How do you know your if employee is utilizing or wasting time during the productivity hour of your business?

Nowadays, most of the business are facing the problem of valuable time being wasted by their employees.

To keep your client happy it is important to deliver the project on time. For that, your employee should utilize the productivity time. For the success of any business employee hard work and time management play a vital role.

If your business is dealing with a remote employee and you do not keep eyes on them, then your business will be in great danger.

But it is not possible to keep your eyes manually on each and every employee of your company. But for the success, you have to. And you must think how to keep eye on each of my employees at the same time.

This can be possible with the help of Employee Monitoring Software. This software is designed to keep the record of each activity perform by your employee during productivity hour. And help you to accelerate the production of your company.

In this article, I will explain how Employee Monitoring Software helps you to monitor your employee and helps your business to claim the leader of success.


Most of the time it is seen that employee using Google search which is not related to their work. They make research which is based on their Interest.

And the most important is that you can restrict Google like another website. But using Employee Monitoring software you can easily track what are the search made by your employee on Google or any other search Engine. All the data will be saved on a database with system IP address.

Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest threats which distracted the employees during production hour of the company. According to the stats, 23% of employee’s using Facebook during their production hour. After that 14% of employee are using LinkedIn Than 7% are using yahoo, 2% online shopping sites, 2% Youtube, 2% sports websites.

Most of the companies block access to social networking sites during production hour. But Today’s technology is so advanced that anyone can access anything even the access is not permitted.

But using Employee Monitoring Software you can get the screenshots of your employee monitor at any time and see what they are performing in their system. This will hold your employee from the wasting of time during production hour of your business.


Answering and reading of email which is not related to the work are also the reason for timing wasting by the employee. Some of the employees use office email for their personal use. Even if your server security is not protective enough then the employee can lick confidential data with your travel.

So using monitoring software will help you to know what email is sent and receive on your employee system. Even you can block spam email using monitoring software.


Business gets success when an employee works hard. And today every business is related to the internet. So it is quite difficult for the company owner to keep their employee away from the things which are not related to work. But using Employee Monitoring Software you can easily monitor all activity of your employee perform on their system. Even you don’t have to leave your cabin. And you can access data from anywhere.