In a business where projects are piling-up and deadlines are slipping away, it most probably gets hard to operate. Which means you need to be able to manage projects effectively so that your employees can deliver on time. That is why, we are going to introduce you to the best free project management tools you can ever ask for.

Well! One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is keeping track of the projects their employees are indulged in. However! Project management can easily be done if the company is smaller or if you are an individual. 

But, one should not overlook the complexity of managing something. 

As a project manager, you have to be always present, active, and implement updates as per the scrum procedure. Difficult for a human being, right?

So, can we come to an agreement that the process of project management is complicated and time consuming? Afterall, it is exhausting for a human to plan out the details that make everything run smoothly. 

So, how about we discuss all those free online project management tools that can ease-up your entire workforce administration.

Shall we begin?

What Free Tools To Use For Project Management


Project management tools are the backbone of any company. With so many available, it can be hard to find the right program for your specific needs. Fortunately, we have the tools you require in your project management journey.

The apps on this list are forever free, so you can choose the one that best fits your company’s needs. Out of all, they are very easy to use and install on multiple devices. Most have user interfaces that make all features accessible regardless of your technological limitations.

In a world of remarkable free project management tools, here is a list that coincides with your demands.


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 1

Clickup comes under the umbrella of the most intuitive free project management tools that not only do essential collaboration work but also enhance project visibility

Clickup uses AI automation, cloud storage, and excellent integrations with other Clickup tools that more than organize your work. 

The software usually follows the Kanban method of work management that involves visualizing, collaborating, tracking, campaign management, documentation, and assigning scrum goals.

It doesn’t matter if you want the tool for a team or for yourself. Click up always gets you the zing of free project management tools in a way that works for you.

There is a forever free plan available for individuals with a limit of 100 MB storage and unlimited access to everything else. Sounds enticing, right?

But if you are here for your team to have agile project management tools free sprint planning & project insights, then an upgrade of a couple of dollars might get you everything in abundance.

Being part of one of a kind of free project management tool, Clickup has made its mark! Now let’s see which one shines out next.


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 2

Are you looking for those free project management tools that lets you build a team for running projects? Then, Mistertask is your solution.

The free or Basic plan lets you run a maximum of 3 projects with unlimited user access, which means you can add your team members in any number you want. Well! The Basic plan comes with a mobile version, email support, project boards, and 20mb per file attachment limits. 

How great is that! It is applicable for an individual the same way it will assist a team. 

However, do you require a bit more flexibility? Then the first premium plan starts from just $4.19 per month for an entire team. 

Super affordable, right? Get onboard!


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 3

Once more, we have a software that falls into the pool of free project management tools, offering enough to run a small team. 

Well! The name is Trello. It is one such software that is not bound to be operated only from a desktop computer. You can operate it from anywhere and from any device.

The free project management tools of Trello lets you have the liberty of unlimited storage as long as the files are maximum 10 mb each. But wait, there are more than one UNLIMITED credits in case of this particular software! 

Trello offers unlimited power-ups per board with unlimited cards & activity log services. Apart from that, it gives you a 250 workspace command quota for each month. 

Comprehensive, right?

Now, let us move on to another set of free online project management tools.


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 4

Are you an individual working head-to-head with ample amounts of projects on your shoulders? Well! Then you probably need to take a break from being one-man-army and share some of your workloads with Zoho. 

Why? Because, Zoho has the most comprehensive forever free suite that lets you embrace your independence without getting burnt-out from it.

Here, you can get up to three users onboard and operate on a maximum of two projects at a time from any device at your disposal. You can get basic reports on the tasks and projects via Gantt chart, calendar, forums, and custom status on projects. 

While the software is more than ideal for an individual, you might find it inadequate when you are working with a team. However, the option is still open for individuals who look out for assistance with teammates from time and again. 

So, up next we have Asana under our collection of free project management tools. Let us explore this one!


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 5

Are you new to the field of project management? Then Asana is the tool that can get you onboard! Do you know, Asana has more UNLIMITED functionalities than any other tool under their forever free suite? 

Now, that’s the topic of the day! 

Asana is built with a motto of supporting new teams and individuals in managing projects. Keeping it simple yet effective, Asana has built and supported multiple teams & individuals over the course of time.

Moving ahead, if we go through the service details of the free or basic plan of Asana, we get unlimited tasks, projects, messages, activity logs, storage (for files up to 100mb each) & a limited collaboration with 15 users at the same time.

Apart from this, you can have a calendar view, assign due dates, project overview,project brief, time tracking, & 100+ integrations with the apps of your choice.  You can also access your dashboard with mobile apps!

Great, right?

Up next, we have Paymo under our hand-picked collection of free project management tools. So, let us discuss what we have here.


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 6

Having unlimited access to creating projects & tracking their time along with meticulous reports is such a bliss! Well! Paymo provides you exactly that. 

Under the forever free plan of Paymo, you can get onboard with a maximum of three clients at a time. Also, you can do everything that an individual requires on a basic level.

We might not suggest you to use it for a team because of limited collaboration features on a free plan. But if you do require an external assistance, then Paymo can give you that too!

Paymo understands that being an individual requires a certain level of flexibility. Therefore they provide you mobile access on android and iOS platforms. 

Now, what do we have next in our collection of one of the best free project management tools

Oh yes! That’s Wrike!


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 7

Here, we have Wrike under the hood of our free project management tools

This software uses AI ML observability programs to get you onboard. Its personalized application interface enables you to relish in the convenience of cetralized task and subtask management. 

Wrike does not restrict its users to run multiple accounts with data storage of up to 2 GB for each one of them. And you can store your data on multiple clouds of your choice. 

Could you believe it if I say that your client can see the updates in real-time?Well! Wrike offers live streams of projects and tasks across the globe and enables you to participate in discussions on various platforms.

Wait! There’s more.

Wrike covers your collaboration needs right on your phones! 

Convenient, right?


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 8

Imagine you require a manager that solely looks over the tasks of your employees. But, your budget is super tight to hire a professional, and you can’t ignore the necessity. 

Well! No need to worry. You have Podio. 

Think of it as hiring a digital manager that not only gives a sense of human touch but doesn’t even charge you a penny.

Can you believe it? Well! You don’t have to. Visit the pricing page of Podio and get it yourself!

The free version of Podio offers you to manage 500 items per organisation with 5 employees on board. The software gets you integrations with various apps. You can exhaust your quota in collaborating with different apps or from a single application. The choice is yours. 

Moving on, let us get our hands on Pivotal Tracker – another software from our comprehensive list of free project management tools.

Pivotal Tracker

10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 9

If you wish for something quite different from other free project management tools. but somewhere it should coincide with it, then this is the tool for you.

As the name suggests, Pivotal Tracker is an agile project development tracking tool that assists you in work management & planning. The software is created with an intention of 

The free version of Pivotal tracker enables you to collaborate with 5 users and work on 5 projects at a time. Other than that, you get unlimited access to the projects in read-only mode.


10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 10

There are only a handful of free project management tools that offer unlimited projects and collaborators with a standard support framework. And Freedcamp is one of them! 

But wait, there are two more unlimited features in the free version of this software – Tasks & Storage. Yes, you read right! Freedcamp enables its users to get on board with unlimited task creations and unlimited storage for files of a maximum of 10 MB each.

It is not all! Freedcamp charms its users to publicly announce themselves into the software. It’s Zapier Integration enables it to establish smooth connections with other applications. 

Bonus Tool : EmpMonitor

10 Mind Blowing Free Project Management Tools 11

EmpMonitor is one of the great free project management tools for employers who want to be updated on the progress of their employees’ activities. 

The software has employee – manager collaboration features coupled with the strong monitoring and observability programs. 

Here, projects typically have a start and end date. The Managers and HRs assign the projects and shifts to their employees. 

The free project management tools of software enables you to achieve short term goals feasibly. It helps the project managers on individual tasks, project status, team productivity, and feedback that were implemented.

Although EmpMonitor is a paid tool, you can use it for free for 14 days.

The pricing of the software specifically relies on the needs your organization has. But, you can totally opt for a 15 day trial with 5 licences onboard and can access each feature EmpMonitor has to offer.

EmpMonitor gives you a threefold advantage and cumulative support on employee administration, right from employee monitoring to project management for enhancing your organizational efficiency.

Too good to be true?

Checkout EmpMonitor right now!

That’s A Wrap!

So, in a quest of free project management tools, did you find what suits you best? We hope that you did.

At last, we have tried to include every software that qualifies to be one of a kind project & workforce management tool. However, as per our research, we could find only these high-quality open source tools in our bucket.

By the way, if you know some of those tools that brought you the best experience during your strife with projects, then do let us know!

And, do not forget to check out EmpMonitor. We have listed the best workforce observability blogs to assist you with dynamic features of EmpMonitor, which is the best enterprise project management software for you.. So, if you find our product useful, then help us introduce you to more of it!

Until then, sayonara!

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