Keylogger!! A fancy term with a deeper meaning and excellent benefits. The 2020 pandemic brought us a situation where we all started working from home. All the companies keeping a closer look at their employee’s tasks are now a bit worried. Handling remote working employees and maintaining their productivity became a headache for managers.

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And keylogger software came into play. It’s not 2020 when keystroke logging got introduced, but higher authorities started considering it more. 

Before moving forward with the blog, let’s see what it refers to and some of its benefits.

Keystroke Logging


Keystroke logging or keyboard capturing is a method of recording the keys punched on a keyboard throughout the working hours. Once the keylogging software gets installed in a system, it works behind the screen. It works safely and organically for all devices. And the best part is after getting it installed in your employee’s system, they remain unaware of it.

The tool will monitor each action performed on the keyboard. It will provide a detailed report of the keys struck during the working hours. It will also show when the employee was not working. It maintains the records accurately for every device separately.

Keystroke loggers are of 02 types.

1. Software Keystroke Loggers

2. Hardware Keystroke Loggers

Keystroke logging is legal. Are you thinking that keeping an eye on someone without their awareness is legal? Yes, it is because the companies are not here to steal their employee’s passwords. The organizations are only concerned about their employees working appropriately from different corners of the world.

Now let’s get back to where we started. So we are here to discuss some of the best keystroke logger software for Windows 10. Okay, everyone in the company is not from a technical background, and the managers cannot engage each of their IT guys to keep installing the tool on every device. 

Not to worry because we have a solution for each of your issues here. We will be discussing the features of some tools for Windows 10. So, then you can pick out the best for yourself.

Record Keystrokes for Windows 10


The tool records the keypunches on Windows and holds an appropriate record. The managers and higher authorities can access the records later and check the performance of their employees. Keylogger software is not only for companies. You can keep an eye on your spouse and kids as well.

Your employees will never know that their keyboard is getting monitored. But you will get a detailed report of what they are doing throughout the office hours. Hence, you can know on each project they are working and what is consuming more time.

Is It Legal?


Yes, only if you are using it for the right purpose. The companies using keylogging for monitoring the tasks accomplished by their remote employees is legal. They can have a list of their productive and unproductive employees by looking at these reports.

We know that it is in their rules of some companies not to use social media during working hours. But if the employees log in to their profile during office hours, it becomes illegal to collect their info. It will be completely wrong on the organizations’ part to hold the passwords of their employees.

We hope you can understand the difference between both of them.

Things To Avoid While Choosing Keylogger For Windows 10


We do not want to waste our time and money by choosing the wrong keystroke loggers. Hence, here we have made a list of stiffs to avoid while choosing the best for your company. You do not want your employees to know that they are getting monitored. Otherwise, you can never know that they are working dedicatedly or just to show off. 

1. No Remote Keylogging

We think the main purpose of a keylogger software must be monitoring remote employees. The reason is now the employers and employees have started seeing the flexibility in remote working. So make sure you pick out a tool that monitors all your remote employees at ease.

As discussed already, these tools are uncomplicated to install. Hence, even if you recruit employees from any corner of the world, you can get it installed. You can start maintaining a record of all the tasks they are working on right from day 01. 

Otherwise, it will become difficult for the managers to get back to each employee after a span to check the assignments on which they are working. 

2. End-User Visibility

It’s a big no-no!! You cannot let the end-user know that they are getting monitored. Just imagine if your employees know you are holding records of their keyboard, they might feel you do not trust them. And we do not want that. Employers trust their employees, but it is also necessary to know if they are working dedicatedly.

So, choose a tool that works in the background and is not visible on the screen. Otherwise, the reports that you receive might get tampered with. You must pick out a tool that provides you a detailed record while being completely invisible. 

Hence, try taking a test drive at first. So choose a device that comes with a free trial so that you can test it with a Windows 10 device first and then install it in your employee’s system.

3. No Compensation

If the keylogger software does not work the way you thought it would, you must demand your money-back. You cannot invest in something that does not work well for your organization. But some companies are already aware of their product yet make fake promises and have a no compensation policy.

So do not go for this kind of company or their tools. Make sure they have a free trial or a compensation policy.

Record Keyloggers With The Best Software

1. EmpMonitor


EmpMonitor is one of the best tools for keystroke logging, and there are several reasons why it tops the list. It is excellent for keeping records for the in-office and remote employees. You will never miss out on any of the minute details regarding the keypunches of your employees. It will provide a detailed report in real-time showing the keyboard captures.

There may be hundreds of employees in your company. EmpMonitor can easily monitor each device and share a report. Oh, you do not have to worry about the storage as well. All these records get stored using the cloud-based storage facility. Hence, the higher authorities can access them whenever required.

Apart from that, if you wonder that the employees might get their passwords saved and do not have to type it more often. Then, how do you monitor them? Well, for this, EmpMonitor has another astonishing feature that is Screenshot monitoring.


EmpMonitor keeps on taking screenshots at random intervals. It is to let the managers know about the screen usage of their employees. Isn’t that convenient? Like you can monitor both the keyboard and the screen of your employees at a time.

It is not like any other regular keylogger software. It is unique in its way and acquires enormous employee monitoring features. It gives you a detailed report of your productive and unproductive employees as well. 


The software gets uncomplicatedly intrigued with other software, so there is no hassle of installation. And you can rest assured that your employee’s details are not getting stored.

A Step-by-step Guide To Record Keystrokes Using EmpMonitor

Step-1: Click on the link:


Step-2: Log in to your account by entering the username/Email and the Password.

Here you can see the EmpMonitor dashboard.


Step-3: On the left-hand side, click on the Employee section.

Step-4: Here, you can find 02 options saying

1. Employee-Details

2. Employee-Attendance


Step-5: Click on Employee-Details

Step-6: Select the name of the employee and go to the Actions column. 

Here select on Track-User-Settings.


Step-7: Here, you can customize the setting, tracking features which include Application used, Key Strokes, Web Used, and Screenshots. 


2. Spyrix Keylogger


Spyrix Keylogger software is quite a useful tool. But the features of this tool are limited to Windows PCs. It has the same traits of monitoring the keyboard usage of the employees in an organization. You can also keep an eye on your remote employee’s keyboard captures through this tool.

Spyrix is somewhat an expensive app if you are going for its pro version.

3. Elite Keylogger


Elite Keylogger also acquires the same features as Spyrix. But you would not get screenshot monitoring and other traits as EmpMonitor in this. It was quite popular in the market for some time. It is also somewhat expensive, and the fund keeps increasing once the number of devices increases. It also gets limited to Windows PCs only. 

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Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have tried including all the information that you require before investing in keylogger software. We have mentioned the things that you need to avoid while choosing a tool for your company and some of the best software as well.

Do let us know which tool you are choosing for yourself.

I hope the article helped you know about recording keystrokes. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!