Do you run a business and find it difficult to bring out the complete potential of your workforce? Every business wants to enhance the efficiency of their organization. Employee tracking app is a tool that is revolutionizing the ways in which management tracks their employees.

These apps can simplify the ways in which management can track their employees’ efficiency, attendance, and activities by providing real-time insights. The detailed data provided by these apps is helpful in making future decisions regarding any project to be started and completed on time.

At the same time, it also benefits employees as it makes their jobs easier by providing insights on the deadline and bringing their attention to their responsibilities.
In this article, let’s understand the importance of employee tracking, the various benefits it brings to the table, and the way it affects modern businesses.

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How Employee Tracking Will Strengthen Organization

For every business owner, it is crucial to generate more profit and keep the business growing in terms of both monetary and increasing customer base.
In most cases, productivity is directly proportional to the performance and revenue generation of the business.

Employee tracking app revolutionizes the way in which organizations keep tabs on employee productivity, commitment, and engagement in their assigned tasks.
These applications can streamline assigning deadlines and resources and track progress made by each employee or team in any project.


Additionally, these tracking apps can be beneficial not only for the employees working physically in your building but also for the remote employees and the scenarios, including the workers engaged in the field work like medicinal representatives, marketing agents, delivery employees, etc, with features like GPS employee tracking.

Modern-day employee tracking apps have a plethora of benefits when incorporated into business models. Let’s get to know about them.

Managing Attendance

The first and foremost function of these tracking applications is to maintain a detailed record of the employees’ attendance. Gone are the days when management had to put a lot of effort into managing attendance registers manually.

Utilizing an employee tracking app can reduce the labor and time that goes into manually registering attendance and calculating the hours by automating the whole attendance recording procedure.

Use it to check whether the employee is actually present on the job or not by integrating geofencing features that further avoid time fraud by the staff, like buddy punching, etc.

Improve Workforce Productivity

As mentioned before, the target of the businesses is to increase monetary profits and attract new customers.

For the secondary goal, any business, depending on their domain of work, can always add more customers to their base. It can be either by increasing their product portfolio or decreasing the cost of their services or time to fulfill the task.

For example, if you are a product-based company, you need your research and development team to focus on creating new products. Increasing your product portfolio can help you add more clients to your customer base.

If you’re a service-based organization, you can focus on decreasing the time to execute any project or make your services cheaper for the clients without degrading the services.
The aforementioned things are easy to achieve using employee tracker apps like EmpMonitor.

Project Progress Tracking


With an employee tracking apps like EmpMonitor, you can get real-time insights on all the ongoing projects from a single space and get the progress report from all the members and teams on a single spot directly.

Manually tracking the ongoing projects is easy when your company is engaged in two or three projects simultaneously. But for a large corporation with an enormous number of workers and reporting managers, working on numerous tasks and keeping a tab on each and every minute detail can prove to be a hectic task.

Better Resource Allocation

Running a business needs a hefty sum of capital and labor. Tracking the resource availability and calculating the time required to complete a specific task can benefit you in planning future projects and the deadline implementation.

When you allocate resources efficiently, it automatically improves the strength of the workforce and helps them reach their optimum productivity.

Strength Development

An employee tracking app can help you identify hardworking individuals and single out the underperforming employees. When you have the knowledge of the weakest links of a team, you can effortlessly mend it.

The weak points of the employees can be attended to by providing proper feedback and communication, to give them a chance to improvise, you can also provide relevant training.
Task allocation according to strength can also help to increase efficiency and maintain deadlines.

Tracks Employees Activity

Many tracker apps have the feature to track the employees’ activity, whether they are engaging in productive work or not.

Employee tracking apps have the feature to monitor websites, track web browsing history, use of internet connection, and record keystrokes. They can also come with the option to take screenshots of the employees’ systems.

For workers working on field jobs like delivering, marketing, on-site service agents, etc, company management can use employee GPS tracking features to ensure that workers reach their destination on time and are present at the designated work site. This ensures that the workforce is not engaging in wasteful activities.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

One of the biggest fears of any organization is regarding data security. As everything becomes digitized, each and every piece of data is available on the systems and servers, and anyone with access to the system or node can access and steal valuable data.

Employee tracking has features like USB detection, intermittent screenshots, keystroke logging, etc. These features can keep track of suspicious activities and stop them or notify the administration about security breaches.

Implementing such strict overwatch also demoralizes employees from stealing crucial company data and selling them for monetary benefits.

Track Remote Working Employees

As the modernization of the work culture keeps on happening. Remote working and hybrid teams are becoming an inseparable part of the modern work culture.

Remote/ Hybrid work pattern gives employees a lot of flexibility, but it also impedes the management’s ability to track their active hours and work progress. A robust employee tracking app can be a reasonable solution to this problem, which can easily become a medium of communication between employees and their teammates and maintain transparency in the workplace.

The administration can also keep an eye on the activity completed by remote employees from a single dashboard, boosting efficiency and removing any miscommunication.

EmpMonitor: Advanced Employee Tracking App


EmpMonitor is a feature-rich, cloud-based, all-in-one employee tracking app that offers a plethora of features. By using it, businesses can easily track and manage attendance, timesheets, and their geographical location via features like GPS tracking for employees.
Businesses in today’s date and time are providing employees with remote work with conditions to be present at the base location so that in case of emergency, they can report to work if necessary.

EmpMonitor can solve your tracking issues with remote and hybrid working employees. Displays user information geographically for easy understanding. Tracks user information like IP addresses, device types, OS type, city, region, country, internet connectivity, map pointing, etc.

It can give you specific data as per your requirements in a single dashboard. This dashboard has various filters that let you filter data as per your requirements and quickly analyze them, further helping you optimize workforce productivity.

With this employee monitoring app you can monitor the time employees spend on a specific task, how much of the office time they actually use to do productive work, and how much for unproductive activities. You can also get a detailed idle and break time report.

EmpMonitor also protects your data from internal threats with features like USB detection with DLP software, recording web browsing history, tracking usage of apps, etc. You can set the boundaries by blocking unauthorized websites and restricting access to specific apps to strengthen your data integrity.

Additionally, the functions of EmpMonitor can be tailored according to your organization’s needs. It is available for multiple platforms and supports various devices.

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Let’s Summarize

Acceptance of tools like employee tracking app is becoming more common day by day to keep up with the rapid changes in the modern work culture. It eases up the management’s efforts to manage the ever-evolving nature of work, where remote and flexible arrangements are becoming the norm.

Employee monitoring app not only boosts productivity and engagement of the employees but also provides companies with valuable feedback about the project progress and data leakage protection.

By automating the tracking process of employees, these apps provide you with valuable real-time insights on resource allocation and the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce. Companies can use it for informed planning, calculated resource allocation, and decision-making processes.

As the work culture continues to evolve only by accepting the relevance of employee tracking apps like EmpMonitor and utilizing them for their own benefits, businesses can achieve their goal in the present fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape.