Month: June 2022

Employee Onboarding Software: The Significance Of Getting Started Efficiently

The early transition period is the toughest for any new employee joining a new organization. A new employee may have anxieties and at the time of joining, they might find it uneasy to accommodate in a new organization. It is up to the recruiter to make the new hire feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible. A new employee, whether a seasoned pro or a complete newcomer, has anxiety upon entering a new organization. And if not handled effectively, it can result in poor productivity, attrition, and decreased engagement, among other things.  This blog will cover all you need...

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7 Facts That Nobody Told You About Time Tracking

With the normalization of work from home, the hybrid model and work from the office, employee tracking and its tools have gained momentum. Companies have started using time tracking tools to understand employee performance at work. Though there are many employee management and time tracking tools available on the market, the best one is EmpMonitor, which helps to make employees productive. The tool provides a detailed report on how employees perform simpler to complex tasks and where they waste their time.  Time tracking is an essential part of any project whether doing it manually or automatically. The problem with traditional...

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Benefits Of Having A Time Clock Calculator In Your Business

It may look like measuring employees’ productivity hours is not a big issue. But for freelancers or those who appoint workers on a non-standard basis, defining hourly and other charges can be more complex. For that reason, it’s beneficial to prefer the time clock calculator. By using it, not only you can save time, also you will get accurate records. Click on the play button to listen podcast: What is a time clock calculator?  A time clock calculator is a simple software that supports you in preserving a record of the log-out timing of your staff and systematizing...

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How To Pick The Right Attendance Management Software For Your Organization?

An employee attendance management software is indispensable in today’s contemporary, ever-changing and fast-paced workplace. Although it may not appear to have a direct impact on the company, it is critical in increasing an organization’s long-term profitability and productivity. If you’ve ever had to manage attendance manually in an organization, you understand how difficult it can be. By switching to an attendance management software, you will be able to take advantage of all benefits it offers over manual attendance management. However, when faced with the task of selecting an attendance management system from a plethora of solutions on the market,...

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Step By Step Ways To Follow During Home Office Setup

Businesses have become acquainted with their staff working from home policy over the past few months. But are their employees satisfied with their work-from-home instrumentations? Making a well-designed workplace is the primary work of planning an effective home office setup. But there’s no multipurpose solution for all sorts of your problems. That indicates your plan doesn’t need to be perfect from all sides or completely functional. You have to create enough space for the employees who come to the office regularly, be personalized to your inclinations, and improve your relationship with them to continue a positive work environment. Read...

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