Have you ever wondered- how most of the leading organizations managing their workforces to sustain their productivity or profit? 

Well! Maintaining a productive workforce can be a struggle to retain lots of small details. This is the reason why many organizations have started using (UAM) User Activity Monitoring software to improve the overall performance of an organization. 

In fact, UAM provides sensitive data security. And not only this, it is exponentially building trust that assists in systematic tracking, analyzing, and recording user interaction within a system. 

In this blog, we are going to explore what UAM is and how it works. Our discussion will also cover why organizations need to implement UAM and which tool could be the most effective for achieving swift workflow.

Let’s get started!

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What is User Activity Monitoring?


User activity monitoring is a tracking process to understand user behavior on organizational devices. Many organizations use this technique to collect information about their workforce and detect inside threats. An efficient computer activity monitoring can help you detect all types of information and security issues, such as capturing keyword strokes, whether the user is browsing a site or typing, and the history of websites they have visited.

In fact, by using UAM, you can quickly spot unusual or suspicious behaviors and mitigate risks before they result in data breaches.   

In short, it is a set of software that helps companies to track the activities of a user and secure their organizational information. Now, let us understand how UAM works to monitor and manage security risks.

How User Activity Monitoring Works


The motive of user activity monitoring is mainly to track user behavior on company-owned devices, networks, and other IT resources. As discussed in the earlier part, the user activity data can be interpreted by organizations for security or productivity purposes and it can help companies to identify and mitigate risk in time to minimize damages. 

User activity monitoring or daily activity log works best by including specific tools to ensure that company data remains secure and safe. A single-user monitoring tool can provide you with multiple features to collect and analyze data related to user interactions.

There are various methods implemented to monitor and manage user activity, such as:

Log Collection and Analysis; Here, you can collect information on users’ login and logout timing.

Application Monitoring; It allows you to track applications and get insights into how users engage with an application.

Keystroke Logging; It assists you to capture the user’s keystrokes to monitor what they are typing or just scrolling.  

File/screenshot Capturing; Using UAM, you can collect file details on which they are working. Also, you can capture screenshots of users under a single dashboard for better evaluation.

Browsing History; You can get records of websites and applications that a user has visited while browsing.

Best User Activity Monitoring Tool


There are a variety of tools you can use to aid in monitoring users. These tools range from general security software applications to targeted tools designed to track sessions and activity, creating a complete audit trail for every user. 

Although there are numerous tools available over the web, it is vital to select the best fit for your organization that meets your work requirements. Isn’t it?

In fact, the software should also fall in your budget parallelly. 

Well, one such tool that encompasses all these requirements is – EmpMonitor.     

This tool assists you to monitor employees’ activities in the background in real time. It helps you streamline the administrative tasks for users and also tracks their productivity day-in and day-out activities. 

This log management tool provides multiple features to let you know about real-time work activities. It allows you to track user attendance, ensures data protection with a cloud storage facility, and provides a better understanding of user engagement & browsing history. Moreover, it lets you plan, organize, manage, and supervise multiple projects in one go. 

Also, you can keep an eye on every action of the user to ensure data security. The software helps you manage web browsing by limiting access to websites and identifying unauthorized or suspicious web use.

Recently, EmpMonitor has also launched two new features- Geo Location Tracker and Data Loss Prevention.

Geo Location Tracker; It allows you to dive deep into employee monitoring. Here, you can track users via IP addresses, OS types, device types, city, region, and country.  

Data Loss Prevention; Data Loss Prevention for cloud grants employers the capability to block unauthorized websites, limit access to specific applications, and disable USB detection, thus safeguarding the integrity of data.

So this was all about the best tool you can use to monitor users. Now let us understand why you should implement the user activities monitoring tool in your organization.

5 Reasons to Implement User Activity Monitoring Tool



As we know, user activity monitoring is a tracking process of user behavior. There are a few aspects you should be aware of that you’re legally and ethically monitoring user activity. And, if you are using User Activity Monitoring software, you should know the reasons to implement this practice. 

Intercepts Security-

Intercepting security is one of the best methods to detect potential threats and provide you with a strong line of defense against cyber-attacks and data misuse. Many businesses included this practice in identifying and mitigating malicious activity before it can cause harm. With monitoring tools, you don’t have to worry about security threats. You can keep an eye on employee browser history, outgoing communications, and other activities helps you to reduce this risk.

Enhances Workflows and Productivity-

By implementing User Activity Monitoring tools, you can ensure dramatic improvement for your business over time. It can help you identify areas where you can save time and resources on projects. Moreover, you can monitor whether users spend more or less time on particular activities. This practice can provide you with valuable information for organizational planning and business development and helps you in the implementation of task batching.


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Follows Legal and Compliance Standards-

Many organizations adhere to specific laws and regulations regarding online activity and digital data use. Implementing User Activity Monitoring tools makes this process much easier for businesses to manage user activity. With the increase in more relaxed work culture, there is a chance for misuse of breaking compliance rules. Moreover, user monitoring allows you to access browsing history, user login credentials, and even application downloads.

It develops comprehensive policies and guidelines for users to ensure all company information stays within the established outline to prevent legal ramifications against your companies or users. UAM collects all the necessary information for your monitoring purpose and avoids personal and sensitive data that is not relevant to the monitoring objectives. 

Prevents Unauthorized Web Use-

Every organization should prevent unauthorized web use to maintain security, productivity, and compliance. You can apply application or website control solutions to manage web browsing within the organization or you can add a user activity monitoring tool to track website browsing activities and identify unauthorized or suspicious web use. Moreover, educate and provide clear instructions to users about your company policies and the risk of unauthorized web use. Organizations can conduct periodic audits on web usage to prevent security threats. 

Protects Sensitive Information


It doesn’t matter what type of company you run. User Activity Monitoring software can help you prevent insecure cloud accounts to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. If you can not prevent every potential risk monitoring tool can give you a better vantage point to assess and solve security issues. 

However, the initial investment will be well worth preventing potential data threats and safeguarding your company’s intellectual property. Safeguard your users and brand by overseeing digital activity throughout your entire operation. You can Involve monitoring solutions in your organization to streamline daily processes and build the success of your brand.

Wrapping it up:

In conclusion, activity monitoring is not just about tracking your employees. In fact, it emphasizes the overall well-being of your organization and enforces security around the workspace. 

If you’re looking to include a User Activity Monitoring solution for tracking user activities and insider threat examples , you can use Empmonitor to track privileged access. It can help you manage user website usage, restrict access to specific websites or apps, get a better understanding of user engagement & browsing history, and ensure data security and avoid data theft.