Every business owner may have thought out about this question- how to monitor employees’ computer at their workplace. In most of the grown organisation, they have an employee monitoring system. There is not a problem if you also want to monitor your employees at your workplace. And nowadays, it is legal to track the activities of employees to enhance the productivity of your company. Here we are not talking about stalking on someone’s privacy. But still, you need to know about the work process happening in your company.

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Importance of Employee Monitoring System

Here are shown some stats which proves the importance of employee monitoring system at the workplace

  • Stat No 1

Based on recent research, more than 80% of the bigshot Industrial companies monitor their employees’ work in some way or another. With an employee monitoring system, it becomes easier for such companies to manage the work process. That way, they can make sure to enhance the productivity of their company.

  • Stat No 2

According to the research of Verizon, 58% of the HealthCare PHI Data breaches caused by insiders only. There is a chance that because of employees’ mistake or error, you may lose an essential data. Employee monitoring helps you to prevent breaches by picking up the employees’ errors before any damage. That is not only in the case of the HealthCare industry, as there are many other industrial sectors which benefit from the employee monitoring system. 

  • Stat No 3

Research has shown that every year, industries lose approx $178 million worth of productivity due to the misuse of the internet. Nowadays, employees are working on an online platform, which also means issues with cybersecurity are also common. The employee monitoring system can help you to minimise such problems in your company.

After going through the above data, you might have understood the importance of monitoring personal activities on employees. Scientifically it is also proven that with constant monitoring, you can control the disciplines employees. That way, you can increase productivity and prevent your company from any insider threats.


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Surveillance Cameras:

Nowadays, most of the companies have the installation of CCTV cameras in their offices. And employers also believe that using surveillance cameras they can keep eyes on the work-productivity of their organisation.


While there is nothing wrong in using surveillance cameras at your workplace. But that method has become an old-fashioned way of monitoring. Now you can make use of advanced employee monitoring system like – EmpMonitor to surveil your employees in a more sophisticated way.

What is EmpMonitor?

EmpMonitor is a software which tracks the employees’ computer activities remotely from any location in an invisible mode. It gives detailed reports about the work detail of an employee – Screenshots, Keystrokes, User Logs and other information about employees computer.

By doing so, you can analyse the work performance of your employees and encourage them accordingly to increase the productivity and growth of the company.

EmpMonitor Can Help You Achieve Goals-

  • This system can help you to keep the records of the work performance of each employee. That way, you can take measures to enhance the current standards in quality, productivity, affordability and efficiency at your workplace.


  • It keeps the work data secure in the cloud memory so that you don’t have to worry about data security and data breach threats.
  • You can also check the work presence of your employees. It has a feature which tells you about the number of employees those who are present and absent in your organisation.


  • This system also lets you evaluate the performance of your employees based on work productivity. You can also categorise the evaluation process based on the time duration, locations, and different departments of your organisation.


Reach Your Goals Using Empmonitor


Online Monitoring System:

Nowadays, most of the companies use online monitoring systems to inspect the work progress. It’s quite convenient and easy to implement. Suppose you are at a distant location from your workplace while you want to check the work progress of your organisation. In such a case, you can choose an online monitoring system to keep an eye on your employees’ activities. That way, you can supervise the work of your people, and you can give them instructions to enhance their work-progress.


Recording Computer Activities and Browsing History:

With the latest employee monitoring software – like EmpMonitor, you can track and record the browsing history of your employees’ computer. Some of such systems can also take automatic screenshots periodically. Suppose if you are currently busy and later you would like to monitor the work progress of your organisation. In such a case, you can make use of employee monitoring system to check the screenshots and browsing-history of your employees’ desktop.


Monitoring with Video Streaming:

There are also employee monitoring systems which can stream video from computers in real-time. Such a system allows you to monitor the computer’s activities of your employees’ in the real-time. That way, you can check the tasks on which your employees are working currently.

Controlling Computer’s Camera and Microphone:

On the next level, some employers also control the computer’s camera and microphone of their employees. Such a system allows the supervisor to connect to employees’ computer and check on their conversations remotely. However, this type of monitoring seems a bit too much.

Monitor Employees' Computer

Keystroke Logger:

One of the most useful functions of an employee monitoring system is Keystroke logger. With most of the employee monitoring software like Hubstaff, Interguard, EmpMonitor, and Kickidler, you can see this feature. However, it also has a setback, as it tracks every keystroke of an employee. It may sound like an invasion of employees’ privacy. But with such a system, you have the authority to minimise the errors in your workplace to enhance the production rate.


GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking can be an essential monitoring system for delivery and sales-related services. While such a system is also helpful in the real-estate business. This system allows you to check the location of your employee so that they won’t be late for their work (Delivery).

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To sum up, the points shown in this article, we can say the employee monitoring software is essential for an organisation. It helps the employer to trace the work productivity of their employees. That way, an employer can also estimate the pay according to the work of the employee. While monitoring also helps them to keep their data secure from internal breaching problems.


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