have a few unique qualities and aptitudes that segregate them from the crowd of...

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How To Measure Employee Engagement At Your Workplace?

Want to increase the engagement of employees in your organisation? Nowadays, every organisation is willing to create a healthy work environment so that they can have better employee engagement at their workplace.  An employer needs to make sure that their employees are passionate and eager to deliver the best for their organisation. As it can also help them to keep their customers satisfied and engaged with their brand activities. Of course, there is always a possibility of missing some factors which can make your employees suffer. And it may also result in negating the productivity of the company. To...

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