Month: June 2022

Project Time Tracking software: 12 Amazing Benefits & 7 Key Features To Look For

If you want to improve the efficiency and scalability of your project flows, project time tracking software should be standard practice for your team. It entails tracking how much time your team members spend on each project. Time tracking has numerous benefits, ranging from increasing productivity to allowing you to increase revenue. And thankfully, there are multiple time tracking software solutions available today that make project management time tracking a breeze. These tools empower you with in-depth details into what tasks your team is working on, how long it takes them to complete, and how to make them more...

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The Ultimate Guide To Statement Of Work: Answers To Hows & Whys

You’ve just started a new project and need to compose a statement of work (SOW), but you’re not sure how. What should it include, and how should it be formatted? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Whatever industry you operate in, if vendors are coming on to a project, a project manager has to provide crucial paperwork. And one of the most important is a statement of work. Because it establishes the outset of a project and outlines everything that needs to go into your project. SOWs must be written in an appropriate structure and in precise language as...

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Importance Of Task Management In Developing Post-Pandemic Team Efficiency

When Covid-19 struck in 2020, it had an unexpected and dramatic impact on all aspects of our lives and the global economy. Businesses lost money, employees lost their jobs, and the general public was full of fear and apprehension.  Keeping in mind that, despite the pandemic causing massive and historic losses, it has also been the most significant factor in the digitization and automation of businesses worldwide.  During the global pandemic, many businesses were forced to switch to online and remote working, and many consumers turned to online services to stay competitive. While it will be fascinating to watch...

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Benefits Of Having An Employee Attendance Tracker

There are many reasons why a company should have an employee attendance tracking system in their workplace. Manually keeping everything organized, like managing employee attendance, punctuality, and productivity is a difficult task. A Business owner has enough potential to manage daily work without thinking to stay in the top position of inter-organizational leave appeals and working hours. That’s the time when an employee attendance tracker enters. However, you may find this time checking technology a bit creepy, but it can be helpful for both teams and managers. Click on the play button to listen podcast: What is an...

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Employee Onboarding Software: The Significance Of Getting Started Efficiently

The early transition period is the toughest for any new employee joining a new organization. A new employee may have anxieties and at the time of joining, they might find it uneasy to accommodate in a new organization. It is up to the recruiter to make the new hire feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible. A new employee, whether a seasoned pro or a complete newcomer, has anxiety upon entering a new organization. And if not handled effectively, it can result in poor productivity, attrition, and decreased engagement, among other things.  This blog will cover all you need...

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