Remote working has become a new norm for many of the IT industries around the world. Because of technological growth nowadays, switching to telecommuting is not a big problem. Many of the companies have already implemented remote work culture by providing their employees with remote access to companies’ files, important emails, and data. However,  to manage the massive influx of employees when they are working from their home, it may cause trouble for the companies who have newly started to work remotely.

There are challenges while working remotely, like falling productivity, data security, and misuse of companies’  data or devices are some of the top concerns for such organizations. That is why companies are also looking for a way to quickly adapt, as in the current situation due to COVID-19, they might have to work remotely for some more time.

Here, remote pc monitoring can be of great help to the companies who have recently implemented work from home culture during this pandemic situation.



Why Is It Important To Monitor Computer Activity Remotely?

Remote PC monitoring is not a new concept. Even before the pandemic, many companies monitor their employees’ computer activities, as it helped them to keep track of productivity in their business. And in case of any emergency, it also gives them the flexibility to allow their employees to work remotely.

In the current circumstances due to COVID 19,  it’s still not safe for everyone to work in the office environment. And to follow the social distancing norms, companies are allowing their employees to work from their homes. As in the home environment, employees can be safer while they can work diligently and focus on the tasks given to them to complete it on time.

Though it is difficult for the management and company owners to overcome remote work challenges since it’s not possible for them to check whether their employees are fulfilling their liabilities or not. This is where remote PC monitoring comes to play a handy role.


By utilizing the most reliable remote monitoring software like EmpMonitor, managers can remotely monitor the computer activities of their employees. That makes it easier for the management to know whether employees are committed to their work responsibilities. And also see what data, tools, or applications they are using to complete their tasks within an expected time frame.

Infact, you can say that employee monitoring is just like a stipulation which gives them the flexibility to work remotely and also keep track of their work productivity.

Here are some of the reasons which show the importance of remote pc monitoring and why it is also good for your employees.

Improve Productivity

When employees are working remotely, keeping productivity intact can be difficult for management. However, if the management is ready to implement the installation of monitoring software in every employees’ PC, they can remotely keep track of productivity from every single employee.

Depending on the remote monitoring features of the software, it can not only track tools and applications used by employees but also check whether employees are productive during their work hours or not. Likewise, EmpMonitor gives you the ability to inspect real-time computer activities.

Also, it provides a detailed report of work actions in the form of document and a graphical representation, with colorful pie and bars charts. There you can compare the work progress of each and every employee based on their different departments.

Data Security

One of the most obvious reasons why companies are considering remote PC monitoring is because they are concerned about data security in their business. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most of the employees are working from home. And they have access to the companies files, important data, and documents which are essential for their work.

However, in such a scenario, confidential files and data are prone to get leaked. While working online, employees can easily become a victim of malware and cyber threats. This may cause compromise to their personal and professional data on their computer.

EmpMonitor can help you to keep the guard against such threats, as you can block any vulnerable sites that can harm your business. Also, it gives you the ability to record real-time activities so that you can keep your eyes on internal data threats.

Efficient Remote Work

Although portable computers have been in use for decades, companies were not considering remote work options. Since it was too difficult for management and employees to get their job done without being in office for a longer interval of time. However, now because of the Remote PC monitoring solutions like EmpMoniotor, it has become easier for employers and employees to manage the tasks and projects more efficiently.


On the other hand, because of remote monitoring options, now employees can work from their home environment, which seems to be more safe and secure during the current COVID 19 pandemic situation. Because of that, employees can be better focused in their work to complete projects and tasks assigned to them before reaching the deadlines.

Transparency And Accountability

Using remote monitoring software, employers have access to know whether their employees are accountable enough to complete their projects and tasks on time.  Also, monitoring gives them the ability to improve the communication back and forth so that they can easily tell their employees about the things having some room for improvement.

What Should Be Monitored?

If you have an excellent remote employee monitoring software like EmpMonitor, there are many things that you can monitor from your employees’ computers. Nowadays, the majority of the workforce telecommutes, and to manage everything efficiently, being an employer, here are the things you can monitor to improve productivity and efficiency in your industry.


Attendance and Log Details

Have you been checking the attendance and log details of your employees? As an employer, you should know that your employees are regular and productive enough, during their production hours or not. In such a case, remote employee monitoring gives you the ability to keep a watchful eye on your employees’ attendance and log details.

Tools and Application Usage

By monitoring the activities of employees’ computers, it would help you to learn about the tools and applications which are most useful for their work. On the other hand, you could also learn about the tools, which are not effective enough. Doing so will also help you to prepare and train new joiners so they can be more efficient to finish their projects and tasks on time.

Internet and Social Media

Monitoring can also help you to know whether your employees are doing their work efficiently or accessing non-productive websites and social media channels. Such sites can cause distraction during the work while you can utilize EmpMonitor remote monitoring to block such websites and social media channels, which are not useful for your business.


Screen Shots

One of the most popular features of EmpMonitor- employee monitoring software is  that it allows you to monitor the real time screen shots of employees’ computers. This will not only help you to know what your employees are doing but it would also help you to learn about any kind of internal  threat that may cause losses for your business. So, you can take immediate action to avoid such threats.

Graphical Report

As you know that using monitoring software, you can check the daily work productivity of your employees. However, if you use EmpMonitor software, it gives you the ability to compare the performance of your employees using the graphical representations of bars and pie charts.

Final Words

Have you been monitoring your employee PC’s activity? If not, then you are going to lag behind other organizations who are implementing remote work culture. During the current scenario, working remotely is the best option for you and your employees. And utilizing the excellent monitoring features of software like EmpMonitor, you could be able to improve the efficiency and productivity of your hardworking employees, and also, filter out slackers from your organization.

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