If you also find that the working hours of the employees and the productivity in your company are not satisfactory enough then, it’s time to look up a more reliable solution. And, that solution can be in the form of a computer tracking software that will do the intelligent analysis and help you monitor the tasks through this computer monitoring software.

And, yes, as we already know, entertainment has become an easily accessible thing and irresistible with time. But, when you are engaged with certain tasks, it’s important to concentrate on completing them on time fully. There are many situations when computer tracking software can help out. Do you know how to stop wasting time on your employees?

For that, it is important to find out the causes. There are so many notifications flashed onto the screen each day, leading the user to land on multiple posts, or the Instagram meme which dragged into the inbox lead to a half-hour chatting. Or the message from the friend regarding the important talk ends up with nothing. Also, half of the work hour gets wasted in doing nothing productive out of it.

How to stop wasting time?

There is always an intelligent solution to problems similarly this also have, and that solution is through the intelligent computer tracking software which helps to do tracking. As there are so many things that draw the attention of the employees to get distracted from their work, like the social media such as (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, ) entertainment applications like-(ropsco,takatak), moj, etc.) so, it is important first to identify those voids and then consciously work upon them to eliminate those distractions from the work hours. This task needs to have a more organized approach. The systematic approach helps to effectively use computer monitoring software to be equipped with the new techniques. Some techniques can be practically automated, but some require monitoring at regular intervals to ensure the effective functioning of the tricks and strategies inculcated into it. There are various methods to achieve a set of effectively-crafted approaches to enhance productivity and balance the ratio of the hour of work calculated and the productivity according to that, and some of them are:_


Frame the proper timelines 

The deadline is the catalyst that creates a sense of urgency in the subconscious mind of the employees, which makes them perform at a better and faster pace. This easily stops them from checking that Facebook notification or doing the meem sharing chats or other things of irresistible entertainment with the computer monitoring software to track the activity and efficiently do the computer tracking software.

Such tracking is also useful to frame the future task lists as you have an idea to know how to perform the tasks and how much time they will take appropriately, helping to find the solution to prevent how to stop wasting time.

Daily task list assignment

Often, employees are lenient if the task is not pre-assigned in their task list, making them waste time on unnecessary things. But if you genuinely want to apply the solution of how to stop wasting time? For the employees by assigning the tasks to them each day. This helps the employees to perform a certain level of the tasks each day.

Suppose you are considering an option to acknowledge the performances by the task assigned as per week. In that case, the purpose won’t be to find good analysis through computer tracking software to do the tracking with computer monitoring software.  This is because when one knows that the date of the submission of the tasks is long, it is obvious that they will try to chill and slowly begin their work.


In such cases, if you try to disintegrate the tasks into smaller subtasks, the daily goal setting can be easily done. One can track through the computer tracking software to track the progress of the person. But, assigning tasks should be done by keeping things in mind that every day the person should not be assigned hectic tasks and they need to perform the things a little more each day, not the one day of hard work and the rest three days of no output work.

Try new things like remote work

This is true that when the person is allowed to work through their homes they are found to be more productive then when they use to visit the offices each day, so, one can experiment by switching the work from home thing and the track the performance via computer monitoring software to see the live computer tracking software results.

This will help to monitor the progress even when they are working from home. Try to compare the productivity results in both cases. If you find the productivity is better while working from home shifts, then one should consider this and allow them to have such shifts to show their enhanced performances.

Try to make the tracking visible

You also can plan a meeting and invite the employees to look at the results obtained with the help of the computer tracking software to motor the performances with computer monitoring software. Employees will draw clear lines about the lowered productivity and the enhanced productivity results obtained with the computer tracking software usage.

The observation of one’s performance makes them bring the graph to heights, which will drive them to be more productive at work. Thereby they will not look for ideas on how to stop wasting time. As the results will be a good catalyst for the same. 

And, when they see the employee who is leading in productivity, it creates a healthy competition between them, making them prove themselves as the responsible asset for the organization.

Enhance the focus of the employees

While looking for the answers to avoid how to stop wasting time?  It could be done by avoiding the lanes of distractions because it is normal that it takes time to stay back at the focus. After all, this causes the person to get lost in those lanes and what is suffered is the ultimate productivity.

Also, there are some organizational defects where they lack tracking due to frequent reports; they can do the computer tracking software used to avoid such wastage of time.

The computer monitoring software enables the management of things even when the system is kept at a distance.


One should remember that even the small steps can bring a major change and understanding how to stop wasting time? is one of them. Productivity depends not only on the quantity of the work hour devoted but also on the quality of the performance given in that time. One can experiment with intelligent computer tracking software or computer monitoring software to observe the difference and formulate an effective strategy based on the results.

How to Include Computer Tracking Software to Your Team?

It is a very important decision to take for the leaders, employers, and managers. Installing the computer tracking software is a very important decision, and you shouldn’t go alone to take it. In this important design, it is very important to involve your team in this and take their opinions also.

It is very important to put transparency in front of your employees and to communicate about it. And when you take this important decision to install the computer tracking software, start clearly to communicate with your upcoming plan to introduce this software to improve their performance.

When we talked about this, you were sure what you wanted from the computer tracking software because you are looking for an owner or boss. But, if we are talking about the employees, you have to tell them about the advantages of installing the computer tracking software. So, they didn’t feel like the company didn’t trust them.

Some amazing benefits of having computer tracking software you can discuss with your employees:-

  • Quicker, more reliable payments
  • More honor and remuneration
  •  More experienced, high accomplishing team
  • enhance their skills, knowledge
  • Greater freedom from administrators

Wrapping Words-

The above points will help you discuss with your employees to decide about the computer tracking tool. Your employees will understand the advantage of it and put their suggestions in your decisions.

There are so many computer tracking software available in the market, but one software is so amazing for the business and has many amazing and attractive features. EmpMonitor is one of the best software you can use for your business. So let’s discuss some excellent features of this software.

  • By using this software, you can easily check the browsing history of the employee’s computer. And easily check the single visited addresses and check what they are doing in their office time.
  • It is one of the best features of this software because it is completely invisible until the owner doesn’t want it to be visible. Then, if you download it or install it, the agent on the user device can easily browse the history.
  • If you want to put your eye on the employee’s single activity, you can easily keep an eye on the employees with the help of this software. It automatically generates the screenshot of every activity of your employees, and the screenshot will be produced in high quality.

Hope you find this blog post helpful, if you have any more doubts or want to share own experience, mention in the comments below.

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