Month: November 2019

9 Actionable Productivity Secrets That Will Boost Your Business

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” As everyone knows, productivity is the measure of the efficiency of a particular system or group of systems. And when considering the corporate culture as a system, its productivity is simply the ratio of total output from the given input after completion of a given task. A company is like a long snake-canoe boat, with every worker as a paddler in the canoe race. In this snake-boat race, the effort of every paddler is very crucial and which creates...

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Top 6 Ways To Prepare Your Retail Team For Black Friday 2019

Every year there comes a big boom in the retail business with the holiday season. From now, only a few days are there till the thanksgiving day. Have you been ready with your team to use this opportunity for your business growth? If not, then it won’t be any easier for you to manage your retail business for the upcoming Black Friday 2019.  Working hours are going to be hectic, and you might need to hire extra staff as well. But all things are worthy if you could achieve the peak of your sales in this year’s holiday season....

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