“Meeting The Deadlines Is Not Good Enough, Beating The Deadlines Is My Expectation.”

-Dhirubhai Ambani

Deadlines! Isn’t the word itself as scary as it feels when you are under the pressure of one. It just feels like the hands of the clock are running way faster than they actually should have, as you still have a pile of tasks to complete. Also, every step you take towards meeting your objective falls short and is not helping you achieve your intentions any sooner. 

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In the fast-paced corporate world, it is a fact that almost all the employees feel the pressure of deadlines at some point in time. And it simply needs more concentration, a little more effort, midnight working, and a cup of strong coffee to make sure they achieve the said objective within the required time.

But at EmpMonitor, we do not perceive deadlines as a disadvantage. Preferably they are realistic. We see it as an enhanced way to maintain our employee productivity and keep our clients pleased.

Meeting Deadlines


Deadlines are pretty significant at the workplace because they define the destination towards which the employees start working. If we remove this term from the corporate dictionary, employees might end up taking their assignments casually, and this behavior would lower the dignity of the organization itself. 

So, as we see deadlines are necessary, the higher authorities can put up a target for the below-listed reasons:

  • To make sure the employees do not delay any task, may it be urgent or a regular one
  • To ensure effective collaboration and communication within the team
  • To establish higher expectations from employees
  • To make your employees more responsible towards their job
  • To maintain the perfect track of business

But there are times when employees miss their deadlines, and it is a serious matter of concern. The higher authorities need to understand where the employees lag in completing their tasks. There might be a lot of reasons for the team’s inability to meet the deadlines, and here we have listed out a few:

  • Miscommunication between the employees
  • Incapability to manage the task efficiently
  • Over-commitment towards the project 
  • Too many distractions
  • Unreasonable work deadlines
  • Need of responsibility

Every team manager and higher authority must aim at achieving deadlines for the overall success of their organization. Also, do not run away from them. For keeping the clients happy, it is necessary to get all the tasks done within the deadline, every time.

Must-Know Tips For Meeting Deadlines


Meeting deadlines is highly essential for an organization. But sadly, there are still some companies struggling to get it back on track. Hence, we have penned down a few efficient ways to meet the said deadlines without being impatient every time. 

1. Prioritize The Deadlines

The very first step towards achieving success is considering and caring about the deadlines. Keep them at the top of your priority list, and do not make a habit of skipping deadlines. Also, if you see your deadlines getting extended now and then, it’s high time you keep a watch on your employee activities. Once your team understands this, you can secure a healthy and positive working environment forever.

2. List Out The Projects And The Target Dates


Use an employee monitoring software to list out the projects you have in hand and the employees working on them. You can collect all the information related to the part of the task which gets completed and the unaddressed details. Also, this tool will let you know about the employees working efficiently and the ones lagging. So, having all the data in one place unquestionably makes things easier while approaching the target date.

3. Mention The Exact Deadline

When you have an agreement with your client, make sure you receive the accurate time and date of submission of the project. Hence you can deliver the same to your team. If you are not clear about the deadline, things will ultimately get messed up from your end.

4. Break The Project To Digestible Chunks


Do not take up the entire project all alone and make the complete process intimidating. Divide the tasks into smaller sections and assign time to complete each part. It makes your procedure of stepping forward easier. The team can make the most out of the time provided and check if everything falls in the right place before moving forward.

5. Take Each Step At The Right Time

As we said, when you break down the tasks, make sure you have a start and completion date before commencing. Hence, when each element of the project gets completed, you can see if you are behind or on time.

6. Look Back At Your Mistakes


If you have ever missed out or skipped any deadline, jot down what went wrong to avoid the same in future projects.

7. Overcommitting Is A Complete No-No!

Never commit your clients beyond the capability of your team. You must learn to deny if you cannot accomplish the task within the finish date as you do not want to disappoint your client at the end. In this scenario, talk to them and ask for another deadline or suggest one which seems feasible, meeting the purpose from both ends.

EmpMonitor- The Employee Management Tool


After coming across all the tips, you might have seen a few fundamental tactics demanded to get your hands on an employee monitoring/management/tracking tool. And we will not put you into any confusion. So, we will straight away suggest you the best software to meet all your monitoring requirements. 

EmpMonitor is the most reliable employee management software of all times that acquires numerous features to track all your employee activities perfectly, may it be your in-office or remote employees. With a reasonable pricing plan, the tool also offers a free trial. We believe you must look at the features of EmpMonitor closely to get intrigued with the software.

Productivity Measurement


With EmpMonitor, you can get insights about all your productive and unproductive employees. You can check all their activities from a single dashboard and check how your productive employees work throughout the office hours to complete their tasks. And on the other hand, see if your unproductive employees need help because of lagging to catch up with others in the team.

Screenshot Monitoring


When we said about receiving insights, we exactly meant keeping a closer look at all the employee activities. And for this, there can be no better feature than screenshot monitoring. The tool captures screenshots at random intervals and saves them to the cloud. Hence, whenever you wish to check on your employees, you can see their screenshots to see if they were honestly working or had spent their time doing other unproductive tasks.

Keyboard Monitoring


But still, in some cases, if you feel you need more evidence to know more about your employee activities, keystroke logging can be your best buddy. When your employees do not switch pages and stay on the same page for a longer time, you must check if they entered any keys or have left the workstation ideal. Hence, in this scenario, the keystroke logging feature comes in handy.

Website And Application Usage Monitoring


As your employees are not working in front of you, that does not indicate inefficient monitoring of what websites and applications they visit during working hours. EmpMonitor notes down all the website URLs and applications used by the employee throughout the working hours and produces a report.

Stealth Mode

Now comes the best part of EmpMonitor features. The tool works in a stealth mode which makes it unrecognizable by the task manager. Hence, it keeps tracking all the activities behind the computer screen, which remains unnoticed by the employees.


EmpMonitor gets quickly intrigued with all the other software in your company, which does not need IT professionals to install it on all the devices. The employees can do it themselves. And the reports generated by the tool remain safe in the cloud. So, you do not need to panic about missing out on them. 

So, if you find the tool interesting, which we believe you must have, then get started with the free trial today to know the EmpMonitor features in a better way.

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To Wrap It Up

Meeting deadlines is a part of the business that keeps the entire organization expanding. But missing out on them will ultimately make the employees demoralized as they cannot see any growth in their performance. Deadlines need to get treated with complete concentration to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Also, the tips listed above can help the employees put a full stop to their struggle and necessity to push the deadlines. We assure you that these tactics can help you overcome the issues that you might face so that your team can deliver all the tasks on time. 

Has your company ever faced the struggle of meeting deadlines? If yes, then how did you handle the entire situation while keeping your employees productive? Please let us know all about it in the comments below, as it can be a piece of add-on information for us and our readers as well.

I hope the article helped you know about meeting deadlines. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!