The key to success for a project manager is staying organized and being efficient. And that is why having the best project management software features is crucial. These tools provide an easy way to keep track of tasks and help you build a close-knit project team that performs more effectively.

However, successful project managers have a lot of responsibilities like conducting meetings, scheduling and planning, and managing budgets and resources. And at times, when the workload becomes too hectic, project management software works as a blessing.

The best project management software features are necessary for managing large teams of professionals and automating time-consuming chores.

Firstly, we need to understand what project management is before diving into the intricacies of what project management software is. So let us get informed about it.

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What Is Project Management?

Project management is the strategy of leading a team to achieve project goals within the given time and financial constraints. Utilization of this specific knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills to deliver something to people is called project management.

Project managers’ work can sometimes become very hectic. Thus, project management software is very beneficial for them. However, a variety of these tools are available, making it a daunting task to find the best tool that has the best project management software features.

So, let us learn something about what project management software is and what features good software should have.

What Is Project Management Software?


Basically, as the name suggests it is software that organizations can utilize to manage their tasks and projects. You can use it to plan, organize, and allocate tasks to different team members while you can also keep track of your ongoing projects.

Utilizing a tool with project management software features enables project managers to control costs and time, thus allowing smooth collaboration between stakeholders.

Furthermore, when you use software for project management, you need software that should have the best features and be able to assist you in all the tasks simultaneously. Let us now dive into what the best project management software should have.

8 Best Project Management Software Features:

A great project management software can assist you to stay organized and manage your projects efficiently. It can also help you cut costs, identify issues faster, collaborate better, and thus ensure the successful completion of your projects.

Following are the eight features that outstanding software should have:

Progress tracking:

By keeping track of your progress, you may stay up to date on your tasks and projects. You can keep track of the actions done on individual projects and completed work.

Project planning and scheduling:

Making the tasks and responsibilities outlined and visible is crucial while managing a team. It helps to avoid misunderstandings and clarifies the division of work among the team members.

The best software tool, having the best project management & time tracking features, makes assigning tasks to team members an easy job for you.


Customizable software allows you to customize views, rules, notifications, workflows, and reports to give you the most out of the application. You can create customized fields and reports, enabling you to track specific data quickly without manually sifting through multiple sources or documents. Thus, you need project management software for better customization.

Time tracking:


Time tracking gives you the power to keep track of the time an employee spends on an individual task and the time spent on the project as a whole. It helps you to assess the work accuracy and effectiveness of your employees.

It is essential for professional service providers and companies that have hourly employees or include freelancers in the workforce.

Resource management:

Resource management is the potential to assign, manage, track, and optimize project resources effectively and according to skill set, cost, or availability.

It enables organizations to set up interactive task lists, create detailed schedules, and visualize multiple projects simultaneously while keeping tabs on resource utilization within each project. Resource management is one of many vital elements of project management software features.


The use of reporting tools enables you to monitor progress precisely and to determine whether your projects are succeeding or not. It also helps you to promptly recognize any problems that might arise when a project is in progress.


Organization is an essential component of good project management software features. It is important to remember that without it, projects can turn chaotic and overwhelming. This is a big challenge in project management.
Robust organizational features in software should guarantee that every project activity is meticulously planned, monitored, and appropriately documented.


Team collaboration:


A large team may consist of hundreds of employees working on various tasks. Good software having the best project management software features enables you to create team dashboards that all team members can access.

A team dashboard can be a perfect tool for KPI reports, which can be utilized during meetings, presenting everyone with the tracked metrics of employees and comparing real-time results to the planned schedules.

The ability to deliver projects on time and schedule, within budget, and keeping them aligned with business goals is the key to achieving an edge in today’s highly competitive global business environment.

Thus, project managers should have the best project management software features to assist them throughout the project life cycle. Great software like EmpMonitor can help you manage your business goals and objectives, set up Kanban templates, and much more throughout the project life cycle.

Let us know more about this management software.

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EmpMonitor- The Best Solution For Your Management Hurdles


As a manager, you need to know what and when any particular work needs to be completed. Planning of projects is critical for the success of your team.

But doing all these things yourself is impossible, so is using spreadsheets and emails for this purpose. It is not only inefficient but also brings its own set of challenges.

Thus, a good tool with excellent project management software features does everything efficiently. EmpMonitor is the best employee monitoring software that gives you the power to handle project management efficiently. It has all the features that a great enterprise project management software should have.

The software features project management tools to help you organize and track tasks efficiently.

So, let’s get through the features that are mentioned below.

  • Customized access level
  • Role assignment
  • Member groups
  • Project management
  • Task handling
  • Sub-task creation
  • Timeline monitoring
  • Profile updation

To understand what these above-said features are, we have to understand them a little more. So, let us dive into it to know more.

Customized Access Level:

Using this feature, you get customized permissions for each team member. It ensures that they have precisely the right level of access that they need and require.

Role Assignment:

Through this tool, you get to define the distinct roles of the team members and outline their responsibilities. It helps to recognize employees who are the best performing in your team.

Member Groups:

You get to organize members into groups, which streamlines communication and collaboration for better and seamless teamwork.

Thus, you need to have all the project management software features to manage your member groups, increase the efficiency and productivity of your team, and decrease conflicts that may arise.

Project Management:

A carefully designed project module gives you complete control over your projects. A report can be easily created, searched for, edited, filtered, and downloaded.

Task Handling:

Handling tasks becomes easy with CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete), including fetching, editing, filtering, searching, and generating reports. It also facilitates viewing and changing information using computer-based forms and reports.

Thus, handling different and strenuous tasks becomes uncomplicated and effortless.

Subtask Creation:

It is sometimes impossible for a single team member to complete the task in one sitting. When you use this tool that has the optimum project management software features, you get the power to break down those tasks into subtasks.

As a result, you have unmatched project control and improved tracking, ensuring no missed details.

Timeline Monitoring:

Timeline monitoring is tracking the detailed schedule for your project. It shows all the tasks involved and the deadline for each task.

Thus, keeping a watchful eye on the timeline of your projects is vital. It keeps your employees on track and focused.

Profile Updation:

One of the best project management software features that this tool has is profile updation. Administrators can seamlessly update their profile information and maintain accuracy and efficiency simultaneously.

It gives administrators an upper hand while handling projects and dealing with clients.


Project managers handle multiple projects all the time. However, the management of projects is not an easy task. It can become disorganized with so many team members and projects involved. Thus, a good project management tool becomes essential.

As a manager, using project management software is therefore essential. You may spend a great deal of time and money on unneeded items. Without collaboration, deadlines will get missed and increases the risk of losing clients who won’t be happy with your work.

Using software like EmpMonitor, which has the best project management software features, will help you to collaborate while ensuring that your projects are always successful.

Efficient project management software helps you stay organized while planning and executing your projects. Try EmpMonitor today and experience the relief of working painlessly and effectively.

Take a free trial and experience the best project management software ever.