There are many reasons why a company should have an employee attendance tracking system in their workplace. Manually keeping everything organized, like managing employee attendance, punctuality, and productivity is a difficult task. A Business owner has enough potential to manage daily work without thinking about staying in the top position of inter-organizational leave appeals and working hours. That’s the time when an employee attendance tracker software enters. However, you may find this time-checking technology a bit creepy, but it can be helpful for both teams and managers.

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What is an Employee Attendance Tracker?

The advantages of having an attendance Tracker

An employee attendance tracker is a computer-checking software that allows the employer to collect the log records of their employees without using a manual timesheet. When a few employees are not sincere, they may take frequent leave, which may affect the business’s overall productivity. However, with this software, employers can make sure that their employees are engaging in their work. On the other hand, computer tracking may seem like surveying employee privacy. But that’s not the case, attendance tracking has a positive effect on the development of employees instead of negatively influencing them. It can be used in so many ways, such as:

For taking business’s crucial decisions

When companies make crucial decisions for their future enrollment, they depend on various sources. Depending on their workforce availability, they can take on the workload which can be achieved in the given timeline. Eventually it would also help them in the further development and enhancement of their workforce.

For fulfilling expectations

A manager may want to insert an employee attendance tracker app on their employees’ systems to check the presence in real-time support to fulfill their expectations.

If you’re not confirming that an employee’s productivity is improving, or you are getting attendance irregularity then checking employee attendance can be the best technique, you can use to resolve these difficulties.

Flexible methods to check attendance

Checking employee attendance on the Excel sheet

You can effortlessly check an employee’s time with a timesheet. If you make it digital, you can utilize an attendance tracker Excel template that smoothly measures everything in detail for you. If you choose the hardcopy way, you can make a copy of corporal timesheets for teams to utilize. 

But the question is, how do you check your team’s time or receive a synopsis of timetables? How do you discover no one is doing overtime? 

There is also a risk while tracking attendance with excel sheet, as a manager, you need to manually feed the work time and attendance of employees. That may also be the cause of human errors. With the advanced online time tracking solutions, it has become easier for manager to keep track of employee attendance without. Managing payroll becomes more time-consuming and unproductive; employers need to measure the attendance data manually.

The advantages of having an employee attendance tracker

The advantages of having an attendance Tracker

Detecting Attendance Issues

With the help of the attendance checker, you can detect the check-in and check-out times of teams to establish a healthy environment and check their assigned working hours. You can mark their queries and solve the issue quickly.

It can also support you to keep track of time off request, so you can ensure the availabitlity of workforce whenever required.

Advancing work from home Opportunities

Some managers may be unconvinced about permitting their employees to do work from home, even though they have the advanced technology and job type that permits it. Since it is not easy to surveil on the work time and attendance of employees when they are working remotely.

However, if you have employee attendance tracker, it allows you to keep track of employee worktime and attendance. While you don’t need to manual effort, as your teams can check in remotely from their comfort place, begin work, and then check out at end of the worktime.

Accurate Pay

One major thing that teams will be excited about with the benefit of the checking program is being paid according to their work basis. Attendance tracker software can check employee work time, keeping the accurate records of employees’ work hours. With an employee attendance checking program, there’s no guesswork that will happen, and the accounts section can accurately measure any overtime pay required.

Enhancing Employee sprits 

One of the crucial advantages of preferring an attendance-checking program is being capable of enhancing spirits. It might look weird, but such a program can do this in two methods.

For instance, an employee who works more than another person in a similar department may get relief when those working hours and pay erroneousness are addressed.

Spirits can also rise when leave appeals are managed quickly in an online network. When the time-off request is approved quickly, that employee develops a feeling of relief and pleasure, understanding that they are permitted to take leave from work and make plans with family.

EmpMonitor: Employee attendance tracker


EmpMonitor allows you to track your employees’ work time and attendance without any manual effort. It also includes standardizing how team members utilize their time throughout office times, confirming that each minute worked is a minute salaried. It is quite beneficial in this part, particularly when it starts calculating every day and overtime hours as well.

Methods to check employee attendance with EmpMonitor

  1. Make a profile on EmpMonitor and sign up for free.
  2. Request your employees to insert the EmpMonitor.
  3. Let your team members turn on their system, as EmpMonitor will instantly start working. They can also manually record the hours they’ve worked while being away from their system.
  4. On the dashboard;, you can view whether employees are working. Just change the date to today, and it will display the whole calculation of an employee’s working hours through the software. You’ll also gain an overview of employee efficiency in real time. A green sign signifies that the employee is presently running EmpMonitor, while a red sign indicates the individual’s unproductive hours.
  5. If you need a detailed analysis of an employee’s efficiency for the entire day, you can check the time sheet of employees. Under users, choose the person you need to check and put the current date. It will display if the individual has logged hours through the employee checking software. Additionally, you will check their browsing history. The green icon shows productive hours, grey indicates neutral time, and red indicates the employee’s unproductive hours.
  6. To analyze the online attendance of team members for the week or month, click records from the menu and choose daily analysis. You can check private records or gain an overview of attendance by the group. For instance, you can view the logged hours of the entire marketing team.
  7. What’s the best thing about EmpMonitor is that it is beyond just an attendance checker. It even checks the web and applications. Therefore, if you open the control panel, you will check the top apps where your team members are mostly active. In this method, you can effortlessly recognize the wastage of time.
  8. After disclosing the time-checking information, you can convert the online record into a CSV document.

Checking employee attendance has become more manageable and more proficient with EmpMonitor. So, whether you’re a private freelancer or a task supervisor organizing remote employees, this software is what you are looking for in your company.


Employee attendance tracking software is crucial for any business nowadays. It supports you organize your workforce while ensuring that you preserve your processes running at an extreme level of productivity.

If you genuinely want to take your business to the top level, you want a top-class employee attendance tracker like EmpMonitor. This software eradicates the disorganizations of a spreadsheet program while providing you with advanced and more correct attendance histories.

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