Employee Computer monitoring software is popular among businesses that have implemented hybrid and remote work prototypes during the current pandemic situations.

It checks your team’s efficiency levels, and how they invest their work times on the tasks assigned to them. Also, such tools offer you accurate acumens to an employee’s work activities even when they are working from remote places.

But with hundreds of employee computer monitoring software accessible in the marketplace, which one should you choose?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the best employee monitoring software, including their assets and benefits.

5 Advantages Of Employee Computer Use Monitoring Software

Employee Computer Use Monitoring Software

Here are a few explanations why you should initiate utilizing an employee computer use monitoring software nowadays:

Calculate the efficiency

As you transform your workforce management into WFH or hybrid working models, it may be tough to calculate your employees’ efficiency thoroughly. 

That’s the biggest reason why you need employee computer monitoring software to monitor the working hours of your WFH teams. Its performance records and online timesheets will provide valuable insight to support you evaluate their efficiency and lead to work valuations.

Few checking apps even permit the employee to see their efficiency records.

It can support them mark areas of development and target well on reporting excellence work. 

Privacy and security

You can deliver work more rapidly if you understand each employee’s abilities and faults. The work allocation creates coordination with teams; supports users to improve their skills, increases business productivity, forms team faith, and permits everybody to target the big projects. As an outcome, interest rate and productivity increase. If you assign responsibilities to the corrupt users, none will happen. You can allocate assignments to your responsible employee according to their capacity. Only after you understand what they’re proficient at. It may be essential to assign tasks to the least experienced one to complete them to improve their workflow and increase their productivity. On the other hand, you can allot urgent assignments to someone who can submit them immediately.

Decrease the Number of hours you lose

Throughout their working time, most users are losing some time by browsing unproductive websites. It can be caused by several reasons, like their irresponsibility towards work or it can be the internet or other colleagues. When being busy at work is a general factor, the major problem is paying your employee for their waste of time. Additionally, this lost time affects your business’s development, dropping profits. 

According to a Software Intelligence report on worker time theft, one out of every three to four employees confesses that they waste more time than working appropriately. When you watch on employee performance, they will not lose time. It permits you to pay off users just for the effort to grow the overall output of your business.

Better Employee behavior Acumens

Checking employee performance has a dual reason: it makes them targeted on their assignment and keeps you updated about what they’re capable of. Following the record of the team’s activity at work permits you to complete information that was earlier invisible. This data can be recognized as idle time, offensive behavior, and digital safety in the workplace. But, most significantly, it guides you in defining the security level efficiency of each person. You’ll be able to express the variance among your best-working employees from the rest in this method. You may then give unproductive employees the resources they require to become productive.

There Will Be No further Micro-management

Micromanagement isn’t problematic for one. But, it can decrease employee confidence. That is why you need to have the best employee computer checking software in your workplace; so that you can look on your employee to make a record of their working activity. 

You can anytime view what your employees can do with a complete computer checking software- without capitulating to micromanaging. You can add the time you’d generally invest checking to better utilization, for example, scheduling time or team training.

What is the best employee computer monitoring software?

Here’s the best Employee computer monitoring software for efficiency measuring:



It is a significant employee computer checking and productivity measuring software used by several large businesses and small companies.

It gives a significant package of assets and contains automatic time checking, effective employee computer checking, and real-time recording.

Key assets

Here are a few of EmpMonitor’s crucial assets:

Time Tracking

EmpMonitor includes an extremely flexible and easy-to-prefer time checker. 

This checking software gives both manual and programmed time checking.

In this computerized or manual technique, your staff can begin the checker when they start their work and pause when they complete their assignment or take a break. 

Detailed Reports and Analytics

EmpMonitor produces real-time reports according to time-checking information. 

These complete automatic reports show you how your teams invest their working hour so you can measure their activity.

Here are a few reports that it can produce for you:

  • Browser History

Maintain a record of your staff’s browsing history even if they delete it from their device.

  • Web & Apps Usage

It helps in analytics and tracking employee activity on websites, software, and apps.

  • Attendance Logs

Keep a record of exact login and logout times of staff for the last 7 days.

  • Clear, Detailed, and Insightful Reports

It also gives a detailed analysis of your staff’s performance with easy-to-interpret visual graphs and timesheets.

  • Block Insider Threats

Track employee usage of company assets, including attempted activity on compromised or restricted platforms.

Identify threatening activity from employees with negligent or malicious intent that your KYE procedures might have missed. Work with peace of mind about the loyalty of your employees.

  • · Alert-based notification to imprompt any concerns.
  • · AI-powered UBA (User Behavior Analytics) and user activity monitoring.
  • · Intelligent and integrated risk inhibition.
  • · Auto screenshots to monitor the computer screen of employees..

What makes EmpMonitor unique from others?

Here are a few points that help your team to shine with EmpMonitor.

Increase Productivity

Complete visibility and control over your employees’ computer activities allows you to identify and fix weak points in processes and eliminate dead time.

Save Time and Money

Ditch the paperwork. EmpMonitor is 100% automated so that you spend minimal time setting up and more time actively improving what matters — you’re KPIs.

Data Security

Your data is saved securely in the cloud for ease of access. Keep your business safe with real-time monitoring and automated screenshots at regular or random intervals. Prevent data breaches and leaks.

24/7 Support

The EmpMonitor tech support team is here 24/7 to ensure that you all the time operate at peak performance.

health Operation

Track employee activities on PC remotely from any location in 100% invisible mode.

Visual Reporting

Intuitive visual reports and charts allow you to extract meaningful insights you can easily interpret and use the correct technique.


Primarily, utilizing employee computer monitoring software might be hectic work for teams. Start to view things manually, and make yourself listen to their problems. Don’t respond to someone’s illogical reasons. They might not even be troubled! Possibly few colleagues are satisfied with the system and have proposals for creative techniques to utilize it.

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